Underutilized WWE Talent Wanting To Be Released, Sammartino-HOF Update, Eve’s Injury

– Triple H remains very interested in talking Bruno Sammartino into joining the WWE Hall of Fame in April. Vince McMahon goes back and forth on whether it’s worth the trouble. Nothing new from Bruno’s camp and it’s still considered a long shot.

– Eve Torres is recovered from her recent elbow injury.

– There are several WWE talents on the main roster that are unhappy with how they are being used (or, not used) and are considering asking for their releases after WrestelMania 29.

* Big Update On RANDY ORTON’s Injury, Mysterio’s Future & A Top Star Retiring

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • stayphokus

    honestly if i was one of those wrestlers who are upset about not being used
    id interupt a match when raw is live
    i’d be fired, but fuck it i wanted to be released anyway

    • Pozessed

      Shoot a promo during the main event… That’d be a good way to go out, then with all your heat go to somewhere like TNA and bring the fame etc with you, they’d treat you like a hero. Haha.

      • stayphokus

        id rather interupt the main even with a TNA Shirt and get the mic and say Spike Tv thursdays at 8 *drops mic and leaves through the crowd*

        • http://twitter.com/hellson916 Nelson Carvalho

          that would be awesome to happen.believe me wwe needs someone to do a big Bazooka of a promo on main event or when vince is in the ring.xd that would be big money for them.xd

    • http://www.twitter.com/SouthKidd803 SavageBomber

      Lol. That would be an injustice. And we all know how The Shield feels about injustice

    • RespectTheSwag

      You aint bad, YOU AINT NOTHING

    • Steve

      i would not hire such a wrestler because there is no guarantee that he will not do the same stuff again when unhappy with something

      • stayphokus

        and i would not watch your promotion, it most likely be the same show over and over.
        smh cena fans nowadays

    • tiran66

      Problem is Raw isn’t really live. They are on a tape delay to give the network’s sensors time to act in case of a slip of the tongue or a microphone in the wrong place wrong time. If someone tried to do what you say they would just pan the crowd untill security got control of things then act like it never happened.

  • Two Cents

    So many conflicting notions going on. J.R. talks on how most talent have become too complacent in the WWE machine, encouraging they speak up or step up more. It has been reported that WWE is not fond of people stepping up on their own and it has been shown that they don’t like it either. Best case would be Zack Ryder. He did something that garnered him attention. WWE couldn’t simply shut him down with so many eyes on them without looking bad in the press. They gave him a shot, then slowly killed off any momentum he had by making him another cog piece in the machine.

    Now, we hear on how WWE doesn’t have enough power players or star power. As bad as this may be for business, this can all be seen as a great opportunity. I hold steadfast that all this is is another opening to a new era.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Ryder did have Cena backing him up a little bit but once Cena was back to doing his own thing they saw the chance to dump Ryder. Kind of like no matter how much Sheamus suck he’ll always be main eventing because of HHH

      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.nowlin.3 Daniel Nowlin

        WWE was hopping that by pairing Ryder & Cena together that Cena will get a better crowd reaction, but when the plan didn’t work, Ryder faded from TV.

      • Two Cents

        I’d have to agree with Daniel Nowlin on that one, Cena was placed in there to get his approval ratings up. What came of it for Ryder? A beat down every week from Kane and a cheap tittle loss to another underutilized guy in Swagger, not taking anything away from the latter.

        WWE leeches on anything remotely popular in and out of their own business. They do it until they drive it into the ground, which has always been one of their main problems. Z! True Long Island Story was a fun to watch web series until the company sunk their teeth into it to what it is now, nothing much to look at.

        It can be said with a number of things, but I won’t drag out the point.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Foley/1326585777 Josh Foley

      ryder only failed because he is a terrible wrestler, he wont amount to anything but a stupid gimmick in the wwe

      • Two Cents

        No, Otunga is a terrible wrestler. Looking past the gimmick, which I know to be what a lot of people look at more than anything, is someone that actually has talent. Being in the WWE, most people are not given the opportunity to showcase their full-on moveset due to them having to perform the schedule they have to.

        We don’t have to agree on this, and I know we won’t. This takes nothing away from what I have stated. People will get upset if they are passed over for the less than mediocre and undeserving.

        Let’s look at the divas division really quick. The division has been a joke for a while now. Why? Because WWE thought it would be better to make it more eye candy worthy. What happened from that? The eye candy was played down due to being PG. Still, the actual talent was being underscored for those that could barely perform in the ring, because these few fitted the mold of “what a diva should look like,” not what a diva should be. Another problem is the term “Diva” in itself, but that’s another topic for another day. There are currently 11 females that get in the ring on the roster…or could get in the ring, not including Vickie or Lilian. Some have, those with talent and those not so much, left the company, which sucks and is a blessing itself. The numbers have thinned, and it could be a chance to start focusing on those that should be focused on. No dice. WWE thinks that what they need to enrich the division is to add more back to it. Will it be filled with actual talent, though? I’m hoping, yes.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Foley/1326585777 Josh Foley

          couldnt agree any more

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.deboard Craig DeBoard

    Several wrestlers upset about not being used???

    Names or it’s not true.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

      That’s not always the case you don’t always need names but probably Yoshi Tatsu, Ezekiel Jackson, JTG, Mason Ryan, Trent Barretta & Zack Ryder.

    • Ex XFL Employee

      Here ya go guy here’s a name for ya…

      – Ted DiBiase has put out feelers for acting gigs but reportedly is not interested in moving to Los Angeles. DiBiase is one of the names who have been talking about leaving WWE. Word going around was that he was staying with WWE until the end of the year and then would make a decision about his future.

      Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Waldo

    I don’t know why but when I first read the title I thought it said Sakimoto-HOF update. I was so confused lol.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    If you don’t like being underutilzed then grow a set and demand a shot. Nobody gets things for free, you have to earn it. If the WWE fires you for speaking up then you have the power to get retribution for it. Stop being pussies and man up.

  • morph_3

    Funny how the people on the “amin” roster are not considering asking for their release until AFTER Wrestlemania 29 where they could possibly cash in on a somewhat big payday.
    Ask for your release now and keep your integrity intact.
    My hunch is R-Truth is one of the disgruntled.

    • the_unknown

      doesn’t he have a u.s. championship match this sunday? he shouldn’t be that disgruntled.

  • Guest


    – Ted DiBiase has put out feelers for acting gigs but reportedly is not interested in moving to Los Angeles. DiBiase is one of the names who have been talking about leaving WWE. Word going around was that he was staying with WWE until the end of the year and then would make a decision about his future.

    Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    Theirs a name for ya guy…


    Most of the time, the wrestlers that are not being used are usually not good enough and are not that big of a deal to begin with. People like Yoshi Tatsu, Curt Hawkins, Ted. Jr., Big Zeke, Mason Ryan, JTG etc… Nobody is going to miss these people, and these wrestlers for the most part aren’t worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Savage/827558265 Chris Savage

    the main injustice is the sheild up and commers getting a push before people like ziggler or swaggeer

    • BEASTziggler

      But Ziggler is getting a push because he has a feud with cena

  • dpmjam2005

    why is this site riddled with ads