Update On Who Is In Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds” Group, Batista DVD Trailer (Video)

– Former WCW wrestler turned NXT trainer Norman Smiley was one of the people in Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds” group on WWE television this past week. Also in the group were NXT talents Braun Stowman and Simon Gotch, as well as Becky Lynch and NXT producer Ryan Katz.

– The following is a trailer for Batista’s new DVD:


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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • Guest

      OH yeah.

    • Guest

      Take this advice, cena.

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      would actually love to have a party like Adam Rose’s…will try my best tomorrow for my birthday because ya know…being a rose bud is awesome…xD

      • RuthlessRaj

        Happy Birthday!
        where is the invitation to all your fellow sescoops friends? :P

        • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

          thank you!…=D…and I dunno…xD…late celebration in November for the UK tour then?…or if they’re back in May then 19th birthday drinks?…xD

      • Killthecrown

        Yeah yeah happy birthday Jamie :D

        • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

          thank you!…=D

    • Matt Gallagher

      C’mon give me the credit for 2 of them

    • mac888

      Adam Rose no doubt has enormous potential to be the company’s top jobber for years to come! Best of luck to him, he’ll be main eventing Main Event on Tuesday nights in no time. (I actually respect the guy and think he’s a great wrestler but I’m sure WWE will screw up his push before the end of the summer)

      • bri

        way to think positive. don’t step on any cracks.

        • mac888

          lol ya thanks for calling me out on that but seriously his gimmick warrants the mid card at best. I mean you can’t give the WWE WHC to a guy who comes to the ring with a bunch of drunks and a giant bunny rabbit, he would have to evolve and ditch the silliness of the gimmick. And WWE books week to week so I’m afraid they may forget about him and not allow him to do that.

          • bri

            Jericho was a “rockstar” guy when he first came into the WWE.

            • mac888

              Not as silly as Rose though. Jericho was already established, this Rose fella has a long road ahead of him. Lets hope he ends up like Jericho and not Fandango lol

            • bri

              Adam Rose isn’t silly. The gimmick is modern. any one that is into the club scene will get it. Unlike Fandango, Leo can actually work a match. He’s good on the mic as well.

            • mac888

              Ya your right the giant bunny is modern, I once drank too much cough syrup and one appeared in my bedroom one time. Nah but only time will tell – I’m surprised they ditched the kruger gimmick and went in another direction with him

            • bri

              You do know it’s a person in a Bunny suit? Not an actual bunny. LOL. If you ever go to clubs. there are always people dressed in crazy customs.

            • mac888

              ok then lets both agree we wish Adam Rose well, I think he’ll sink whereas you think he’ll swim, but in the end its up to the monkeys in creative

            • bri

              I think he’ll do the silliness for a while and than he’ll start to show how well he works in the ring. Problem is, Most wrestling fans are up tight fat guys, that think a party is sitting out int he woods drinking cheap beer and eating dear meat. While picking lint out of their belly buttons.

            • mac888

              Another problem is being stuck with a silly comedy gimmick, ask Santino Marella (who I’ve seen train at his MMA gym in Toronto and he is a legit badass). Comedy angles should be a phase of your career and not define it entirely

            • bri

              Adam isn’t a Comedy Gimmick.

            • Cityguy

              just shut the hell up!

            • bri

              woo, you really told me. No one asked for your two cents, so bend over and kiss your own hairy ass.

            • ibeBrave

              Lol if santino wanted to kick the rosters ayuss he could too I hope they one time just let him use his skills…just once

            • SwindleFox69

              You do realize that Santino has said several times that he loves his role and has shot down several attempts at making him a serious wrestler, right?

            • mac888

              lol what else is he supposed to say cmon bro…but when I spoke to him he said he just loves wrestling no matter what role he has so your right he gets paid to do what he loves even if he comes off as a joke

    • Triple H’s Shovel

      It won’t be long until Adam Rose meets you know who…

      • bri

        no, who?

        • Rosenus

          Read his name and look at his profile picture
          You’re welcome

          • bri

            I was being sarcastic. you’re welcome. Some people need to get personalities.

    • Fan

      Batista! Batista! Batista!

    • heterosexual

      rosebud means protruding butt hole

    • TheFaceOfSeScoops

      Lol Adam Rose will go absolutely nowhere in WWE. His Russel Brand imitation gimmick will only get him so far. I could see WWE losing their minds and giving him an IC title run but hope it never happens. Yeah maybe he’s a talented guy but that gimmick is a joke. His entrance will become more over than the guy himself, just like Fandango.

      • superturbo

        Yeah but the big difference between Adam Rose and Fandango is the fact. Fandango actually been in great matches and is only now showcasing his real wrestling skills and is showing exactly why he more than just over because of his fancy entrance music.

        Adam Rose was already known to be Leo Kruger previously something like his former gimmick being known to the majority of wrestling fans today, basically kills any real chances of WWE giving him another one yet again so quickly etc.