Update On AJ Styles’ Negotiations With TNA, American Pitbulls To TNA?

– AJ Styles’ agent Bill Behrens released the following statement over the weekend:

“We continue positive discussions with TNA but not exclusively. AJ has not yet agreed to a new deal nor signed a contract with anyone.”

– Former Ring of Honor tag team champions Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, who have been wrestling in NXT as the American Pitbulls, are still not signed to WWE. There is some talk that TNA is interested in signing them if WWE does not get them under contract.

TNA is looking to sign a lot of indy talent in early 2014 to freshen up their roster, with company officials reportedly interested in Chris Hero and several NYC-based wrestlers.


(Partial Source: PWInsider.com)

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  • WCWJobber

    How to save TNA:
    – Start fresh take a one month break of TNA no Impact for one month kind of like a reboot (New Logo, New everything, and 6 sided ring)
    – Give Dixie Carter no creative control
    – Get somebody who knows what they’re doing and make them booker
    – Never allow Dixie on TV
    – Push guys like Roode, Strom, and keep on pushing Magnus
    – Sign indie guys like Chris Hero, and others and breathe some new life into the mid card division and Tag division
    – FIRE Taz and replace him with Jermey Borash
    – You could fire Mike Teney but who would you replace him with ? JR? that wont happen
    – And just keep on gong forward with that try not tbe be the next WCW or WWF be TNA be something different

    • matthew

      i agree with what you said

    • bambam

      Hire Heyman!!

    • Randy James Crawford

      Jim Ross & Mike Tenay could be awesome together.

    • Harry Be

      Make Willie Dixon head of creative

    • Mr. Honesty

      You could fire Teney and replace him with Matt Striker

    • $34197415

      @WcwJobber – “Give Dixie Carter no creative control”?? That is her company fool LMAO…she will always have control over everything.

    • Ben Jones

      You don’t know anything about running a company. If you did you wouldn’t be making biscuits at hardees

      • WCWJobber

        Sorry I live in Canada we don’t have Hardees

  • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

    I wouldn’t blame TNA for snatching up Hero and The Pitbulls if they could, they are great talent and weren’t really on the MAIN roster, so they wouldn’t be that well known as WWE guys.

  • ibeBrave

    i havent watched tna in almost a year now cuz it was so boring they to do something big thats never been done and promote w.e. happens through all social media i think that will help….but im a wwe fan at heart maybe one day tna can do something like tna invades wwe that would be the biggest thing to ever happen in wrestling history everyone whose ever watched would check that out

  • Steve Williams

    If China hires Hogan & Bichoff in their government, it will be out of money & shutdown in 3 months.

  • Dixie Carter

    AJ needs TNA. TNA don’t need y’all redneck axs

  • Masked Assassin

    I think it’s going to take more than signing hot indie talent at this point. We’re talking a full change up from a business model/creative standpoint. Frankly, they should have taken Paul Heyman when they had the chance and given him full control. I really would have loved to have seen an evolution of TNA based on his ideas (more modern, incorporate more MMA elements, go for the pure sports build with shoot style promos.) The problem isn’t the talent, or the road schedule, or not having star power. It’s the front office and the company structure. Even when creative was tolerable, they still dropped the ball in every other possible way.