Update On Batista’s WWE Status: Retirement Match Against HHH At WM31?


As noted recently, there is a general feeling within WWE that due to the success of Marvel’s “” film, may end up staying away from the wrestling scene in favor of doing more movie work.

Apparently people close to Batista say that he still feels let down and unhappy with WWE over the way he was booked when he returned to the company earlier this year.

One source claims that if Batista were to return, however, that it would be to begin a program for next year. Batista himself has expressed interest in working a retirement match against , however there has been no word within WWE as to whether or not that is something they would be interested in.


    (Credit: PWInsider.com)

    • The Real Fan

      That would be a good idea, ten years after their first wm match the two battle for the final time

    • pwnez

      I hope it happens only because it will allow Batista to retire from wrestling and focus on Hollywood.

    • Scott

      It would be kind of awesome to see a Triple Threat match and throw Orton in there as well. Just an idea though.

    • FilipinoBroskie

      Pretty sure Batista’s contract is for 2 years tho.

      • Tyson Black

        so was him winning at WM 30 was in his contract.

        • FilipinoBroskie

          Obviously plans changed because of the hate from the IWC. He even put over D-Bryan.

    • Steve Blackman

      The man didn’t need to comeback in his last run but he did. He didn’t needed the money either. He came back to feel the rush, the adrenaline, the crowd. And the IWC has let him down. No matter whether you like him or not, the man deserved more respect that he got and if I were him, I wouldn’t return. Not to be ridiculed by some guys who never even had the guts to get in a ring. Good for Batista, always liked the man, it’s good to see him having success.

      • pwnez

        It was more than just the IWC who sh*t all over Batista. He got boo’d out of every building he was in; the IWC and casual fans lost interest in him.

        • FilipinoBroskie

          casual? nah fans still like em, including me. Maybe the casual fans joined in on the IWC in booing him, who knows.

        • http://www.goodromanticgifts.com/ Good Romantic Gifts

          The crowd likes to follow the IWC.

      • Poppy’s Hammer

        No he got let down by booking and horrible timing. Don’t blame the IWC, blame the WWE staff for not realising to not put Batista anywhere near the title when it was Bryan’s time and push.

        • FilipinoBroskie

          Blame both. The IWC shat on Batista because of the booking.. should have shat on Levesque and the staff. His run didn’t last long either.

          • Poppy’s Hammer

            Tbh, the IWC wouldn’t have shat on him if booking was better handled, especially if Batista didn’t auto win the Rumble, but instead assisted Bryan in the PPV for his return as the face he wanted to be. Sure they would have said along the lines of “It’s just some cheap pop etc”, but he would have had a better chance in future PPVs and a reign which what he wanted as well.

            • Danger

              I agree the timing and booking was awful! I remember chatting with some friends about how terrible WWE’s future was looking. You had Levesque bringing back all his friends and promising them the world. New Age Outlaws had the tag titles and Batista was on his way to the WWE Title. The future looked really terrible there for a second.

            • TravisMaverick

              Do you not realize that NAO and Trips aren’t friends in real life? It’s all kayfabe. And the fact of the matter is, WWE got the better of you, got you emotionally invested because “they were taking young guys spots in the future”. It was all to draw heat, not even to NAO, but to Trips and Steph. And guess what, it worked. Because they are working everyone every night, including the smart fans. The hard core smarks that are so jaded they see through the facade. That to me means they are doing their job.

      • Kobe’s.White.Brother

        Steve “HungLikeA” Blackman but agreed with all you said.

      • Steve Blackman

        Booking, horrible timing and the IWC. Sorry but not always things go our way. It’s always been that way since I remember watching wrestling. D-Bry was champion and had his moment but could he draw? He’s possibly the best performer on the roster, or one of the best but he doesn’t have that great star power or mic skills. Batista is like 45, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to be in the best shape of his life but he tried and what respect did he got? Nothing. Not as face, not as a heel.

      • Name

        When Mysterio came out at #30 Batista was doomed. It wasn’t him, it was WWE.

      • https://www.facebook.com/RandomBrainActivity Bully FU

        If the WWE didn’t merge the titles last December I don’t think things would have worked as poorly as they did for Batista, giving the Authority and Bryan to feud for the WWE title and maybe Cena vs Batista for the other, based on Cena being the last to hold the World Title. Also it wouldn’t have hurt the product that much when Bryan was injured and needed to go have surgery, it would be better now since Brock is champ is just part-time. Merging the titles seems to have been done to pop a buyrate and ratings at the time but long term it has screwed them almost since they did it making the title picture more predictable than ever lately and also having the champ rarely on TV post Wrestlemania due to Bryan’s injury, the vacancy, now Lesnar having it.

      • Erick

        There is a big difference between not having the guts to get into the ring and not being gifted with the proper genetics and training that allow you to “get into the ring”. Cut the alpha male BS.

        • Steve Blackman

          Touched a soft spot eh?

          • Erick

            Ignorant spot.

      • Cozmel

        Your right Steve Blackman

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      Batista would be praised but the rock hated…

      • Tiffani F

        When? If they face each other? Yeah, The Rock has been getting unwarranted hate throughout his return. I’m sure he’s use to it.

    • NXTAmbrose

      It’s almost september already. Man does the year fly by fast

    • The Man From Jonestown

      Yeah, cause if there’s one thing the WWE isn’t interested in, it’s in bringing back big Hollywood stars to wrestle at Wrestlemania. That’s something they would never do…

    • Jamie

      I love how his recent interview with Jericho completely contradicts everything in this article.


      they made a mistake having him win the royal rumble, nuclear heat cuz of it

      • SmellyAssCheeks

        shut that ass up…!

    • Brody

      No, I don’t want to see these two guys wrestle each other again. Just no! And I’ve had enough of old man Triple H in the ring.

      • Jimmy

        You mean the 45 year old who is better in the ring than 80% of the current roster? Yeah, that guy should retire.

        • CM_Rules

          you mean 99% lol

          • Jimmy

            Actually yeah, you’re about right lol. I can count on one hand the people who are better in the ring than Triple H, and that’s just because they’re younger and more athletic. As far as storytelling in the ring, I don’t know if anyone is better.

    • Henry

      He will be back. He will definitely want to go out with a bang which his last run did not satisfy. Let the wwe universe cool down for the next few months and then bring him back early 2015. He can attack HHH in some way due to the “no title shot” that he didn’t get and the poor friendship he received from HHH. Set up that match for WM and go out with a bang.

    • Jimmy

      Thanks for that great “report”. You guys and your dirt sheets kill me lol. It’s fun to read this nonsense and then listen to Ring Rust Radio just to hear those guys completely blast you idiots.

      • Kris Mystery

        But yet…. here you are reading it.

        • Jimmy

          Yeah….I just said that. Good job of paying attention to what you’re commenting on before you make a stupid comment.

    • david

      more like a piss poor storylines

    • Andrew Rollason

      Hold on… Isn’t he under contract???

    • insomniacreviewer

      I’d like to see Batista have a retirement match against triple H

    • Ouch

      I want him to come back. He put over Bryan, all of The Shield and Orton (to an extent) – He even lost to Del Rio on a raw. He deserves another title run and then to retire, when he’s on a role he’s one of the best heel’s around.

    • Rockfan84

      Would serve quite well. Triple h can’t keep losing every time he wrestles, although it’s long overdue for him to start putting people over. He’d be up against the only guy he’d never beaten (to my knowledge), and that would satisfy his ego too.
      I always thought trip would face the rock at this mania as part of a vince vs the authority storyline. However, I’m pulling for rock vs brock II. They’ve been conveniently avoiding each other since they both returned and it has to be building to a mega rematch.

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      at Wrestlemania 31 batista should have a retirement match against either Goldberg or The Rock putting his career on the line!

    • Kjhaltz

      Nobody predicted Batista getting a poor reaction like that. That the writers had to go with the crowd

    • brad

      I like the whole retirement match thing but I would personally rather see him go up against Roman Regins or Ryback in his last match.

    • https://soundcloud.com/kenkenkilltit KenKen KillT iT

      Why HHH tho? I mean i guess it’s logical but you could put someone over Batista.

    • https://soundcloud.com/kenkenkilltit KenKen KillT iT

      And WWE did book him pretty bad. Especially with the Rumble. He really didn’t need to win it. Its like The Rock, they could both just step in and get a match at Mania.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      I’d rather not see HHH vs. Batista again at WM. They could be used with different guys for elevation.

    • Kooz

      I guarantee if WWE didn’t let anyone know about his return and he was a surprise entrant at RR, #30. His run would have been a lot different! but I’m glad they brought back Evolution for a couple months!