Update On CM Punk Showing Frustration & His Future With WWE

– Regarding CM Punk’s recent tweets, where he seems to be giving the impression that he is frustrated and tired of traveling, the feeling within WWE is that Punk always talks about leaving when he gets frustrated. Regardless, WWE doesn’t seem to think Punk is leaving the company at any point in the near future.

CM Punk Says His Match On RAW Was “Garbage” & He’s “Sick Of Traveling”

– The following are some recent WWE attendance figures:

December 26th event in Chicago drew 10,000 fans
December 27th event in Hartford drew 7,000 fans
December 27th event in Indianapolis drew 5,500 fans
December 28th event in Newark drew 8,000 fans
December 28th event in Detroit drew 6,500 fans
December 29th event in Hershey drew 4,900 fans
December 29th event in Washington, D.C. drew 9,000 fans
December 30th event in Toronto drew 7,000 fans
December 30th event in Richmond drew 8,000 fans

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

  • A Realist

    So, he’s an asshole who throws temper tantrums.

    • Karan

      Sad to believe, I was used to be a huge Punk mark in 2011 for some obvious reasons, then I started thinking objectively.
      I wanted him to win the title, they did it. I wanted to see him beat Cena, they did it. But some of his fanboys started treating him like a GOD. They want Austin to risk his health only to job to Punk, they wanted Punk to end the Streak. They think holding the belt for 434 days was not good enough for him. Now they want him to win the rumble and headline Wrestlemania as if theres no one in the WWE who works harder or as hard as Punk. I mean come on!!

  • Aaron Bell

    it does seem like he complains every few months and threatens to go home, i get that he puts on a great show pretty much every time out… but quit whining, either do your job or go home

    • Richmond

      Yeah, I agree. He’s been WWE Champion for more than a year so I don’t see why he’s complaining now.

    • oppa

      Very true. He has always been known as a moody person who complains a lot. This is what he signed up for. This is what he said he wanted. It’s truly sad when a person complains so much that people stop caring after a while.

    • Karan

      Couldn’t agree more. Not to mention, he’s been sloppy in the ring lately.

  • Salamander1017

    It’s funny how people say he needs to stop complaining, when they themselves would cry and beg to get out of it if they were in his shoes for a week. He’s just frustrated and voicing it, I don’t see whats wrong with that, its not like he’s going out of his way to yell at people and causing scenes backstage. I would be frustrated too if I was working hurt for more than a year, under appreciated, and was in the thick of all the wwe bs backstage.

    • A Realist

      And he makes millions for it. Poor little rich boy.

      He knew the life heading in. He knew when he signed the contract what went with it.

      So, yeah….quit pissing and moaning about it.

      • Salamander1017

        So making money means you can’t say anything? also, it funny how you call him an asshole, yet you are the one acting like one.

        • A Realist

          Acting like an asshole, how? Because YOU don’t like what I’m saying? Explain to me how I’m being an asshole. I’ve not insulted anyone here. I’m sharing my opinion on something. So, in your tiny little brain, please tell me how you computed that up until now, I was being an asshole.

          NOW here’s the part where I insult you.

          Listen, sorry to take a crap all over the IWC’s golden boy, but truth be told, he’s not all that great. Unless he’s talking about himself, or something is pissing him off, he can’t cut great, believable promos. People like you all seem to ride his nuts because of ONE promo from 3 years ago. You couldn’t have cared less about him before the “Pipebomb” promo.

          As far as his workrate? He’s decent. Not great. He won’t have any 5 star classics at the end of the day. Name one. Undertaker vs Punk doesn’t count, because that was all Taker. Summerslam of 11 doesn’t count, because the match was sub par. It was the hype and storyline surrounding it that made it what it is.

          Maybe if you’d take a step back, remove your head from his ass, and objectively look at it, you’d understand where I’m coming from. He’s paid millions to pretend fight with other grown men. And not very well at that. Sure, he can grouse all he wants. But that doesn’t mean that I have to sit here and enjoy it.

          • Desmond Storm

            Like the Solomonster said, “he’s makin a million dollars and bangin’ AJ Lee.” Why complain?

          • A Realist

            Exactly. Millions of people would KILL to be in his position. Banging a hot, nerd chick. And not just her. Lita, Maria Kanellis, Beth Phoenix, Daffney. Making millions. Getting to see places we’d only ever dream of.

            Poor, poor skinny tatted up greaseball from Chicago.

            Yeah, eff him.

          • Desmond Storm

            I got nothin against Punk, to be honest. But i find it completely idiotic for him to be threatening to quit just cause he’s pissed off.

          • A Realist

            I’ve got nothing against him until he opens is trap. He has had some entertaining moments, sure.

            But you know what? So did Spark Plugg Holly. So….yeah.

          • Salamander1017

            I get that, but I just find it a little ridiculous how some people have been pouncing on him over a random comment like “i hate traveling” and a random news story. Plus punk is known to be moody, so u would expect a guy like that to voice his frustration.

          • Salamander1017

            Wow, not even gonna bother reading your wall of text, obviously you have some unresolved issues. you seem to be the one who gets butthurt over other people’s opinions, I just don’t get why you have to pounce just because of a random report of him being frustrated. I only thought it was funny how people like you judge someone because of that. you really sound like someone who needs to get your head out of your ass and breathe some fresh air. btw I don’t even know what iwc is.

          • A Realist

            You didn’t read my wall of text, but you know that in the middle of all that, that I said IWC. Okay.

            What an idiot.

          • Salamander1017

            gee, maybe it had to do with that you had iwc in all caps, but rather than thinking about it for a couple of seconds you reply like a jackass. so that would make you the idiot… talk about butthurt lol

          • A Realist

            I’m going to guess that you’re under the age of 18. It’s okay. You can’t be found at fault for your underdeveloped brain. It’s science.

          • Salamander1017

            lol, what does that even have to do with anything? thats completely random and has nothing to do with what I said. you’re clearly deflecting because you have nothing good to say and don’t have a legitimate counterpoint. you must be pretty desperate to try to seem you are smarter than everyone else. its okay. You can’t be found at fault for your petty insecurity. how about rather than replying with some other random unrelated statement that doesn’t make sense, you just let it go.

          • A Realist

            I already made a valid counterpoint, dumbass. But, in typical internet, basement dwelling, virgin, dumbass fashion, you gave me the “TL;DR” treatment.That, to me…means you’d rather not discuss the matter at hand, but are more interested in resorting to insulting the other. So, why should I stay on topic with you? You don’t care to diplomatically discuss this, you’d rather just stoop to insults. I indulged you. My mistake. And the point I made about your age was that your “counterpoint” was idiotic, at best.

            Also, go back and read where this all started to deteriorate. Who called who an asshole here? Not me. THINK, BEFORE YOU SPEAK. You want to talk about butthurt about opinions.

            PS…the reason that it seems that I’m more intelligent than yourself is pretty self-explanatory, future janitor.

          • Salamander1017

            Christ man, you must be the most delusional person on the internet. you’re the one who stooped to insults and whatever you said I did, and I’m the one who indulged your ridiculous comments. but what ever, just telling you won’t do anything, apparently in your world everyone else is wrong and stupid and you are god. atleast I know that I can’t take anything you say in the comment section seriously. Have fun being lonely and miserable.

          • A Realist

            I’m married to a wonderful woman. Very happy. Not lonely. What have you got?

            Oh, and for the record:

            “also, it funny how you call him an asshole, yet you are the one acting like one.”

            Since you apparently need to have your hand held through this entire process.

          • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

            Don’t waste your time arguing with this guy, man.

          • A Realist

            Oh, dude, don’t start your deal. Like you have any room to speak about anyone here. You spend most of the day on this site, and are one of the most pretentious pieces of crap here.

          • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

            lmao, dude. You’re a grow up! Don’t waste your time with guys like me. Anyway, I was just telling Salamander there’s no point going back and forth with you. I figured I was doing you as much a favour as I was doing him.

            Thanks for thinking of me as being ‘pretentious’! LOVE IT!

          • A Realist

            “Don’t bother arguing with this guy”. How does that sound like it is in any way not a slight towards me?

            You are correct, I am an adult. I’m a grown up. So, maybe little idgits like this kid should understand that people like me have been on this Earth longer, and understand the way the world works a little better than he does. There are several of us here, as a matter of fact.

            Oh, and it’s my pleasure to let you know how pretentious you are. All mine.

          • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

            You insult people all the time, man. Don’t think people don’t look at your posts and get the tone out of those. If you can dish it out, you should be able to handle it.

            ‘Don’t bother arguing with this guy’… As in, he’s wasting his time arguing with you… and you’re likely doing the same with him. The only reason I sent it to him and not to you was, well, based on our last discussion, I got the impression you didn’t want to hear from me. Guess I was wrong! :)

          • Salamander1017

            I made that mistake, now I know not to lol

          • Godzilla2J

            agree with you completely but Punk isnt that great doesnt have 5 star matches wow dude your in over your head right there .Punk vs Jericho at ER , Payback
            Punk vs Cena MITB, RAW
            Punk vs Bryan Over The Limit
            Now on top of that not saying all those are 5 star matches but they are all matches you can look at from Punk and say yeah that was a good match lets also not forget all the Raw matches where he goes out and steals the show while still not main eventing matches with people like Ziggler, Mysterio, Ameberose, Rollins, Reigns, once again Cena and Bryan the dude should just take a break simple as that .

          • A Realist

            Sorry, you’re right, it was MITB 11, not Summerslam I was referring to. Still, it was the situation around it that made it what it was–will he win and leave with the title, etc. etc.

            But to me, the reason that a lot of the matches are considered good are because of who he is in the ring with. Jericho could wrestle anyone and make it work. His work with Punk was eh. Alright at best. But now, think of Y2J’s classics with Malenko WCW days, or HBK a few years back. THOSE are classic moments, promos, matches. Same match situation with Bryan. Cena, again was the situation surrounding it.

            Punk’s sloppy, throws weak punches and off-balanced kicks, etc. etc. etc. I just don’t think he’s the god that a lot of fans think he is.

          • Godzilla2J

            I agree with you once again he does throw some weak kicks and punches but ohhhh no bro Punks not a god at all to me I think during his time as heel WWE Champ before he lost the belt to the rock he was gold hotter then he was during the pipe bomb promo Punk is entertaning to me as long as he is not on the mic to long as a face you have some good points bro and some people just wont look into them .

          • Godzilla2J

            Punks promo with the Rock before the Rumble ? all the stuff he did with Taker before Mania ? when Punk was the leader of the SES dude is gold on the mic as a face it can get boring unless he is pissed but as a heel guy cant be stopped on the mic .

          • BOOCH

            Now that is something we can both agree on.

        • RCW E-FED

          where did he call him an asshole?

          • A Realist

            Further down I said “So, he’s an asshole who throws temper tantrums?”

            So, apparently he took it upon himself to be offended for Phillip.

    • Cronion2415

      Under-appreciated? Lol… He was champion for a YEAR!!!!!

    • Cujo999

      As I’ve said before, most of the WWE locker room works the same schedule Punk does for a lot less money, and doesn’t whine about it. It’s not like Punk is making peanuts. Some of the things he’s been saying on Twitter are frankly things he shouldn’t be saying publicly. He bashed his employer by saying that they “don’t want to do business the right way” when they slapped AJ on the wrist after the Beadle incident. He gets congratulated on a good match, and he says “it was garbage.” Not only does that make WWE’s product look worse, but how would you feel if you were Seth Rollins and put in a one on one spot with a top guy, and he bashes the match publicly by calling it garbage? With the WWE angling towards splitting The Shield up, Rollins is going to be fighting for a spot in the singles ranks very soon, and one of the company’s top guys just buried him with a tombstone on his Twitter account. How in the world is Punk underappreciated? He was the longest reigning champ in the modern era, he’s one of the top paid guys in WWE, and he gets away with MURDER publicly. Ask Abraham Washington if he could get away with half the stuff Punk tweets. The backstage BS, Punk brings on himself by being a malcontent and bashing his employer, being overly sensitive, and generally whining.

  • captaindaddy72

    So basically this article is saying punk is always whining but he’s all talk and won’t actually leave lol? Idk that don’t sound like punk, he seems more like a take action kind of guy

  • “Mean-Stenge”Orklund

    CM Punk better not leave the company, if he does the WWE won’t be the same.

    • guest

      I’m sure the wwe will be the same but the IWC will not be though.

  • Progressed_Now

    just as I thought, an attention-seeker, throwing a lil tanty to attract attention to himself. what a drama queen.

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    Ah who knows? So long as he keeps putting out quality work on tv, I got no issues. And when he’s gone, well, he’ll be missed, but there will always be others.

  • NovaPrime

    Damn that really sucks. Could you guys imagine doing something you love all year round while traveling the world & getting paid millions of dollars to do it on global television? Also being able to quit & retire for the rest of your life anytime you want?

    Poor Punk, he must be in hell.

    • Don

      You forgot all that time takes away valuable family time that is never regained, and how much most wrestlers get injured.

  • QuiteFrankly

    Big fan of punk. But let me explain to you what this is. This is exactly when you rage at a video game. You say you hate the game but keep playing lol…best analogy for this CM Punk situation! :D

  • FartsrFree

    You know who else used to do this?? Stone Cold. HBK losing his “feelings” for wrestling was a storyline, Austin walked out before a ppv event. Punk needs to suck it up or Leave. At this point AJ is carrying his weight for him now. Lol.

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    it’s quite strange with Punk because we all know he’s a moody b*stard but we never really heard him moan a lot until his pipe bomb…and he basically got what he wanted after that pipe bomb yet he’s still having issues and making complaints…guess Punk is one of those guys who are hard to please…but you know I understand that the WWE schedule is brutal as hell but if there are guys who are working the same schedule who aren’t making as much as Punk is or aren’t getting the same push either who aren’t making any comments, they’re just getting on with it so I don’t really know why Punk can’t do the same, especially being at the level he’s at…and you know it will be a shame when Punk retires and it’ll be a huge blow to the roster when he does, but the complaining still isn’t really necessary and it could be worse…=/

  • Jason Ginzburg

    CM Punk gives ya a great effort everytime out. Thats a fact. Gotta give em that..

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Crying like a little girl and threatening to run away again…looks like somebody’s bucking for another title run…


    .. This is the thing that only JOHN CENA has been able to suppress and sacrifice .. thatss why he iss known as the FACE OF WWE ..

  • Montoya

    CM PUNK is the man with the plan. He stays in the lime light whether its his title run, his girlfriend or his rants. This pro wrestler understands business get the people talking and always stay relevant