Update: CM Punk Still Receiving Checks From WWE For Merchandise Sales

Despite initial reports to the contrary, the latest word going around is that CM Punk is still receiving his merchandise checks from WWE. As noted on Thursday, WWE has been continuing to sell Punk merchandise, including the distribution of new Punk merchandise at WrestleMania Axxess in New Orleans this past weekend.

CM Punk Advertised For Another Upcoming TV Appearance

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has mentioned several times when reflecting on his walkout of WWE that during his hiatus, he was not receiving money from WWE, including profits earned on his merchandise being sold. He noted when talking about Punk walking out on the company during recent podcasts and media interviews that Punk is leaving tons of money on the table, but apparently that is not the case.

At the time Punk walked out on the company, he was the number two merchandise-mover, trailing only John Cena. At this point in time, while the latest official figures have yet to come in, it is believed that he is still among the top five wrestlers in the company in terms of current merchandise sales, and possibly as high as number three.

Details On CM Punk & AJ Lee Getting Engaged & Moving In Together

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  • TVR

    No wonder why he isnt back…they keep giving him money

    • CMPunkTheHero

      FYI his net worth was 7 million 2 years ago.

  • James


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  • Cena Swallows

    He gets to stay home , go to rock concerts , go to hockey games , bang AJ Lee and get paid for it … Cm Punk for the win !

    • Joshua

      I’d be staying home to bang AJ too if I was still cashing checks from Vinny Mac.

      • A-Dubs

        I would even if I wasn’t getting paid…

        • Jack Lucas

          I would pay for it.

    • Alain Alfred Corpuz

      Definitely the “Best In The World” lol

    • clarke

      He’s not banging her much because like you said he’s at home while she’s at work on the road.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    If he’s still getting checks, they’ve worked this out into time off for Punk. Definitely better than voiding a contract….likely means they’re at least on good/decent terms with one another (Punk/Vince).

    • Coltcabunny


      Maybe they worked things out months ago. Now to turn the walkout into a storyline when he reappears; because you know they will.

      • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

        Perhaps a heel CM Punk coming back bitter at Bryan saying if it weren’t for him leaving then Bryan would never have got the spot? Then a nice feud that has some great matches.

        • bee st. in car mate.

          Great storyline thats keeps in trend with the “reality era”…damn you Triple H.. why’d you have to go and name the era…nothin’s sacred anymore.

          • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

            To be honest, I think if the Undertaker Vs Lesnar match was anything to do with this new ‘reality era’ then I’ll be happy since it was realistic and somehow satisfied me even though it weren’t a classic HBK Vs Taker match.

    • Mr The Batman

      Good point, but it’s also plausible they’re sending him cheques or crediting his account as an incentive to make him return?

      • Forceton Banfodder

        He’s still under contract. If they won’t release him from his contract, then he’s simply going to keep collecting his check till he’s free to go.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      That or WWE just knows its cheaper to keep him under contract and finish paying him out than settling all of this in court.

  • bella twins are naughty

    Cena is winning not only is he # 1 in merchandise sails but hes also banging the hottest chick in the locker room

    • Get the tables

      Hottest chick in the locker room..?? Are you blind?

      • Lll

        Must be

        • Andrew

          I agree

    • Dirty Sanchez

      He’s banging Paige?! That was fast!!

      • bornayankee

        Paige? Really? Paige is nowhere near the hottest diva.

        • SOBI

          dude every body has different choices
          to me Paige is the best looking Diva in both body and face on the Roster right now
          Aj has a great body but her face ain’t near enough cute as Paige ,
          but thats just me

          • sarooshan

            You all are ducking blind the bellas are the hottest and aj Lee and page comes no where near

          • SOBI

            do you not understand the concept of “to each his own”
            that was what I meant to say
            also try learning the difference between Hot, Beautiful and good looking.

    • Nickcswerve

      Didn’t know he was banging layla (or aj)

      • kal

        He’s banging AJ

    • Alain Alfred Corpuz

      Sorry but CM Punk is banging the hottest chick in the Locker Room, not some plastic boobs

      • Matt

        AJ Lee is blacklisted tho. She may be hotter but rather get w the bella twin.

        • Samuel WonTon Gonzal

          F**** those skinny bitches my girl vicky got curves Lol

    • Tavs

      She’s not even the hottest chick in her family!

    • Old Age Outlaws

      She looks like a stripper.
      You sir have bad taste in women.

    • Fatt Hardy

      Cena’s banging Paige?

      • MSK_B.O.Y

        the girl with excess makeup?

    • C-note

      he’s banging Kharma?!

    • Patrick

      he’s banging Vickie Guerrero?

  • George Hook

    AJ in Chicago: we survived this Polar Vortex, how will we survive this?

  • WCW

    Cm Punk vs Batista at Summerslam 2014 !

  • Dexter Sixx

    Wouldn’t it be due to the fact that Vince owns the Austin name and not Punks?

    • Fatt Hardy

      1) Austin owns his own name, WWE copyrighted “Stone Cold” but he was “Austin” even in WCW.
      2) If Punk breached he breached and would be entitled to nothing.

      If Punk had a 3 year contract, he would have had to work a certain number of dates minimum and his contract would also either have
      a) a set amount of money for every day worked over that number and/or
      b) a clause to allow negotiations for extra dates on the contract.

      Punk doesn’t have to work a day more than the minimum amount of dates listed and can still be fulfilling his terms of the contract. Chances are he could have burned through more dates than expected during his 434 day title run and reached his required dates either before or during the Royal Rumble and decided not to extend the number of dates in his contract beyond then.

      Punk and Vince could have easily had an agreement of certain $$$ per show in that contract over the minimum, and Punk says “no more, I’ve fulfilled my end, I’m going home” and there wasn’t a damn thing Vince could do. If Vince cut Punk off at that point Punk would be entitled to sue Vince for the money owed from merch.

      Vince COULD pull Punk’s merch from circulation, but he’s making lots of money from that too and thus won’t do it. He’s a businessman not a scorned lover.

  • oppa

    They can pay someone who walked out on the company, but had to be sued to pay the widow of a performer who died at one of their shows to get the money she was owed? Interesting.

    • Judas

      It wasn’t just “the money she was owed”. While I cannot say for certain, I’m pretty sure WWE had no issue with paying Martha Hart the remaining amount from Owen’s contract. What Martha sued them for was for negligence and the loss of her husband and primary source of income for the house. The only similarity between the two situations is someone is receiving money from WWE, so I’m not really sure how you could compare the two…

      • oppa

        There were two lawsuits between Martha and WWE. I think that you’re referring to the first one. In the second one, part of the suit stated that she did not get paid the royalties from all of the dvd’s that he was featured in. His contract stated that if he died, the money that would go to him would go to his estate. So what I’m referring to is the fact that Punk walked out, which would cause him to be in breach of contract, and he still gets paid his royalties, but Martha Hart did not get paid the royalties she was owed for years until she went to court.

  • Castle

    At first, I thought AJ Lee was cute. I don’t care much for her geekish personality, but cute nonetheless. It disgusts me to know that she would associate herself with a man like CM Punk. This man has been known to be with many other women. It’s not secret that the man probably carries an std. For AJ Lee to get involved with a man like this shows me that she is very much the same as he is. Now I have nothing against CM Punk personally. But I do recognize his actions, and don’t care for them at all. I think AJ Lee is disgusting for getting involved with this man. As the matter of fact, I wasn’t too big on her when I saw her have sloppy kisses with three different men within the span of 3 minutes. I found that to be incredibly disgusting, especially for CM Punk who was the last man to receive a kiss from her. But apparently sloppy thirds are no problem for CM Punk. And apparently AJ Lee has no problem with it as well.

    I always found it intriguing how the nerdy/geekish type of female seems to have more of a chance to become perverted, disgusting, and overly sexual (wh00rish). Not all obviously, but many. Perverted in their language (overly use of foul language), and in their sexual experiences. You would expect that from her opposite such as top 10 model types like Eva Marie, or Aksana. Yet even though I don’t know the history of these two women, these two women do not give off such a wh00rish vibe as AJ Lee constantly gives off. In fact Eva Marie, and Aksana while showing off an overtly sexy appearance on the surface, seem to be more reserved. I could be wrong, but something tells I’m not. AJ Lee hooking up with CM Punk makes me disgusted with AJ. AJ Lee obviously does not care for CM Punk’s ‘carfax’ so to speak. And it’s disgusting, which in turn makes her disgusting in my view. I personally don’t care if CM Punk/AJ Lee fans disagree with this.

    • Bam Bam

      You do know when she was going around kissing all those guys it was storyline right?

      • Castle

        That does not make it less disgusting.

    • Optimus Prime

      Shortened version – “AJ is disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting disgusting. CM Punk. Disgusting disgusting disgusting

    • Stephen

      Um…..what lol?! First of all, they are ACTING. So when a woman kisses men in a movie or TV show, you think she’s a disgusting pig? That’s kinda silly, no? Secondly, CM Punk lives a “straight edge” lifestyle. Hence the “straight edge” tattoo and the Pepsi symbol tattoo (bc he doesn’t drink alcohol, Pepsi is his vice). He doesn’t drink, do drugs or sleep around with random women, that’s a fact and that’s the way he lives his life. So basically, you’re being incredibly ignorant about CM Punk, AJ Lee, WWE, acting and pretty much everything associated with your ridiculous rant. It’s…..not…..real. They are actors…..who are acting.

    • Fatt Hardy

      Punk and AJ’s personal life is none of you’re business, so in the immortal words of Damien Sandow: thank you for you’re irrelevant opinion.

      • Castle

        Thank you for your irrelevant opinion as well. LOL

        • RicFlair

          Two full paragraphs of butthurt LMAO. Sounds like someones jealous LOL

          • Castle

            Sure..whatever you say nature boy. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • gdaddy1971

      “Now I have nothing against CM Punk personally.”???? Your rant says otherwise. Saying that he probably carries an std is rude and condescending.

  • tye

    Can yo dig it suca

  • Ares

    CM Punk is living the life. Damn him, lol

  • Bodacious Bob

    Breaking News : CM Punk is actually the Webmaster of SESCOOPS…

  • Fatt Hardy

    Sounds like he didn’t breach his contract. Remember a contract has so many dates on it, he could have fulfilled his term of the contract and elected not to renegotiate extra days.

  • FlawlessRKO

    CM Punk is Straight Edge people. He and AJ Lee aren’t having sex until they get married.

    • Thulani Ncube

      Straight Edge just means no alcohol and no drugs: promiscuity and caffeine are permitted.

      • Kevin G. Wolfe

        Caffeine is a drug. It comes from a plant just like cocaine.

        • Daniel Bryan

          That doesn’t mean anything. Flour comes from plants…is it a drug? What about sunflower seeds? Sugar? I’m not saying it isn’t a drug because it is. However it coming from a plant is not why it is a drug.

          • Kevin G. Wolfe

            Flour doesn’t bind to nerve receptors inhibiting the response of and taking the place of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine. That’s what makes it a drug.

    • Guardian Star Lord

      Do you realise how many people he’s been with?

  • Daniel Bryan

    CM Punk continues to troll us all, without a word being said on his part. Phil is the man.

  • Sal

    To add to the variety of opinions, I think Dolph Ziggler is the hottest diva in the lockerroom.

  • manuntd10

    Cm punk had to have arranged something with wwe. Otherwise why would wwe not made a move to sue his ass for everything he has on top of that they still pay him for merchandise sold. Makes u wonder what really happened

  • josh kenny

    Cheques? Or checks