Update On Daniel Bryan Taking Time Off, John Cena’s Merchandise Sales

– John Cena remains the king of WWE merchandise sales by a long shot. According to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Cena reportedly sells five times more merchandise than the second most popular merchandise mover, believed to be Daniel Bryan.

– On Monday’s RAW, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was temporarily written off television after being brutally attacked by his Exteme Rules opponent, Kane. According to a report at PWInsider.com, WWE told Daniel Bryan he could take the night off after the tragic news that his father had passed away. Bryan insisted on appearing on the show, but was taken out during the first segment so he could leave and be with his family.

WWE.com is reporting that Daniel Bryan is adamant about defending the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Extreme Rules, despite the storyline that he suffered a stinger at the hands of Kane.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Richmond

    Evolution vs The Shield could still bring a lot of buys even without the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Just hearing “Evolution is returning” will bring back the TV-14 WWF/WWE guys.

    • gdaddy1971

      I love the fact that the past several months all you heard was complaining that Batista was back and in the main event scene, moaning that HHH was still in the main event picture, and whining that Orton had the title. Now they put them together and bring back Evolution and everybody starts marking out on them. You people are so fickle.

  • 9 year old boy

    5 TIMES MORE THAN DANIEL BRYAN!!!! He will be the face of the company for another 10 years and never turn heel -__-

    • Sinner 4 Ever

      Not necessarily……………the NWO sold a LOT of shirts as a cool heel stable. I’m not saying Cena will turn heel or that he’ll be as remotely cool as the NWO, but I don’t think a character change will affect his merch sales that much.

      • thundpimp

        NWO sold that merchandise to people of all ages, in the Golden Age of wrestling. Cena sells merchandise to women and kids (bought by parents of course), who believe it or not, a large amount actually believe wrestling is Real. They are too young to know better. If Cena turns heel, his merchandise sales drop.

  • Big Papa GOAT

    Hogan/Austin/Rock were wrestling icons.
    Cena is a merchandise seller, nothing more.
    When you look at the merch numbers of Austin and Rock in their prime, Austin brought 500 millions in 98 and Rock a little bit less in 2000.
    Cena brought 100 millions last year.

    That means guys like Rock and Austin still brought quadruple more money from merchandise than Cena.
    It’s pitiful that Cena needs not only T-Shirts but sweatbands and armbands and every band in the world and 10 years on top to draw more money than Austin and Rock did in 2.

    • MSK_B.O.Y

      but u still give credit to cena for his longevity you know? for staying at the top not only on TV but in merchandise sales as well…

    • heterosexual

      not really a fair comparison since wrestling viewer rate has dropped off a lot since their time. wcw going down the tube, tna not rising as a contender means no competition for wwe, which has led to a lot of poor/average programming. HHH’s never ending power as the top dog on raw in the early 2000’s is just as much a reason wwe won’t budge on cena as the sale figures are.

      they want him as a good guy, so let him be a good guy. they just need to find a way to shift his character and stick it through.

    • Tom Wing

      Lets look at the longevity shall we(what really matters)

      John Cena has been on top since 2005 to current….9 years and counting
      Hogan was on top from 1984-1993…..9 years
      Austin was on top from 1998-2003…..5 years
      Rock was on top from 1999-2002…….4 years

      John Cena is fast becoming the top DRAW that WWE has ever had.

      • Michael Kondratiuk

        I assume you mean longest? That;s more to do with WWE’s fear of change. They had to change Hogan as a result of the steroid scandal. Cena’s run as saw shrinking viewership – given his appearances create a large bump to ticket sales. Cena, to me – and many – is not a Hogan/Rock/Austin and never will be, one day we’ll see that guy.

    • raVen

      not to mention he has a new color every 2-3months so they start all over again.

  • Jamie

    Well obviously, he has 50x more merch for sale than Bryan.

    • GN-0015

      And Bryan has a lot of crappy shirts. Not saying that Cena’s shirts are all great, but at least they don’t look bad.

      • London Calling

        VERY good point re: the shirt designs; Bryan has only recently had some shirts an adult can wear comfortably. I mean, a bloody goat? Or a face with a beard? Cena’s shirts have been far more appealing, aesthetically.

        • GN-0015

          True, Cena’s shirts aren’t exactly great, but lots of Bryan’s shirts are embarrassing to wear.

    • heterosexual

      i can’t speak for live events but looking at wwe shop right now cena has 67 items attached to his name page, and bryan has 53. cena’s stuff is more diverse and can easily be construed as a regular positivity type of shirt etc.

      bryan has an authority vs yes movement shirt, and just about everything is basically yes related, in plain/dull colours and designs. the black and white just say yes shirt is probably the only one you might find in any other shop.

      • Jamie

        Also I think John gets new shirts every month or two, so people are rebuying to keep up to date with Cena’s fruity colour schemes, whereas Bryan will likely keep the same bland merch most of the year.

        • Michael Kondratiuk

          Most merchandise is for kids anyway. It’s hard to purchase a $50 wrestlign shirt if you’ll never wear it other than than the show your at. For adults it’s much more of an investment – kids not so much. Also keep in mind this figures Meltzer released are for items sold. Kids shirts and merch is cheaper.

  • Joey

    Anyone that doubts Cena’s legacy just look to his matches with Angle and the raw match with Michaels that went the whole damn show…

    • raVen

      2matches in a 9year main event run…that’s pretty sad

      • Michael Kondratiuk

        Cena is decent wrestler when he wants to be. His ability in matches with great wrestlers is very good which in turn makes his formulaic bouts which we see week in and week out seem incredibly lazy.

        • raVen

          he’s really not tho. the guy is doing something right obviously, props to him, but he is very un-athletic..maybe the wrong word..he’s very stiff and awkward. He runs like he literally has a stick up his bum. That massive frame has to make it hard to move fluently but man he looks really bad at times.
          I love this argument “he puts on great matches with great partners like HBK..” That’s not cena that is a true legend (hbk)making a broom stick look good. Yes he seems very lazy week in and week out, wwe schedule kinda forces that out of guys, but even in his big matches it’s still the same formula. get beat down 85% of the match and then make a heroic comeback in the last 5minutes. The whole character is just wrong. The corny jokes, the repetitive promos, always beating all odds (usually hurting an upstart in the process, i.e. Nexus), and the worst part is he cares about NOTHING. Nothing matters to john cena win/loss/kidnapping/injury/death/titles etc etc how do they expect me to care about him if he doesn’t care?
          Not blindly hating here, these are legit gripes. The guy so badly needed to change up his character but it never happened and now at this point there is no reason to change anything. He makes money he sells merch and he gets a reaction from the crowd. Cena will go down as one of if not thee most profitable star in pro wrestling history and it will go down that he was hated by most of the world wide audience for most of his run…and that’s not Rick Rude heel hated, it’s legit hate for the character.

          • raVen

            man ain’t nobody got time to read all that!

          • Michael Kondratiuk

            I did! It was quite insightful.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy

    That’s because Cena has better looking merchandise than Bryan. I mean go to their shop and just compare both men’s merchandise. Which one appeals more to children?

  • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

    To be honest, look at the messages that are on John Cena’s shirts, they are good.
    “Never Give Up”
    “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect”
    They are positive messages that could contribute towards someone’s self concept in a way to improve themselves.

    • Sigma ?

      Too many superhero movies.

      • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

        ? Dunno what you are referring to but I actually dislike superhero movies, although I do like The Watchmen.

        • Sigma ?

          Hey. Watchmen was alright. No argument there.

          • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

            It was good, all other superheroes are just the same formulas of “dude vs the world”. It sucks, watchmen is one I read back in the day, it was good how realistic it was, Dr Manhattan disconnected from humanity since he turned into a completely new entity, Rorschach got killed for sticking to his views in a world that weren’t ready to accept them… It was very interesting, loved the writing in it too.

          • Sigma ?

            Better writing than WWE’s “creative” morons backstage for sure.

  • captaindaddy72

    Damn talk about the face of wwe lol. Well I’m not shocked cena sells so much, he is there cash cow, but Bryan sells a lot to so that’s good as well. I’m happy how wwe and Bryan handles this tragic news of Bryan’s father passing away. Let him take all the time he needs

  • essinodub

    Alot of bad timing for Bryan… Rarely seen the dude since Mania

  • Buzzard Follower

    honestly im surprised bryans 2nd. his merch sucks i mean cena’s is not great but kids love it and thats the point

  • Guest

    Look on the WWE site, Cena has 67 items, Punk has 53, Bryan has 47, & Orton has 41. The discrepancy shows that his merchandise sales aren’t all that impressive.