Update On The Incident That Led To Alberto Del Rio’s Release, TNA Interested

New details are coming in regarding the backstage incident that led to Alberto Del Rio being released from WWE.

WWE noted that Del Rio was abruptly let go “due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.” Shortly afterwards, reports came out that Del Rio slapped a member of WWE’s social media team.

According to f4wonline.com, the story going around this morning is that the whole thing started when somebody in catering (a staff member) asked WWE’s Social Media Manager to clean off his plate. The social media manager allegedly responded, “That’s Del Rio’s job.”

Word got back to Del Rio, who confronted the WWE employee. The Social Media Manager refused to apologize and smirked at Del Rio, which led to him getting slapped across the face like a filthy perro.

Update:  WWE To Alberto Del Rio: “If You’re Angry At Anyone, Be Angry At Alberto”

It’s believed that Del Rio has a 90-day no-compete clause that would prevent him from working for TNA or Mexico’s AAA promotion.

Dave Meltzer noted that TNA is already trying to get in touch with Del Rio, asking around for his phone number.

Apparently, TNA already wants to make Del Rio the next TNA World Champion. “Next TNA champion is not a joke,” Meltzer said. “Dead serious.”

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  • 10YearOldBoy

    If this source is true about TNA you think TNA would of learned by now lol.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    In a way I can agree with him doing that because that is such a classless thing to say. However, Del Rio shouldn’t have done it because that man would have been dealt with. Anyway wish Del Rio the best

    • pwnez

      Whether a comment like that was made or not, ADR should know to never put his hands on another employee. If he would have kept his cool, he would still have his job and the other employee would have most likely been fired.

      ADR will be just fine, especially if he goes back to Mexico to wrestle/fight.

      • mac888

        He doesn’t care, he’s a wrestling legend. Of course he won’t take that from a backstage employee. Besides creative had nothing for him so he might as well leave. This guy has tons of cash in the bank he’s fine. When he goes back to Mexico he’ll be worshipped again. He did wwe a favour by signing with them

        • pwnez

          Lol. I wouldn’t say ADR himself is a wrestling legend; he comes from a family who were legends in Mexico. He is well-known in his home country but elsewhere, not so much.

          Either way, he is a very good wrestler and knows a thing or two about MMA; he will be just fine without WWE. He’s better off not signing with TNA. Like someone else said, I’m not so sure they could make him an offer that ADR would accept.

          • mac888

            Wrestling is sacred in Mexico, he’s a huge huge star believe me

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Like it or not, his short time in WWE puts him up on a higher tier. Royal Rumble winner, MitB winner, World and WWE Champion. He’s walking away with an impressive portfolio.

            But I don’t think he’d lower himself to TNA, especially considering AAA has a working deal with GFW now and he’s more popular in Mexico, I could see Jarrett trying to lure him over to be a big name for them. And frankly that would be a brilliant move by GFW if they could secure him.

          • pwnez

            I’m not arguing that point. If you’re exiting the WWE as a former WWE champion (among other things) of course it will boost your credibility. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t call him a wrestling legend.

            ADR comes from a rich family; his father is a very well-known wrestler. I highly doubt WWE was paying him chump change. I’m sure he was making a decent amount of money, possibly more than some in the locker room. My question is would TNA even be able to afford him? My guess is no. We could possibly see him join GFW but I think he will head to Mexico for awhile.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            I’m sure he will. But to which company? If AAA, then we will probably be seeing him on GFW.

          • brad

            I personally think he Mexico would be his best bet but It could help out Global Force a ton. My guess is he goes back to Mexico for a while and maybe returns for Global Force or at least I hope so.

      • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

        Meh, could guess you’d say that. Put yourself in a situation where your friends have been released and you are in a system where people say these snide remarks without being able to back them up, it is funny to insult people and talk down about them right? Nah, good on Del Rio for sticking up for himself.

        • pwnez

          Lol. You can’t just go around hitting people because they insulted you. If you had a job that paid you very nicely, would you jeopardize that by hitting someone who insulted/offended you? Turn the other cheek, yes? It’s called self control. No one said it was “funny” either.

          I’m sure many of us have wanted to smack our boss/manager/co-worker in the face for talking down to us or insulting us in some fashion. Does it mean you should go ahead and do it? No.

          It would be a different story if the guy actually attacked ADR or at least shoved him.

          • TNA Live Crowd

            Stop acting like a self righteous douche. I’ve seen you comment and insult plenty of people here. Some people deserve a good slap to the face…

          • pwnez

            People get insulted on here constantly, deal with it. I’ve also seen you comment and insult people, yippee? You’re right, some people do deserve a good slap to the face.What ended up happening? He lost his job. It’s called being an adult and having some self control.

          • Ouch

            Dude sometimes there are things more important than a job, I guess its up for each person to decide but IMO a mans pride and race are worth it. If I was to get fired for standing up for myself and my people I’d be ok with that.

          • pwnez

            ADR can afford to lose his job with WWE. What about the common working man/woman? Those who have a family to support? I’d think twice in that situation.

          • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

            Read the article, according to it, “Word got back to Del Rio, who confronted the WWE employee. The Social Media Manager refused to apologize and smirked at Del Rio, which led to him getting slapped across the face”

            He is obviously a guy thinking out of his depth, the employee is just another materialistic guy where reputation and being funny at the expense of others gives him some sort of credit, why not attack the materialism and penetrate his wall of idiocy in order to show him that he isn’t untouchable? It shows that he is person, human, social constructs will do nothing for you if you cannot back up what you have said.

          • admiral andy

            I think the person mocked Del Rio for being Mexican. Implying a Mexican should clean plates. If someone said that about my country, I’d do more than slap him.

        • Matt Gallagher

          I agree, one of his closest friends in the company gets released, people making racist remarks, I would’ve slapped this dude too after he smirked at me like that

        • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

          you can stick up for yourself without actually hitting someone…and besides, hitting people in the work place is just totally unprofessional…yeah collegues and bosses can be complete tools, but there are other ways to handling these things instead of hitting people…=/

          • pwnez

            THANK YOU!

          • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

            no problem…=P

          • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

            He was adamant on not talking by “saying no and smirking”. If he cannot conform to words then that is the action I’d take. He said something disrespectful and I dunno if he meant it this way or not but could even be discriminatory, dehumanising; I do not blame Del Rio.

          • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

            but again there’s other ways of handling it instead of simply hitting the guy…Del Rio could’ve complained about the guy to someone higher up and the guy would’ve been sorted out and that way Del Rio could’ve left on his own terms when he wanted to instead of getting sacked just for b*tch slapping someone…plus that way people might’ve viewed Del Rio as a more professional guy backstage…=/

          • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

            It is different to how you think. A guy has his pride, professionalism won’t work, the company is predominant with males, it is more of a ‘Mans world’. Not everything can be sorted by going to a special guy who will drag the event out and in the end talk most likely in a condescending way which would just infuriate both people.
            If a true ‘man’ has a problem and doesn’t want to talk it out, go outside and sort it, that is just how it happens. Yes in theory you should be able to negotiate, but in reality it cannot, just like communism, by theory it is perfect equality for everyone on everything, in reality it doesn’t work like that.

          • brad

            I agree with you man if someone was talking behind my back I may not slap him but if I went up to him he better apologize and say it isn’t going to happen again and if he just set there and smirked then your dam right I would slap the taste off his mouth.

          • Mike Knox

            So you are saying that ADR acted in a “macho” manner? Is that not racist too? Bottom line You don’t ASSAULT someone for insulting you. The guy could SUE WWE and ADR and with our courts he would win. That’s why he ADR got fired. (Unless it’s all just a stunt which knowing wrestling is very possible)

          • Pentoth

            No offense but should Del Rio tell the guy’s mommy too? What’s wrong with people today? Why should he have to go to someone with “authority” to stick up for him? Nonsense I say.

      • john

        Is that a joke? “The other employee would of been fired”? Ha def not , he probably would have gotten a ….slap…. On the wrist

      • cobralala

        “and the other employee would have most likely been fired” For the vast majority, people do not get fired for things like that. There are some cases, sure, but it’s the exception, not the rule.

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      Ehh i kinda agree with the manager guy. I mean why cant del rio do that? Its demeaning for the manager to have to do that just because Del Rio didn’t want to. But i do agree with slapping him if he did the smirk thing.

      • J.A.

        Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast.

    • Patrick

      That’s just work. He got fired because that’s what happens when you call Ricardo fat! Now that’s the shoot!

      • brad

        I doubt it because after he said that he also stated that Mr. Rodrigues was the most talented worker they had that wasn’t from the states.

        • Patrick

          Did you know that gullible has been completely removed from Webster’s online dictionary because there were too many people searching for the word that it crashed their website?

          • brad

            No idea what your talkin bout but have a nice day anyway.

    • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

      Meh it isn’t accepted, didn’t you know that? <.< How DARE you confront someone for saying something about you like a man? Lol, that was sarcasm btw. But yeah and you could just guess that people will say "Oh it is unprofessional, you should always keep your cool, you are a machine hired to do this, a terminator, not a person who has emotions that can cause you to react". If they fired him for it, f them, he has surely made enough money and is able enough to make it without them.

    • Bryan Baldwin

      It’s one thing to make a joke in front of someone, gauge their reaction and apologize if it’s taken the wrong way. It’s entirely another to do it behind someone’s back and then refuse to apologize when asked about it, and just crack a smug grin. This “social media manager” is lucky he walked away in one piece.

  • lickadickaday

    This just keeps getting better and better.

  • raVen

    this is one of those times that you kind of want TNA to die..

  • Jamie

    the TNA part sounds so forced and made up, nothing new there then.

  • Callum

    im shocked TNA can even afford him

  • pwnez

    If this is true, it was a stupid move on ADR’s part for getting suckered into hitting the guy. It was also a real sh*tty thing for the other employee to say.

    ADR wouldn’t do much for TNA. Yes, he’s a good wrestler but that’s all he has going for him.

  • ohfugg

    inward chuckle at the ‘like a filthy perro’ bit

  • Bank On It

    Lol wow TNA is extremely desperate

  • Dominick

    OMG!!!! Lol @ slapped like a filthy perro

  • Maximus

    i bet you the social media Mgr is a racist, why didnt he call out someone else is name. Had to be a Mexican…..

    • Brody

      big time

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    lol tna is signing crap and released wwe superstars!

    • usuckas

      del rio is legit fagget

      • Joe Anonymous

        …..Iron Sheik?

        Is that you, Sheiky baby?

    • Gotstodobetter

      You acting like majority of their stars didn’t come from other promotions lol

  • Michael

    I seriously can’t blame him. But letting someone go for a slap? People used to get into fights backstage (Batista and Booker, for example) and nobody got fired…oh well

    • Coltcabunny

      I imagine if the altercation is between two wrestlers the rules are a little different to wrestler vs. random office worker.

    • corykraus

      Oh, you had better believe the punishment is directly correlative with how much money you make the company. I hate to use the cliched example, but if Randy Orton slapped the taste out of that guy’s mouth, you can bet your bottom dollar the headline would be a lot different.

  • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

    in the end del rio getting released has many positives 1. he is one of the top 5 most paid wrestlers so him getting released has probably saved some jobs also he didn’t plan on resigning his contract which ends in a few months 2. him being released has opened up a spot on the main roster

  • Klik

    tna waiting 24/7 in the dark for a wwe star to get released…. just sad

  • Flying Hippo

    TNA shouldn’t bother trying to grab him because of the gross amounts of money he was payed in WWE

  • B. T.

    tna should pick up him and Rodriguez.

  • LaParkaXV

    LMAO if you are shocked by TNA being interested in Del Rio check your pulse you may be dead. TNA is also interested in Spike Dudely and Mikey Whipwreck.

  • Dixie Carter

    We cannot afford him right now and Meltzer has not be accurate since 1998 when he was still relevant! We are busy explanding our company and signing new indy wrestlers not washed up boring stale current or past WWE superstars!

    We FIRED Ric Flair, Hogan and Sting from my company. So why would we want this train wreck?

    • Jesse

      The only thing funnier than you pretending to be Dixie Carter is Dixie Carter herself.

      • Dixie Carter

        Dude just get a life and let me be. Go get your edcuation and stop bullying other rich successful people

        • Jacob Rael

          You are not rich, your father is.

        • Bro88

          Its kind of ironic you tell someone to get an education and misspell education.

          • Dixie Carter

            Dont have time to make things perfect when I am running a mega company and replying to degenerates like yourself

        • Jesse

          I made 120% on the forex markets this week. How was TNA’s growth?

    • juan

      So why did you hire Tajiri or Rhino? (both past Wwe superstars).

      • Capt.Dammit

        or snitsky and ezekiel jackson. plus sting left dammit.

    • Jr

      Yet 3 of the 4 individuals in your hall of fame were just stale washed up wwe individuals.

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    ‘like a filthy perro’… haha… love it.

    In all seriousness though, if Del Rio was insulted in such a fashion, then I’m glad he stood up for himself and slapped the living daylights outta that jabroni.

    • memoryman00

      Damn right !!!
      Slapped like the filthy pedro he is lol

      • Capt.Dammit

        dammit i cant stop laughing. like a filthy perro…

    • JDS3105

      I think releasing him was a bit too much. They could’ve easily just suspended him 30 days with no pay for misconduct

  • Beefy Levinson

    “Why is Roberto Del Monte driving an ’06 Prius into the Impact Zone arena?!”

  • https://twitter.com/bushysowavvey Triple X

    “like a filthy perro” lmaoooo. I love this site.

  • Coltcabunny

    So, TNA; complete with racist Russo want ADR… Yeah, that will end well.

  • Brody
  • oppa

    Only in WWE can you make a legend look like a jobber and allow people to get away with racist comments and keep their job.

  • http://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/welcome.html Speakingplaintalk

    There is no way ADR can be blamed for this
    If he signs with TNA surely I will go watch
    He has been unhappy with some ridiculous handling by creative and
    just maybe this was his way of bringing it to a head and just as maybe
    this was WWE back handed w ay of giving him cause to be fired
    HOW can WWE allow employes to speak to others in such
    demeaning manner..?
    FAULT is with WWE as much as the nasty mouthed employee.
    Best luck ADR!

  • Brandon Roberts

    so john cena is allowed to hit on every diva in the locker room and orton is allowed to piss in their bags but del rio slapping someone is going too far? nice to hear

  • Mr_DJ

    TNA should be worrying about their TV deal coming to an end in October…

  • John

    Del rio is that rocket fuel tna needs!

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    “slapped across the face like a filthy perro.”…cracking up!…xD…but yeah in all seriousness, doesn’t anyone find it odd that they never included Del Rio’s real name and the generic “We wish you luck in your future endeavours” statement in the article?…it just seemed so blunt and I don’t really know if I can believe that this is all legit or not…unless the guy who wrote the article announcing him thought Del Rio was a pr*ck as well…=/…but yeah if I’m just looking too much into things then oh well, with budget cuts it was a pretty sh*tty time to flip out (not that there’s ever a good time anyway, but budget cut times are the times to be extra cautious really) and I’m not gonna miss the guy at all tbh, always found him boring and annoying…but I guess it’d be rude not to wish him luck in whatever he’s gonna do next so uhh yeah, good luck Del Rio…xD

  • LarryNC

    And how can anybody take this story as though it is the gospel truth? It might be, but it might not be either. I never liked his character or that stupid gimmick that they started him with. The one where he is so rich and then they would drive a different, expensive car into the building. There was no telling how expensive that was, but it was pretty easy to see how stupid an idea it was.

  • Ted

    I am curious to learn the Alberto Del Rio point of view on this incident.

  • lilbit

    That guy is right. Del rio should clean off his own plate del rio needs to keep his hand to his self.

  • 5er

    I think it really was Del Rio’s day to do the dishes.

  • Ahtazaban Sojourner Israel

    del rio is living in a time worp!the vice Roy states ended over 100 years ago and Spain lost in the Spanish American war. He even turned on his Latino helper.[who since hes been fired has not been able to gain a title with his plots of distractions since then}.oh yes what happened to the big cars and fancy scarfs?it worked for a while but I think del rio burned out months ago!good luck in tna del rio!

  • Capt.Dammit

    that employee getting slapped like a filthy perro, was his destiny dammit!

  • Mick Daley

    They have lost a top performer. Still, I guess saving money, is now the name of the game.

  • Capt.Dammit

    im gona say this once dammit, adr should go to tna as a cartel leader of the returning lax. homicide and hernandez.

  • Matty Y

    He probably got fired for getting to much dirt on Triple H’s shovel

  • http://www.sescoops.com/author/adrianf/ Adrian Fylonenko

    That perro got what he deserved….Good for Del Rio. In all seriousness, Del Rio comes across as a very well spoken ambassador for WWE – at least that’s what I got from the video interviews I have seen.

  • Juan Manuel Valdez Jr.

    In the work place nothing is ever done about he said she said incidents, as a matter of fact bringing them up sometimes does nothing but getting them dismissed as childish behavior and weakness on your part for doing so. In my opinion ADR can move on with his head high. Hopefully Mr Media funny man learned his lesson. He had the opportunity to apologize and chose not to, that is just total disrespect and he should also be fired. Wrestling starts with the wrestlers….

  • Summer Rae Dudley

    “Slapped him like a filthy perro”

  • JDS3105

    If that’s true, I think releasing him was too harsh. I think a suspension would’ve been enough. If the guy made a derogatory remark about Del Rio, he got what he deserved. Who knows, maybe WWE was looking for a way to get rid of Del Rio and this was it.

  • omega riddler

    Alberto Del Rio got caught in a time where WWE is looking for ANY excuse to let someone go. Somebody like Randy Orton is safe because he makes the company money.

    TNA has the bad habit of hiring big stars from WWE when they should be focused on building their own talent.

  • salazar

    Sept 10is when my 6 month contract with wwe network ends, can’t wait to cancel! Wwe sucks so hard! It’s boring!

  • The Man From Jonestown

    “which led to him getting slapped across the face like a filthy perro.”

    I lol’ed.

    Look, they just wanted Del Rio gone, because they didn’t see any value in him during these budget cuts. If they saw value in him, they wouldn’t have fired him for this.

    What I find amusing is that TNA wants to make him their World Champion immediately. Have they learned NOTHING?! I mean, if the WWE could FORCE FEED ADR down people’s throats to the tune of Two WWE titles, Two World titles and a RR win, and he STILL not draw…

    What’s he going to do for you? Learn your lessons already, morons.

  • NXTAmbrose

    I love how long time faithful TNA wrestler’s are all of a sudden put on the backburner (example: Samoa Joe) when the moment a WWE talent is free, TNA rolls out the red carpet for them. They don’t have to come to TNA, work their way from being last in line,.. No instead they get the red carpet treatment. How retarded

  • http://anphobia.tumblr.com Blackjazz Rebel

    I’m going to miss his theme tune.

  • natemims

    Real talk, in every job I’ve ever had if someone made a racist remark in my presence and refused to apologize, then yeah…I’m in that ass…Good for Del Rio…now one of my favorites…

  • Victor Katz

    There is NEVER any excuse for hitting a fellow employee.
    If ADR had any maturity at all instead of acting like an animal, he would still be employed by the WWE.
    Sure, go to TNA until they fold and are absorbed by Vince . . then once again you’ll be unemployed . .
    go to Mexico and work for a mere pittance compared to WWE money . . .
    ADR can go away and it won’t bother me one darn bit
    Don’t let the door hit you in the culo on the way out pendejo . . .

  • brad

    Seems like the douch deserved it I hope you find success elsewhere Alberto. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agin the WWE lost one of their top talents.

  • RM

    God, TNA is pathetic…..it’s like WWE lite over there already!

  • Kevin G. Wolfe

    If this is legit, I can’t believe the WWE lets their employees speak to talent like that.

  • DJ73

    so phony…has to be a work……….whats the difference when they do skits in the back and get away with it ? like when Evolution beat up Ambrose in the back……..or when Mark Henry through some poor camera man across a table……..“unprofessional conduct,”

  • J. Cruyff

    So why wasn’t the media manager suspended or fined?

  • silverblackjack

    The Reason I don’t believe the TNA/Alberto rumor is simply because DaveMeltzer is reporting it, that clown has Zero Credibility with Me …How this Guy is looked to for Wrestling News, is beyond me

  • Kjhaltz

    Shoot if that’s true I support Del Rio. That dude made a racist comment and WWE should have stuck up for Del Rio.

  • Wrestling Fan

    I find this entire story questionable. A few months ago I and other people I know read Del Rio was not going to renew his contract when it expired. And now, months later, he’s been “fired” due to some convenient altercation? I don’t think so. I believe this is a storyline to add heat to his departure.

  • http://www.apaeattire.com/ Bo > You

    I love Del Rio, hate how people dislike him.
    Hope he goes to TNA or GFW. (Y)

  • james

    that would be the best thing for tna to do is sign him, and other wrestlers who is unhappy with wwe like the miz,r truth,batista,kofi kingston,randy orton,karma,mark henry,ryback,dolph ziggler,wade barrett,david otunga,heath slater and tna need to bring back mickie james again. the best person to sign at this moment out of all the wrestlers (although this is a long shot because he said he done with wrestling period) would be cm punk. the reason why im sayin this is because cm punk still has fans all over and if he do get signed that would bring in so much new tna fans and ratings for impact wrestling. if tna pulls off signing cm punk then they should turn impact back on mondays for the new monday night wars.

  • satishwarne708

    I think he should go back to Mexico and do his face character Dos Caras Jr. again.Going to TNA will only be worse at this point.

  • Randy Hughes

    I can’t say that I’m going to miss him too much. He never got over with the fans enough to deserve wearing the title(s) as long and as many times as he did. If the guy really meant the comment and was mean spirited, he really should be given a warning at least. On the other side of the coin, just when TNA should have just closed shop, this might be the first of many stars that might be coming from WWE. I’ve been saying this for months that if a group of underused superstars all split and went to another company, then and only then would TNA be competition. (Ziggler, Del Rio, Zack Ryder, Sandow, Big E, Hell, half of the WWE roster should be pissed about being a year long losing streak to the Authority.

  • bummed1

    Why hire a troublemaker for TNA? It’s bad enuf they’re cutting corners as it is. Hire a screwup who cannot be a face to save his life, and you’re asking for trouble. Wasn’t entertaining anyways, so didn’t really care but can still say, Adios, you idiot!

  • kingmayhem74

    The way his career was going in WWE in ring now he slap him because he wanted to. He could have man up walked up to him
    And ask him what his issue was. Cause no one can say it was about race. You know how many wrestlers in the pass had it worse with the race issue and they never punched a we employee. Besides he wanted out for a while.

  • essinodub

    If that’s true, then dude deserved to be slapped

  • jrod1114

    And it was all over someone saying it was ADR job to clean the plates, Are those guys in grade school or what? What a bunch of idiots, now ADR is out of a job…

  • Dusty’s Discarded Polka Dots

    Let’s Hope that the “WWE Universe” decides to replace all those annoying CM Punk chants with Del Rio ones … In fact, lets get it started now … ADR! ADR! ADR!

  • Jonny Merciless

    I would slap Vince with a class action law suit, that guy was obviously racist

  • BDS

    Dave Meltzer noted that TNA is already trying to get in touch with Del Rio, asking around for his phone number. Apparently, TNA already wants to make Del Rio the next TNA World Champion. “Next TNA champion is not a joke,” Meltzer said. “Dead serious.”

    Bwahahaha!!! Jesus Christ TNA will be dead like when? Soon? With no TV who the hell is going to see Del Rio in TNA? TNA champ for like a week? Lol! As if he’d go to TNA

  • Mr. Leslie Chow

    I simply would have shown him my bank balance (If I were Alberto) and asked to see his.