Update On The Incident That Led To Alberto Del Rio’s Release, TNA Interested

New details are coming in regarding the backstage incident that led to Alberto Del Rio being released from WWE.

WWE noted that Del Rio was abruptly let go “due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.” Shortly afterwards, reports came out that Del Rio slapped a member of WWE’s social media team.

According to f4wonline.com, the story going around this morning is that the whole thing started when somebody in catering (a staff member) asked WWE’s Social Media Manager to clean off his plate. The social media manager allegedly responded, “That’s Del Rio’s job.”

Word got back to Del Rio, who confronted the WWE employee. The Social Media Manager refused to apologize and smirked at Del Rio, which led to him getting slapped across the face like a filthy perro.

Update:  WWE To Alberto Del Rio: “If You’re Angry At Anyone, Be Angry At Alberto”

It’s believed that Del Rio has a 90-day no-compete clause that would prevent him from working for TNA or Mexico’s AAA promotion.

Dave Meltzer noted that TNA is already trying to get in touch with Del Rio, asking around for his phone number.

Apparently, TNA already wants to make Del Rio the next TNA World Champion. “Next TNA champion is not a joke,” Meltzer said. “Dead serious.”