Update On Jeff Jarrett’s New Project & Toby Keith’s Announcement

– The latest on Jeff Jarrett’s big announcement is that we could hear something concrete by the end of April. Jarrett has been traveling extensively over the past few weeks, setting up production, merchandise, talent and international relations with other promotions.

Jeff Jarrett’s Latest Teaser Video

In [somewhat] related news, Toby Keith’s ‘big news’ on Monday, which many believed was related to Jarrett’s new project, was actually the announcement of his new tour dates. Toby Keith is rumored to be one of the people from the Nashville country music scene that will be financing Jarrett’s project.

– As previously reported, former WWE/TNA star Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara) attended Monday’s RAW from her hometown of Chicago. Former TNA Knockout Sarita was also there with her, as seen below:

Brad Davis

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  • Dave from Germany

    Production, merchandise, talent and international Relations…
    So much of work only to produce a Karen sex tape?

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      A lot of special effects needed to make that watchable

    • Michael Carter

      …and apparently other promotions will be involved.

      • Old Age Outlaws

        This is shaping up to be one great orgy

  • “Mean-Stenge”Orklund

    Loving Jeff Jarrett Picture

  • Rick Yuhnke

    Funny thing is that I am watching old Memphis wrestling and they pain a picture of an innocent kid named Jeff Jarrett. Now I think of him as an old pervert who stole another man’s wife and then used that in story lines.

  • raVen

    reall truly tho who wants to see Karen?
    only wrestling fans know JJ and those fans know who/what Karen is… who wants to see this garbage?

  • Johnson

    I immediately saw the picture and I thought who was that hottie in the left corner.. had no idea it was Sarita. What a fine asss woman.
    About JJ’s new project. I’m not feeling this country vibe, so I’m not interested in it at all.

  • Dale C Twigg

    JJ Abrams couldn’t make that tape watchable.

  • Callum

    Keep it up Jeff……maybe we can see victoria and sarita in WWE??