Update On Why Michael Hayes Is Taking Time Off, BG James Gaining Power

It is rumored that WWE official Michael Hayes has been suspended by WWE for giving alcohol to WWE Diva Rosa Mendes just days after she returned from work and underwent treatment for alcohol dependency.

Former WWE writer Court Bauer recently revealed on the MLW Radio Show that Hayes is taking time off from WWE to deal with “personal issues.”

Hayes had been working directly with Triple H on booking live events. During his absence from WWE, former WWE Superstar Brian “Road Dogg” James has been taking on a bigger role behind the scenes. Aside from working TV tapings and live events, James is also working a lot at WWE headquarters and attending creative meetings. Most WWE superstars like the idea of James being part of the creative process, since he’s been in the business for decades.

WWE has yet to release a statement regarding Hayes’ absence.

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(Information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter & f4wonline.com was used in this report)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Mr_DJ

    If the rumor holds up, smooth move Hayes…give booze to the lady that’s in recovery from dependency…

    • Andrew Campbell

      He was likely thinking he’d have a better shot at her if she was wasted.

      • Mr_DJ

        Always plausible…lol

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    all I can say to this is…NICE ONE D*CK HEAD!…-_-

  • captaindaddy72

    Yo how many chances does hayes get? This ain’t the first time he’s been suspended or took time off for being unprofessional. He had a racial incident with mark Henry a while back

    • brad

      Hayes has had a lot of chances I mean he’s a good guy and all but he’s one crazy guy from what I’ve heard from the plane ride from shell.

    • mika009

      I think Hayes also had a run in with Bobby Lashley and he is the reason why Lashley left WWE.

      • captaindaddy72

        Exactly hayes seem 2 have some real issues yet he keeps his job.

    • mika009

      I think Hayes also had a run in with Bobby Lashley and he is the reason why Lashley left WWE.

  • oppa

    It was rumored a long time ago that she was sleeping with him to get more tv time. I don’t know if that is true or not, but he has had issues with drugs and alcohol in the past. He’s not even supposed to drink while at WWE functions. He does stuff like this and then wonders why he’s not in the Hall of Fame. He should feel lucky to have a job.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Caveman1006?feature=mhee Marvin B.

    Wow smh.

  • G.I.R.L.

    I dislike Hayes more than many folk in the industry’s history. Why don’t they just let him go?

  • X

    Probably did it on purpose to mess her up.

  • Derringer Duo

    Why the WWE hasn’t fired this racist piece of garbage is beyond me. Who gives liquor to a recovering alcoholic fresh out of rehab? Who does that? He’s never been good at creative, he’s been suspended for slurring Mark Henry, ran off Kristal Marshall and Bobby Lashley, and is just an overall meat shaft.

    It’s a joke that he still has a job.

  • Callum

    Michael thats abit low the poor diva was having problems she fixed them and you try and get her back there, fire him

  • Buzzard Follower

    that was so stupid of hayes really f’n stupid

  • NotTooSerious

    “Oh you didn’t know? You betta give beer to somebodaaaaaay!”