Update On Nancy Grace Running Another Wrestling Segment On Her Show

As previously reported, Nancy Grace was scheduled to run another wrestling segment on CNN. The show, which was scheduled to feature indy wrestling star RJ Brewer, was postponed. It has not, however, been cancelled. Producers of the show informed Brewer that they would be in touch with him in the future regarding a new date.

Apparently the show wants to attempt to make ammends with the pro wrestling community due to all of the bad publicity they received over the way they handled the news of Ultimate Warrior’s passing.

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    • WCWJobber

      F**** Nancy Grace

      • omega riddler

        No thank you, some women shouldn’t be penetrated

        • Phoenix Ramsey

          But all men should be.

        • Rigil

          Those are 4 asterisks

    • 9 year old boy

      Big Show knock her out but Show please don’t cry after you knock her out…

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      lol so much hate on her. yet nobody is hating on the people who write for her and give her all the info,

      • terrence ryan

        Because it’s HER SHOW. She should get all the blame

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      i would love it if jim cornette or paul heyman were invited to her show

      • omega riddler

        Paul Heyman is banned by WWE from appearing on her show.

        • Frank

          Dude DDP is the one who was on her show! And no one was “banned” from her show. However WWE has told all current wwe star to stay away from here show!

          • omega riddler

            WWE telling all talent to not appear on her show is pretty much a ban from appearing on her show. same thing.

      • bri

        Paul would be the best person to send, He’s well spoken, Witty and Smart. I like Cornette but the guy would just swear. Paul E would educate her and put her in her place. Remember his dad was a lawyer.

      • Castle

        Heyman yes. He’s intelligent. Cornette no, he’s a goofball with a filthy vulgar mouth, and a foul attitude. Heyman is more relaxed, and would talk like a professional.

    • Bill Lawless

      of course she wants to get another wrestling themed show ASAP. She’s trying to cash in on the buzz created by the blind ignorance, or outright BS, of her and/or her production crew. Someone’s actually talking about her. I’ve always had better things to do, Nancy; and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

    • Sigma ?

      She needs to be run over. It’ll do good for everyone.

    • SomeInternetGuy

      Some have defended Nancy Grace by saying that she shouldn’t take all the blame because there are writers on the show. That doesn’t mean blame needs to be shared. I still point at Nancy Grace for her behavior.

      Not only is she the messenger of the news that’s being presented on her program, but she’s basically in charge of how the program is run even with producers, writers and executives behind the cameras. Nancy Grace has a responsibility to present news not in a deceptive and self-righteous manner, but straightforward and with integrity whether or not her coverage is objective or subjective. She’s not required by law to do this, it’s just sort of a journalist thing that you’re taught in college..

    • CMPunksHighestFan

      This hobag is still on the air?

    • Fantasma Del Guapo

      LOL why are there people even defending her? Have any of you contrarians ever watched her show in the first place? Have any of you even seen how CNN/Headline News have become a huge laughing stock over the years to the point that almost every night John Stewart’s able to devote the opening segment on The Daily Show to how stupid it’s gotten?

      The IWC isn’t jumping any guns here man, these people just that terrible at everything!

    • Reality

      With all the buzz her show generated because of wrestling, of course they’ll do another one. Am not sure about that strategy though

    • captaindaddy72

      Idk if she can make anmends after the stunt she pulled

    • Forceton Banfodder

      She should retire from public life, that would appease me.

    • Mr_DJ

      don’t go on the show Brewer…don’t do it

    • Buzzard Follower

      Nancy need to be buried and I know a guy

      • ibeBrave

        Instead of being buried she should just have iron shiek on the show.. Fahk u white beach suck harry foley dihk lol

        • john

          Read that In His voice and bursted out laughing

        • Buzzard Follower

          Thats even better. Break her back make her humble

        • Castle

          Yeah, that’ll make the wrestling world look real competent. The only thing that would do is embarrass the wrestling world, and the fan base. Most people already think it’s a joke as it is. They already see it as clown $hit. Why make it worse.

    • http://www.Twitter.com/Daniell02242471 Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      You messed up big time Nancy Grace.

    • Progressed_Now

      am I the only one that thinks the older that biitch gets, the more like a man she looks? she could pass for the Duke of Queensbury’s twin brother.

    • Jamie

      Bring her in to replace Vickie when she leaves.


      f u nancy nothing u say/do will make ammends with the IWC
      stay the f away

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      The fact they’re just doing it to not look bad is worse than anything, atleast mean it

    • All Success J Perez

      NANCY SUCKS !!!

    • Stijnosb

      @RJ BREWER. looks like someone wants to get famous. even when it is bad publicity

    • Castle

      I don’t understand why she should care. That wrestling community that she wants to make amends with isn’t signing her paychecks and is very likely not going to affect her core viewership.
      Personally, I’ve never met one wrestling fan that watches her show at all whether a wrestler was on or not.