Update On Big Show’s Firing & Potential Over The Limit Spoiler

As seen on Monday’s RAW, Big Show has been ‘fired’ by John Laurinaitis for making fun of his voice last week. During commercial break that aired right after Big Show was fired, he stopped on the ramp on his way backstage, bowed to the fans and waved goodbye.

John Laurinaitis tweeted the following after RAW:

“Tonight, @WWETheBigShow forced me to make an example out of him. Let that be a lesson to the entire locker room. #Raw”

To sell the storyline, Big Show’s profile to their Alumni roster and the WWE website has posted an article speculating who else might get fired for disobeying the General Manager of RAW and SmackDown:

“Under Laurinaitis’ tumultuous reign, Big Show and The Bella Twins have both been handed their walking papers. If Laurinaitis defeats John Cena at WWE Over the Limit and continues to serve as the GM of Raw and SmackDown, one can only wonder who might be next to face his wrath.”

We can confirm that one scenario that’s been discussed for Sunday’s Over The Limit pay-per-view is for Big Show to interfere in John Laurinaitis’ match with John Cena – and cost Cena the match. A stipulation was set on RAW that John Laurinaitis will lose his job if he loses to John Cena – and any WWE superstars who interfere will be fired. Since Big Show is already ‘fired’ – he can interfere, help John Laurinaitis win & keep his job – and then Laurinaitis would re-hire Big Show.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • tlsxoxo

    Who didn’t see this coming ? Don’t do it , take ” Big ” Johnny off TV ! Please don’t try to turn Big Show heel cause its not believable that he can beat Cena , plus NO ONE wants to see it. Send Cena on break , take lauranitis off TV , get Brock and Triple H over with and focus on bringing some new stars and fresh storylines into our homes.

    • Kaylyn Owens

      In a strange way, I agree with you.

  • crybaby

    big show need to leave he a joke its time to give this loser a boot in the ass.

  • http://twitter.com/StupidSobi SOBI

    so summer slam
    super cena vs bigshow
    back to crappy storylines YAY!

    • Jeremy

      Wait until you actually know what the hell will happen before running your mouth. Stupid people are annoying.

      • http://twitter.com/StupidSobi SOBI

        dude half the people here predict stuff.
        so i dont understand why u r so pissed.

    • TheresProgressNow

      back? they never left. what the hell have you been watching so far?

      • Kaylyn Owens

        Just what I was wondering. The storylines have been awful for how long now?

  • Genius King

    Last night Big Show went from this “world’s largest athlete” imposing monster to a crying, begging, sobbing big wussy. They totally murdered his character…

    • Mr_DJ

      I see that bit was a bit too much for you to understand.

    • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

      Big Show has kind of been a wussy for several years now. I give him credit for his ability to cry on-command though lol.

      • Kaylyn Owens

        That’s what my mom said. She was amazed he was so in character.

      • shambo

        agree… i mean i can burp on command and thats a great for me… but cryin on command is killa too.. but @12a9776e8c1ee097b6e57152b249654a:disqus is correct they murderd his character…didnt show say that after the mayweather fight or something he is gonna be the biggest monster and stuff… and the wwe kill him…
        the guy needs to be destructive and a monster… but wwe killed him and kanes heel….
        i dunno….

        • IKeepsit100

          I have a feeling Johnny will use big show to beat down cena at OTL

          • shambo

            yup…. prob lord tenasi or or what ever a trains name is will team up… see how it plays out

    • Jmc60

      I think that was the point to make Laurinitis the big imposing figure over everything that he will pull the triger on anyone who does something. A dictator in a way

  • SJP315

    The storyline makes sense especially since they may be making a stable for Big Johnny they can have Show be a reluctant participant, Tensai, Otunga, and add one or 2 more guys maybe Claudio? To get him even more heat and bring him over to raw

    • fatneal

      who is claudio?

      • SJP315

        Sorry… Antonio Cesaro from smackdown, his name was Claudio Castignoli in ROH. You’ll be seeing more and more ROH guys on TV by the end of the year I tend to refer to guys by their ROH names bc the names Vince gives guys are shit

  • CJCarter

    Help Laurinaitis? Why? Why not cost Laurinaitis the match, get him fired, and get re-hired by the new GM?

    • SJP315

      Bc it’s WWE and they probably have nobody to put in a Gm spot, on top of that they love the heat Big Jonny generates and they don’t want to lose that reaction


        Hell give it to paul heyman he was a masterful heel GM even when he was a good gm he still was good no one is better than him at setting up storylines.

        • SJP315

          I would love Paul on raw every week but I don’t think he WANTS to be there EVERY WEEK, the only reason he is involved now is bc it’s to help out Brock. For him to agree to an every day role with the company he would prob want his position as head of creative for smackdown back

      • Kaylyn Owens

        How about Teddy Long? They could give it to him.

        • SJP315

          Teddy was awful the first time around lol

    • Aiii

      1. Cena hardly ever loses, esp. to an executive that hasn’t wrestled in over 10 years.
      2. Big Show would turn heel, a role he’s much better in.
      3. Cena doesn’t lose clean, ever.
      4. JL is awesome and, even though they messed his character up by making him an actual intentional evil-doing heel, they’re not yet done with that character.

      • Kaylyn Owens

        If only they were. Raw and SD would be more watchable.

      • WhoRaH!

        uhh….cena doesn lose clean ever…..WrestleMania XXVIII he lost clean. WrestleMania XXIV, Night of Champions 2008 he lost clean as well.

        • Kaylyn Owens

          Well, he doesn’t lose clean often.

        • mrchopper

          What about the PPV MEs he had with Punk, too?

      • RavviCounty1902

        Fuck are you talkin’ about? Cena’s won like 3 PPV matches or something out of the last 9?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1399093421 Jeremy Scheidel

      You saw how much he was boo hooing out there. I could totally see him doing it to get his job back.

    • piggypoopie

      thats exactly what i though when i read it too

  • indywrestler22

    The end of RAW made it waaaay too easy to predict the outcome of Laryngitis vs Cena on Sunday

  • KJeezy

    Looks like we are in for a Big Show HEEL turn.

    • TheresProgressNow

      yeah the 45th one so far

  • pwnez

    This will probably lead to a heel turn. This match doesn’t look exciting at all.

  • Grant

    I wish he was really gone …

  • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

    Good call to the user that called this one on a previous article.

  • http://wrestledirect.com/ Kaos

    I figured Show would turn heel and align himself with Laurinatis; therefor, Show get’s his job back, Laurinaitis still GM and Cena takes some time off

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    I turned away this idea without even thinking about it leading to a heel turn. Makes it more interesting, but not interesting enough to make anyone care or make it worthy of closing the show.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    That is the dumbest thing WWE has ever done. My dad said they may do something like this, and it made no sense to me. Now that it may be happening, I can’t believe he was right again.

  • john hernandez

    obviously some new :unhired wrestlers are going to debut

  • Nightmare

    lol they really sold it last night. To predictible though. As soon as he fired him I knew where this was going.

  • Valo

    of show can help cena win and hhh can rehire show.

    • Valo

      but i expect hell help johnny. johnny wont get fired

  • charles

    I thought the angle with Big Show was done to end that terrible Cody Rhodes v Big Show fued without actually ending it, and how did Laurinitis fire the Bellas that made no sense they should have just had Kharma come out destroy them and then after the match they quit because their so afraid of her like how JBL did at Wrestlemania

  • g6effect

    sescoops … you forgot to mention that this storyline is a lead up to big show turning heel.

  • Dixie Carter / Hogan (TNA)

    Well if everything doesn’t turn out too well for Show and RAW he will always be welcomed into TNA, the fastest growing wrestling company in america.


    This is stupid!! Yeah hes fired for now but like Cena said If John Laurinaitis loses he wil be fired, so he will lose, someone new will come in and rehire him… after all they did say they are going to make Cena happy cause his whole divorce going on… So the PPV Over The Limit probably isnt worth ordering unless you wanna see Cena win. Go Daniel Bryan though!!

  • jackhandy

    “Coming down that Isle and seeing the look on those kids faces” crying and then he continues wailing away going down on his knees begging for his job, what a great performance, he actually convinced me that he was 480 pound WUSS, and I was lolling all through the segment. Even when Big Johnny “fired” him at the end lol. Honestly if Show does interfear and costs Cena the match, I hope it’s not to save his job, but just as a way to fool everyone and say he was on Johnny’s side all along. Because I personally want nothing to do with an angle involving Big Show as a giant emotional boob, but still that segment to me is in the running for surprise comedy angle of the year lol.

  • gamexxx

    No No No thats not going to work for storyline for big show rehired by laurinaitis why just fired laurunaitis no one cares bout that match anyway and just give someone else chance to be gm.

  • A_Murphy39

    during that whole big show and laurinatis bs. im thinking to my self what would Stone Cold Steve Austin do?

  • dae

    All I know is that as long as Johnny Ace is GM, both shows will continue to stink! GO IMPACT!

  • newgeneration

    I honestly see Brock Lesnar interfering in this match instead of Big Show.

  • genericwwefan

    man, i dont care if big show turns heel or not (although i dont want him to turn heel again for like what, a 5th time?) i just want laurnaitis out. i dont care for his character at all. if show actually helps laurnaitis and he ends up winning the match, ill probably rage quit watching RAW. i know wwe storylines have been getting worse over the years but cmon!

  • Guest

    This is BS instead of having another wrestler that can out wrestle and entertain us better than cena, instead he’ll lose to a has been johnny ace(he invented the cutter but never got the big one). Anyway they wasted Brock Lesnar’s returned potential and WWE finally realized they screwed up smh. This can guarantee us no matter who’s better than cena now a “return” wrestler would be able to lose to him smh.

    Vince: Cena are you sad?

    Cena: getting divorced

    Vince: How about another title run soon?

    Cena: …….(smile) time to piss off the real wrestling fans again

  • http://www.facebook.com/OpenLunchBox Lenny Marlow

    Big Show will return as the Oversized Mexican luchadore El Gigante.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SacredDante Nikolai Stephon Johnston

    You also have to realize this all, that john laurenitas, per board of directors state he can not have any help and if any help is aquired will be terminated as well as john, amongst that it must be 1 on 1.

  • cm2012

    Big Show’s character will be ok… The guy is like Teflon. Trust me, most people probably won’t remember this even happened in a couple months.

    BTW this outcome at OTL… I saw it coming right after the stips for the match were added… On one hand, its predictable, and I DONT wanna see another Cena Show feud…
    On the other, it’d be nice to see Cena lose for once.

  • cbbraddy

    I think the whole having a heel person in charge is really, really old. It was old when it was McMahon vs Austin after the first three hundred and forty-seven times. They need to revise the whole approach. Remember how it was in the 80’s and early 90’s, like when a decision had to be made, they would cut to a tape of Jack Tunney at a desk making whatever ruling needed to be made, and that would be it? Every since Vince got out from behind the desk and made the authority figure more prominent, its all went downhill once we got past the novelty of it. I’d love to see them go back to how they used to do it. Instead of an over-the-top heel that does not compete on a regular basis “running” things, maybe Vince could come out, “fire” Johnny-boy as a part of “cut-backs” – and from there out, have the “board of directors” get referenced when stipulations or whatever is made, and come time to make the big decisions, cut to a tape of Vince (since Tunney died) in the same role. More time to promote and get new talent over.

    • http://www.facebook.com/KyleC4 Kyle Cotton

      I don’t think it’s that it’s old. I think it’s just you have a guy whose better at being a subtle heel then an overt heel. Bischoff, Heyman, Vince, and Stephanie at times made it work. Johnny Ace is just a guy you can’t take seriously being an overt heel.

    • TheresProgressNow

      come on you can’t seriously compare Vince to Laryngitis. Vince was the funnest heel administrator to watch, getting pummeled by different people at different times. Undertaker, Austin, Triple H, Rock, HBK….classic times, classic times.

      god I can’t flash back to that chairshot from Taker in 1999 without laughing my ass off every time. and Austin Vs McMahon? stuff of legend. and HHH vs McMahon for the WWF championship?? hilariously entertaining match

  • like a boss

    i liked it when big show was a heel

  • Mike

    So what’s the update?

  • Thisiswhywrestlingsux

    Big Show helps Mr. Future Endeavored win tonight, gee what a shock! No one that watches professional wrestling would have predicted this (sarcasm). Damn WWE script writers!

  • jj

    thats what happened… gosh damn it… Laurenitis sucks why dont they keep him in his damn office and off TV