Update On Matt Hardy & “Giants Girl” Reby Sky

The day after the New York Giants thrilling overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers that will send them to the SuperBowl, we’ve got an update on former “Giants Girl” Reby Sky and her boyfriend, Matt Hardy.  Longtime wrestling photographer Bob Mulrenin recently scored an exclusive photo session with Matt Hardy and his “Giants Girl” – and had this to say about their rocky relationship:

“Matt and Reby’s relationship has been the topic of a lot of discussion lately. They’ve been tested severely by being splashed all over the pages of TMZ, but it looks to me like their relationship is as strong as ever!”

To view Mulrenin’s exclusive photo gallery, head over to Paul Heyman’s HeymanHustle.com. When the Giants defeated the 49ers, Hardy tweeted:

“Wow, what a game! @RebySky is so happy that she’s out of breath & shedding tears of joys. The Giants are going to the Super Bowl.”

The emotional Reby simply tweeted:

“Words can’t describe… #GIANTS #superbowl”

“Reby is now concentrating on her career as a professional wrestler,” Mulrenin noted. “Matt’s getting his legal issues addressed, and continues to train Reby, who seems to really love being in the ring!”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Drizzydrake

    Besides Jeff, since Matt doesn’t get into as much trouble that jeff gets into, do you guys think that we could possibly see him backin the wwe since they helped enter rehab

    • h20

      No, he has a Back Injury, and Won’t be back Fulltime. Maybe later, but i don’t think so.

      • Drizzydrake

        When do you mean later?

        • Guest123

          Matt is bow legged, which can cause back problems in some cases. Watch him walk, you’ll see he doesn’t walk right.

          • Drizzydrake

            You know what…you right

    • Anonymous

      Depends on your definition of trouble. Matt is a social media disaster with alcohol and recently drug problems. Jeff is just an occasional junkie but generally keeps to himself about it aside from his Victory Road incident. If you’re keeping record I think Matt is winning in the mugshot category.

      • Drunk Punks

        “occasional junkie” is an oxymoron.  You mean recreational drug user.

        • Anonymous

          No, I meant what I said. If reports are to be believed then Jeff has had periods of sobriety, so there’s a possibility that it’s only occasional. If I called him a sober junkie then that would be an oxymoron for sure.

          • Mr Common Sense

            LMAO.. You beat me to the punch on that one. Wow.. Everyone open your 7th grade english book to page 5. Let’s begin.: 10 foot tall dwarf = oxymoron — Skinny fat guy = oxymoron — “occasional junkie” = SOMEONE WHO’S ADDICTED TO DRUGS BUT DOES THEM ONLY EVERY NOW & THEN.. Class dismissed. And everyone get off jeff & matt for once. Vent yalls anger towards something constructive, not by making fun of someone you’ve never met. Lifting weights & sex will make u stop worrying about t.v. personalities. Lmao. & all that’s not directed at you Drunk Punks

          • Drunk Punks OI!OI!OI!

            Keep my name out of your mouth.

          • Drunk Punks OI!OI!OI!

            I stand by what I said.  A junkie doesn’t do drugs occasionally.  Your ignorance is appalling.

          • Anonymous

            That’s fine. Where you and I are looking at this differently is that I don’t see some one as “Once a junkie, always a junkie.” because just like my Dad he was addicted to drugs when he was younger, quit them for a good 10 years in order to be a proper parent, and then eventually went back to his old ways. I wouldn’t call him a junkie during his period of sobriety. Whether Jeff has gone completely clean or not I have no idea. I was only saying that there are times that Jeff seems like a junkie and there are times that he doesn’t. It’s amazing how much attention has been drawn to two words, of all things to be butthurt about.

          • Drunk Punks OI!OI!OI!

            To me, junkie is a term for the present.  To call someone a junkie means what they are doing right now classifies them as such.  You thought I said “once a junkie, always a junkie” but that wasn’t my message.

          • Chaos Punk

            GO FUCK YOURSELF

    • Calatine9

      I hope not! WWE is better off without that loser!!