Update On Ryback Botching His Finisher On RAW: Did Tensai Sandbag Him?

– Ryback’s strong push continued on Monday’s RAW with a decisive win over Tensai and another face-to-face confrontation with WWE Champion CM Punk. There has been a lot of speculation since Ryback’s match with Tensai regarding the botched finish of the match, where Ryback failed to get Tensai up on his shoulders twice and had decided to finish his opponent off with a clothesline instead.

Some people were speculating whether Tensai was “sandbagging” Ryback and intentionally making himself harder to lift. This could have been Tensai being uncooperative and going into business for himself – but it could have also been WWE management instructing Tensai to botch the move as a way of testing Ryback and his reaction.

WWE has a history of testing its top performers who are on the cusp of being pushed to the next level with unexpected situations like this to gauge how they handle themselves.

PWInsider.com is reporting that Vince McMahon was scrambling backstage at RAW when the incident took place and was instructing production workers to edit the spot and make Ryback look as strong as possible. This is a sign that either Ryback simply had trouble getting Tensai up (he had no problem hitting his finisher on Tensai last week on SmackDown) or Tensai was really sandbagging.

It’s worth noting that Ryback’s 2 failed attempts at getting Tensai above his head were edited off WWE’s official Youtube clip of their match.

Here’s the unedited footgae of Tensai apparently screwing with Ryback and preventing him from doing his finisher:

Brad Davis

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  • http://twitter.com/SCSA4life Johnie

    I don’t blame Tensia really..he’s basically used as a jobber now a real shame too i really loved his work as Giant Bernard he never should have come back with this Crappy Cartoonish gimmick just let the man do what he does best and let him really wrestle.

    • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

      Tensai was good during his A-Train/Giant Bernard days, but he is in terrible shape these days so I wouldn’t say that WWE is 100% to blame for him failing to get over.

      • ALDO the APACHE

        Agreed. The moment he came back in his debut match you heard nothing but crickets. And that trend still continues. As for ryback; im ok with him getting a push and possibly becoming champion. I just hope wwe dosent go back to the days where only body builder types get pushes. I’d hate see guys like dean ambrose and seth rollins get pushed aside.

        • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

          Ryback is fun to watch, I just hope WWE doesn’t push him to the main event too quickly. WWE has pretty good young talent on the roster now, most of whom aren’t bodybuilder types, so I agree it would definitely be a shame if WWE went back to only pushing bigger guys.

    • Chris Keller

      tensai?! he’s a joke! he had many many mannnny opportunities to go over, and every time he fell flat or was met with “boooring” chants. Why? because he is!the wwe is getting full of non charismatic “talent”, which has forced me to cut back on my viewing tremendously. I watched for almost 30 years because of the originality,the charismatic talent and characters, the story lines, etc. NOW? ummm. its become dumbed down,generic, and geared towards 8 year olds. sad.

    • Cooker T

      He agreed to the gimmicke when Vince presented it to him, so he is partially to blame at the end of the day.

  • Elgwyn

    IMO, people can’t blame either of the two. Tensai is a mammoth and I think it’s the very first time on RAW that Ryback lifted a wrestler as big as Tensai. You can see his legs getting wobbly after he lifted Tensai on his shoulders.

    • butterpecs

      So you’re saying that because it is on Raw that it was any more difficult to lift Tensai than it was to do it on Smackdown? Personally, I think the move is just a pain in the ass to pull off on bigger wrestlers regardless, but obviously it can be done as long as he can get his head around Tensai’s huge gut.

      • MHK

        Raw is a live show while smackdown is tapped where they can play with the montage where there is a botch.

        this is similler to SinCara when he botched his entrance and ring moves several times on Raw, WWE decided to move him to Smackdown to cover his botched in the tapping.

        • Bro88

          thing is its hasnt even been reported from people who were in the audience that he ahd even the slightest trouble on Smackdown. Something is definitely up with what happened on Raw

          • butterpecs

            ^ Exactly my point. I should have known someone would have responded like MHK did but that’s what I get for expecting common sense.

  • http://twitter.com/RomulusVonFlex Romulus Von Flex

    He was sandbagging him. You can tell because he barely tries to jump when he goes for the lift.

    • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

      I don’t think Tensai can jump.

      • DAX

        Hip hop hippos do not jump.

      • Puppet H

        Ryback raised him on Smackdown

      • Mubashwer


      • GodsLoyalSon

        Then that proves that Cesaro used pure strength to get brodus up like he did, but I hope he gets a better finisher

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=780624733 Jon K. Wright

          Dude, Cesaro could do the Riccola on anybody.

    • The Guest

      Right after the video, they link to the match on SD. If you look at both videos, Tensai didn’t even jump at all the first time. He actually attempted to jump on the two botches.

      I think the jumping actually hurt Ryback, like the timing was off. So the “he didn’t jump like the first time” argument that everyone around the net is throwing out is garbage. If you jump too early or too late the weight goes in the wrong place. Looks like Tensai did botch it but then again, Ryback isn’t the most graceful man around either. Combination of a huge man and a guy who’s still a little green.

    • http://twitter.com/nickdoubleD Nicolai

      i thought the same thing when it happend live.

  • http://twitter.com/AJCampbellNYG Andrew Campbell

    Can anyone really blame Ryback for botching the move?? Tensai must weigh a ton.

    • Hobo With A Shot Gun


    • The Guest

      Tensai reminds me of Big John Studd. Massive. Way larger than the average big-man. People really can’t appreciate their size because they had Andre and Big Show competing in the same eras and dwarfing them in the process.

    • Puppet H

      Ryback was able to carry him on Smackdown, with ease.


    It is true thay ryback didnt have a problem with the finisher the first time they met. But vince has been really trying to make ryback look strong so maybe tensai did do it on purpose. I’d really like to hear more on this story.

  • mrchopper

    Ryback looks shitty against guys who are of a similar size.

  • Chill Out

    “WWE has a history of testing its top performers who are on the cusp of being pushed to the next level with unexpected situations like this to gauge how they handle themselves.”

    Anyone has examples for this ? I want to know similar stories like that

    • elguapo

      I’d also like to see some examplesI

    • Cooker T

      They tried it with Nash numerous times, but he always tore his knee before getting to the ring.

  • 1991awest

    Looks like for the most part, Tensai was sandbagging the move. I didn’t see him jump up or anything and Ryback did it just fine on Smackdown last week. He’s probably pissed because he’s not getting the reaction, nor the push that he wants.

  • pwnez

    It’s ashame, I can see Tensai getting released sometime in the near future. He probably was sandbagging since it looked like he didn’t even try to help execute the move.

    • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

      Personally I think WWE is trying to show some chinks in Ryback’s unbeatable character in case they need to call him up to the WWE title match at Hell in a Cell. They want to show that he is not an unstoppable force so when Punk beats him it will be more believable…….

    • MisterE

      I completely agree with you on this one, because look how quick they turned him into a jobber……if I’m not mistaken didn’t he also lose to Santino???

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.r.willhite.jr Don R Willhite Jr

    If you listen closely you can clearly hear Ryback say “Screw with me?” after the second botched attempt at approximately :22.

    • Gepetto

      I’m not sure but I think he said ‘Stupid’

  • Jessy

    Remember Albert botching a Brock Lesnar move…?

    • The Guest

      How the hell did Albert botch that F-5. Brock had him on his shoulders and dropped him on his head. Should have by all means broken his neck with that botch. Sure though, Albert wanted to be dropped on his head like that to teach Brock a lesson. That’s like saying that Austin botched Owen Hart’s piledriver.

  • RuthlessRaj

    STOOPID STOOPID! haha reminds me of when Kofi screwed up against Orton

  • Chris Keller

    well i got news for everyone, BOTH of these guys are no charisma generic dime a dozen characters. ITS SKIP SHEFFIELD! for Gods sake, I mean come on. Seriously, I watched WWE for over 30 years because of the original,unique,CHARASMATIC characters and talent. you know the list…todays wwe? complete opposite. not sure why that is? its become dumbed down,generic,monotonous,repetitive, and for 8 year olds. I get having to appeal to children in this politicially correct,social media savvy environment, news travels fast today. But come on! I guess its hard to find the unique original talents today because its all already been done (hhh,hbk,rock,mick,scsa,taker,flair,hogan,etc etc etc). those gimmicks are already taken, so anyone trying to be that, can’t. NOW, I do think Ryder has potential, he should be being pushed big time, also, Miz, he needs to change to face. he would truly be awesome as a face. WWE used to surprise us all the time with the turns, the unexpected, but now, its too safe and guarantee in years to come that if it continues, they will see major decline in their ratings, revenue, and attendance.

  • sdelfin

    I keep hearing people say Ryback lifted Tensai easily on Smackdown so I checked it out. What I saw was that Ryback got him up, but struggled to do it. Once he was up, he held him easily. In the Raw match, Tensai actually assists Ryback more than in their Smackdown match. There’s no sandbagging at all. Because Ryback isn’t under Tensai’s hips for the lift, he has no leverage. He used himself up on the first attempt, and had nothing left for the second one.

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    After this happen I was expecting WWE to make Ryback a jobber but Tensia is 350 pounds and Ryback is use to powerlifting 2 smaller guys around 130

  • john

    if tensai did “sandbag” him (instructed to or not) Ryback should have kicked his ass once they got backstage

  • Guest

    I was there. Tensai was for sure sandbagging. Ryback even yelled out “Stupid” after the second time before going for the clothesline.

  • MalaysianInvasion

    exactly he is not goldberg! goldberg lifted mark henry, the big show, and other big guys with no trouble!! he is no where is goldberg league sry!

    • The Guest

      Gotta agree with this. Say what you will about Goldberg’s ringwork, the guy is insanely strong. The way he Jackhammered The Giant in WCW was unreal. Almost doesn’t look like real life but rather a cartoon or special movie effect.

      • Lungboy

        Hold up the giant/big show was way smaller then. With hair. Lets be honest here if the “bigs” don’t help half the finishers don’t happen. EVER!!!!

        • Bro88

          You’re most definitely right about Big Show being smaller…he was approx 300 lbs back then and since the Jack hammer is just a suplex with an altered end to it so they can jump like with any other suplex.

          • The Guest

            I dont sqy thIs often, but terrIble post. Seriously, he was not 300 pounds. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes he was smaller, but way bigger when he first began. He was probably a legit 350 when he first started in wcw. He was way bigger here that when he first started.

          • Bro88

            Its called an estimation genius. Idk his exact weight back then nor did I feel like looking it up. Try not taking every single thing to be precise and accurate. Oh and by the way learn to freaking type.

          • The Guest

            300 pounds? That was just ridiculous. Come on, Goldberg was a legit 280 back then. How did you come to think Big Show was even close to 300 pounds?

            Btw, when your estimation is off by over 100 pounds, it’s not an estimation, it’s a fallacy.

          • Bro88

            Big Show is currently 440 lbs in real life even though hes billed as 500. I highly doubt that 15 years ago when he was slim and muscular he still weighed 400 lbs.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Foley/1326585777 Josh Foley

        big show was smaller but he was heavier because he had more muscle mass, he was 500+ pounds in wcw now hes like 440 or somthing like that

  • Guest

    exactly he aint no goldberg!

  • Ho Kogan

    If there’s any truth to Albert being ORDERED to sandbag Ryberg, that’s very careless on the part of WWE management. Either one of them could have been injured by deliberately sabotaging the move and not even Skip Sheffield deserves that, regardless how poor his ring work is! Guess we’ll find out the truth when The Hip Hop Hippo is future endeavored or not!!

  • JuanCabrera

    A similar thing happened with Lesnar’s F5. And we know how that turned out for poor Albert.

  • jake

    tensai is blatently a sack of s***

  • charlemange

    How tall is Ryback because he looks short to me

  • http://twitter.com/nickdoubleD Nicolai

    remember too people, the ring is setup around 9am in the arena. This allows everyone to go over their matches, or at the very least, the high spots. I highly DOUBT that they didnt make sure ryback could lift his fatass before hand. Ill bet anything that tub of trash sandbagged him. Just fire him already, DEAD WEIGHT. No pun intended.

  • http://twitter.com/4everTheKid Haven?A

    awkward moment is when he goes for it the second time and still fails

  • morrisonfanone

    That was so obviously Tensai trying to be a you know what. I saw him (Tensai) live last month and he pu on a pretty good match.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaime.villasana.9 Jaime Villasana

    Ryback sucks Golberg would have picked Tensai stright up like a sack of potatos

  • http://www.facebook.com/bradley.volk Bradley Volk

    Cant blame Tensai for bein jealous of the “invincible Goldberg-type” push that it seemed like Tensai was going to get when he first came back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bradley.volk Bradley Volk

    Ill bet Ryback wanted to punch his face where he clotheslined him. Hahahaah