Update On TNA Filming “Specialty Programming” In January, Tag Team Reuniting

Devin Cutting sent in word that former TNA tag team Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal) will be reuniting for the Operation Save Foundation promotion on January 19th at the National Guard Armory in Elizabethtown, N.C.

– TNA will be taping 2 “specialty programming” shows on January 12th during TNA Genesis weekend in Orlando, Florida. According to the Genesis VIP Weekend info on the official TNA website, the shows will take place at the Impact Zone at 12pm and 6pm that day and will air several weeks later to fill the vacancy created by the company eliminating its February pay-per-view.

Bob Ryder, TNA’s Director of Talent Bookings and Travel, tweeted the following details over the weekend:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • king of the octagon

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh did i miss something

  • JonzoNYC

    lol seriously. I’m a wrestling fan and the fact that I havent been keeping up with TNA is a sign. Why is this Ace’s of Eights storyline taking so long. Why are like 6 or 7 other stories all connected to Hogan? Why? Hogan and Jeff Jarret = Death of your comapny. Jeff Jarret swears he could carry a company like Hogan and even after years of struggling him and Dixie bring Hogan in. Now I’m saying this now. If Jeff is the leaders of Ace’s than it will be stupid. Cuz you hired Hogan already. Proving to everyone whose told you over the years you cant get over as much as Hogan right. So what can you do? Take your company back? Hogan v.s. Jarret would be snooze fest. Can Vince buy you guys already so we can see Austin Aries in WWE. He’d kill and you guys no he would

    • kquickstillsucks

      Spot on man haha TNA is a joke. Ace’s and Eights and Claire Lynch are the 2 worst storylines of the year.Could probably toss in the current Bully Brooke storyline lol. Id almost prefer Jarrett or Bischoff as the leader at this point lol I just know whoever the leader is will be stupid.Even if it’s Bully Ray which I think it might be. That’s right the Dudley’s are the biggest cartoon heels in the company lol and no it’s not 1999.

      WWE has it’s faults but at least it has guys I am interested to see like Punk, The Shield, Ziggler, Barrett, Kane and Bryan TNA is just lame. TNA has done so much damage to their guys AJ, Storm Joe they can have all the 5 star matches they want nothing in that company interests me at all. What really does Kurt Angle even mean at this point in TNA? I am not sure Vince would even buy them out at this point other than 5-6 talents under contract TNA isn’t worth a pocket full of bubble gum.

      • Guest

        First paragraph you express your dislike with TNA. Second paragraph, you express how you’re interested in WWE. That part didn’t even lead into anything, you just threw it in there.

        Sure, TNA is pretty bad, but I don’t have that “us against them” mentality that you share. That horribly thought out post pretty much proves you are a fanboy. Who cares what TNA does? Did the article even mention WWE? If you don’t like TNA, why do you even concern yourself with it?

        • kquickstillsucks

          Compare and contrast junior…1 wrestling company to another wrestling company…get it? Nothing to do with “us vs them” I like wrestling in general i am not a fan of CURRENT TNA…get it? If you don’t like my OPINION, why did you feel the need to comment? TNA Fanboy….see how easy that is? Lazy too! Oh 1 sentence contained WWE content lol take that out what is the rest about….FOOL!

          • Hellaluyeah

            Anybody on this site, who actually has the “us vs. them”-mentality is just wishing for the WCW vs. WWF days to return. Get over it. You bashers are living in the past. There is nothing to bash. There is no “us vs. them” and no TNA vs. WWE. It’s just WWE right now. WWE is so high above any other company at the moment, that any “vs.”-comparison wouldn’t even be a fair fight, so why even make it? Bullies will always be bullies, when they’ve got the leverage.

            The past weeks of TNA have been bad. Before that TNA had some good shows. WWE Christmas RAW was terrible. TLC was great. We all want better programming. Start being objective, because you can only truly make an argument for or against something, when you look at the large picture.

  • Hitmaniac

    I think we all know what it means when Hulk makes “specialty programming”…

    • Hobo With A Shot Gun

      Oh god I hope we dont see that damn sex tape on impact wrestling

  • backblack25

    I don’t understand all the bashing. Why won’t you WWE fanbase go comment on WWE material. Unless you have something to say about TNA in a TNA topic, take…a…fucking…hike, all you bastards.

    Bash TNA’s storylines then compare it with WWE which are far worse today, that’s not fair.

    • MayhemRUs

      Friend, life isn’t fair wherever you turn.
      Best advise, leave your hatred at the door; and just ignore the trolls.

      • backblack25

        I wonder how many naysayers actually watch the material instead of just bashing TNA. If you have no reason to tease, why then…? :(

        • RKOViper2600

          Because it’s Cool to Hate TNA, period. ;)

          • Hellaluyeah

            Dumbest reply ever…it’s not cool to hate anything.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Foley/1326585777 Josh Foley

            i hate terrorists, and hating terrorists is cool

  • RKOViper2600

    In their defense, and their ONLY defense, the Shield is no Aces & 8s, period. ;)

  • Rhawk

    Focusing a little bit on Tag Teams? Cool. X-Division? Great! Knockouts?! PHEW! Why would we do that? What have those women ever done for us?

    *TNA logic*