Update On The Original Sin Cara Leaving WWE & The Character’s Future

On Monday’s RAW, WWE superstar Hunico wrestled as Sin Cara, while the original Sin Cara (Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) was in Mexico. According to a report by PWInsider, Alvirde was informed on Monday that he won’t be brought back to television.

Hunico will be working as Sin Cara in the coming weeks – but there’s also talk of WWE bringing somebody up from NXT to play the character.


Despite the fact that Alvirde is getting the blame for why “Sin Cara” has been a flop so far, WWE still sells a ton of Sin Cara merchandise and they are hopeful that recasting the role will give it a better chance of succeeding.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Matt King

    copy of suicide character

    • GodsLoyalSon

      I was just about to say that, but chances are they won’t do it. Sin Cara has a tattoo now and doesn’t wear a bodysuit like Suicide

      • Diana Foster

        that was not Sin Cara it was Hunico

    • Callum

      no they havent copied suicide, they didnt know the orginal sin cara was gonna take drugs and be sloppy in the ring….so they replaced him with the best person to fit the job as sin cara

    • mrchopper

      Copy of Doink.

  • captaindaddy72

    Just let hunico be sin cara, I think he will be a great asset 2 wwe if they give him a chance

  • JJ

    Bring Sami Zayn up. He’s skilled as a masked wrestler. Sure, he’s not Mexican.

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      i will down vote because its either el generico or what he is doin now

      • bambam

        ole ole ole!!

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      Yes, bring him up – but NOT as Sin Cara!

  • pwnez

    At least we can see why WWE wants to keep the Sin Cara character around. If his merchandise sells and makes money why get rid of the character?

    They should give Hunico a chance.

  • Xx_Deadpool_xX

    hunico was to one to get sin cara over in the first place let him keep it cause personally the only time he was relevant was when hunico was doing it and he dont botch … also rey mysterio said a while back when he was asked which lucha he wanted to fued with he picked hunico not sin cara

    • Peer Pressure

      Negative! The character was over right from the get go. I remember him getting a nice pop when he debuted on RAW. It’s a cool looking character. I think if they put any wrestler in the Sin Cara gear, that wrestler would’ve gotten over. On a side note, I really hope they don’t screw Hunico over. They already gave him the gimmick back, they might as well let him keep it.

    • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

      Hunico seems a lot more fluid with the other WWE wrestlers, I think he might aswell keep portraying him too.

    • IKeepsit100

      If they just turned on the damn lights and let mystico do what he does best FREELY …we would be more entertained by the character. I swear WWE knows how to kill a character dead with their stupid limits. We barely EVER see any edgy wrestling. I feel like i watch the same 10 moves per match for every person. EVERYTHING was unpredictable before 2005 and alot of creative things were going on in that very ring/backstage/outside.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Hunico should keep the character, he can’t get over with his Cholo gimmick and its better for him to get the character over because he can speak English at least

  • SomeInternetGuy

    That’s when you know you’re not valued, when someone can easily take your gimmick and replace you.

    • wwetnadudez

      How do you come to that point he wasn’t valued? Cara was given a big media thing when he signed with WWE..his gimmick was taken from him because he didn’t show he was compatible with the WWE style and way too injury prone.

      • Mr_DJ

        You know who else was given a big media event? Taka Michinoku.

        They started off highly valued, but then steadily got devalued when things aren’t working out.

        • wwetnadudez

          Well I don’t know who Taka is but I agree when you said things get devalued when they arent working out. Sin Cara was given multiple chances, each time he failed to be at the level WWE wanted him to, thats why his value fell in their eyes.

          • Mr_DJ

            Think of Taka as Japanese Sin Cara w/ less botches and booked crappily after a while.

          • wwetnadudez

            Ah..ok. Another example would be Tensai, they made a fairly large deal about him and well now hes goofing around with Brodus

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    Maybe if they had let the dude wrestle with the lights on once in a while he could do a better job? Hm… What could have been. Ah well, he’ll go back to Mexico and tear it up there.

    • Peer Pressure

      He should’ve never left Mexico. He was like the modern day El Santo out there. His matches were awesome and the Mexican fans loved him. His WWE stint has put a nasty stain on his legacy. Hell, now they have a new wrestler wrestling as Mistico, so this dude is screwed.

      • Diana Foster

        actually you are right and I hope all of you are happy the man is now out of a job and possibility of wrestling altogether since he left under bad circumstances with the CMLL they will never let hon back and his only options are inferior organizations beneath his level of talents,congratulations to all of you and the WWE for being another career destroyer

        • https://www.facebook.com/RandomBrainActivity Bully FU

          No one told him to leave CMLL under bad circumstances. I think everyone has heard the expression “Don’t burn bridges”. It’s no ones fault but his own.

        • Phanto

          He would be welcomed back to CMLL or happily welcomed in AAA. He’s super talented and WAY over down there. He has a job in Mexico as soon as he wants it and having another Mistico doesn’t change anything. Happens all the time. Look at La Parka/ L.A. Park/ L.A. Par-K He got a LOT more attention AFTER the La Parka name was taken from him.

          • Diana Foster

            really? do you want me to post the link where he was banned from CMLL events until recently because of the bad blood between him and them? and AAA??? they are a generic version and beneath his level of talent so you think he should settle for second best because you say so,I hope morons like you get screwed over and then told to just deal with it like you are expecting him to do,it is kind of easy to think a situation is okay when it does not affect you now isn’t it?

          • https://www.facebook.com/RandomBrainActivity Bully FU

            Explain how it is anyones fault other than his for burning the bridge with CMLL? You can’t so you keep rehashing your stupid argument that it isn’t his fault when he is solely to blame.

          • Guest

            CMLL is a business. ISN’T currently banned from there and as long as he brings money they WILL rehire him at any time. They’re not dumb. Look at how many burnt bridges VKM has “rebuilt” just for a payday or two. I’m not dogging him. I LOVED him in CMLL and can’t blame the guy for trying in WWE. I also think with the right opponents and not being filtered he’d shine! Him and Neville would be like poetry in the ring! Settle down and READ what people write before you go crazy on them.

          • Guest


          • Phanto

            CMLL is a business. And Mistico ISN’T currently banned from there and as long as he brings money they WILL rehire him at any time. They’re not dumb. Look at how many burnt bridges VKM has “rebuilt” just for a payday or two. I’m not dogging him. I LOVED him in CMLL and can’t blame the guy for trying in WWE. I also think with the right opponents and not being filtered he’d shine! Him and Neville would be like poetry in the ring! Settle down and READ what people write before you go crazy on them.

  • WrestlingNerd

    Sin Cara is just a boring character. It sells merch because of the flashy costume and mask, not because of the quality of the character. You can’t even call it a character. There is no back story, he doesn’t speak… nothing. It’s really hard to get behind Sin Cara regardless of who is playing the role and I’d hate to see another talent get into the doghouse when it’s the character that sucks, not the wrestler (Mistico was indeed sloppy and injury prone though, which didn’t help and I agree he deserves partial blame).

    • sdelfin

      If they keep Hunico in the role, they could develop the character as he should be able to do promos in Spanish and English.

    • Diana Foster

      oh really?Mistico was injury prone? he got one major injury during his career in Cmll this just goes to show how uneducated all of you are concerning the man’s history and this was the reason you always attacked him when he was with the WWE and they were stupid enough to listen to uneducated people like you to try to save their company that is sinking so Sin Cara would not have had a job along with the other loser wrestlers you all support

  • Bryan

    Scrap the character all together it’s a complete botch.

    • Diana Foster

      really???? and you are complete loser and coward to attack a man behind a computer screen

      • Nugget

        You realize you are attacking a man behind a computer screen as well, right?

        • Bryan

          I know right and he should know that the internet was invented for voicing opinion.

          • Nugget

            Read the comments section on the other recent Sin Cara related articles. She is a super fan. If you voice an opinion about Sin Cara that differs from hers, she claims you are a liar and calls you names.

          • Mr_DJ

            It’s amusing.

        • Diana Foster

          actually a real man would not be sitting behind a computer screen spewing stupidity because he does not have the courage to say it otherwise so point out the supposed man behind the computer screen because like you apparently are I see a coward not a man especially given he was on the whole botch thing which is so redundant and lame it is not even laughable.

  • Derringer Duo

    Hunico should just be Sin Cara. He’s a better worker, doesn’t botch, stays healthy and is bi-lingual.

  • Mike Hillyard

    Sin cara is the new doink

  • payton

    Get ezekiel jackson to fill the role.

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok


  • eight_track

    Sami Zayn?

  • Jake Jeremy

    Adrian Neville as Sin Cara would be fantastic

    • Billy Guthrie

      Thought that myself either him or zyan

  • Scott Kinnard

    Maybe Great Khali could pull of the character…hehe.

  • BMPunk

    Just let Hunico stay as Sin Cara. Why do you make things difficult WWE????

  • boogie

    return of generico

  • LaParkaXV

    Sign AJ Styles to be the new Sin Cara

  • MajorHeel

    You know just get somebody that has the exact same shoulder tattoo

  • Bad News Buzzard Follower

    hunico is whats best for business. and the sin cara character

  • GN-0015

    Let El Torito be the next Sin Cara.

  • Aperture

    Have Sin Cara and Samuray Del Sol make a tag team with each other!!!

    • Diana Foster

      now awesome another intelligent person with a completely great idea

  • Bro88

    This will probably end up turning into a story line where a different person plays Sin Cara each week. Each person with a very different look and itll lead to a situation where two will show up at the same time and then a brawl will ensue drawing out the other Sin Caras. THere will eventually be a multiperson match to decide the true Sin Cara. Just my guess.

  • I’m just saying

    I find this funny. I mean Hunico was Mystico and Alvirde replaced him, now Alvirde was Sin Cara and Hunico is replacing him. That is just too funny.

    • Diana Foster

      you find a man’s career being destroyed amusing? I am thinking you also torture innocent animals as a source of amusement since it is obvious you have no semblance of concern for someone who was a legend coming to this sucky damn country just to be used for someone’s amusement and then get thrown away like yesterdays trash.The man was so far above talent wise all of your supposed athletic WWE wrestlers it was pathetic and they ruined him.problem here was not Sin Cara but sorry fans like you that would not know the difference between actual talent and fake antics that your entertainers do.

      • I’m just saying

        I respect your opinion as a fan. that being said, you took my comment wrong. i was not laughing at someone carreer being “destroyed”. what i found funny was that they replaced him with the guy he replaced in mexico. Also Wwe didn’t destroy his career, there are many Wrestlting companies he can still work for. he is the only person who can destroy his career. I am not saying he is not talented, so don’t get “fan”gry

  • XSin Carax

    Hunico is not better than Mistico….sigh internet peoples are so mislead.

    • Diana Foster

      stupid too as I am sure you can tell by reading the comments where everyone blames Sin Cara for this it is obvious they have never had dealings with a trashy company like the WWE that makes it a habit of ruining people’s careers

  • Pay_Per_View

    well the new person better have the same arm tattoo

  • VforViscera

    TNA will sign him.

    • Diana Foster

      now finally a person with a great idea thank you

  • joe

    wwe’s version of tna suicide character always getting someone new in the suit.

    • Mr_DJ

      I blame Doink.

  • Teddywestside

    Hunico is so much more smoother and would love him to get a push in WWE.

  • Jason

    I can’t believe WWE wants to save this character so bad. I mean he’s not exciting, keeps getting hurt and sucks on the mic. How he performed before in other companies is not showing in the WWE. Get rid of Sin Cara!

  • MrSplakaveli

    I still want to see the Rey vs Cara match at Mania, but only because my son would go absolutely apeshit once the match was announced. Personally I think the feud loses all value without Mistico, but luckily my boy isn’t old enough to know that yet.

  • Diana

    What makes all of you think they are definitely firing the original Sin Cara?This is all speculation there has been no definite concrete statement saying they are releasing him

  • Madao

    john cena should be sin cara

  • Anthony Gerard Alexander Ferna

    Its not misticos fault wrestling is a joke in America, I applaud Hunico for beimg able to work with crappy wrestlers, but Sin Cara is just too used to working with better talent.