Update On Ric Flair Being Bumped From SmackDown, Latest On His Status

Ric Flair was booked for both RAW and SmackDown last week, but ended up not being used on SmackDown in his old stomping-grounds of Fayetteville, nor brought back on this Monday’s RAW.

WWE creative reportedly has nothing for Flair at the moment, which is why he hasn’t returned as a regular character as he is scheduled to do.

As noted in the past, Flair has requested to work with Dolph Ziggler, but WWE doesn’t seem to like that idea. At one point he was set to work with The Miz, however those plans were nixed as well. WWE is continuing to work on different ideas for “The Nature Boy.”

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • pwnez

      Flair + Ziggler! Make it happen.

    • Elgwyn

      Pair him up with Ziggler already! I just don’t understand why they don’t like the idea. Ziggler has been gaining praises from legends and WWE can’t see the immense value that this guy can bring.

      • Jim Evans

        —–Elgwyn— As for the people in Creative, i don’t think their elevator goes to the top floor if you get what i mean.

    • brad

      Flair and Ziggler sounds great they should stop waiting on this one and do it already, I mean it would be pretty cool to see Dolph as the Ic title with Ric in his corner.

    • youngrob2121

      What’s so bad about putting flair with ziggler… that sounds like a great idea… or put mizand zziggler as a tag with flair as their manager, or make him the new gm for raw or raw and sd… how can you have nothing for him and I just came up with several ideas off the top of my head in 2min… I’d fire everyone who ever told me they didn’t have any ideas if I were vince… why am I paying you if you can’t come up with at least 1 good idea for everyone that will be on the program.

      • Jesse

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • Vince McMahon

        It’s Hunter’s fault I swear!

    • Jim Evans

      I think the very best thing for Flair is to have him as Zigglers ” Adviser ” .

    • Ironwill

      Flair hasn’t been on TV yet because they can’t pry him away from the bar.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      Seems a no brainier flair and zig how much do they need to help flair promo wise or manager wise? Wtf is wrong w creative?

      • Droppo

        He could eventually pass the “Nature Boy” name on to Ziggler. If only Ziggler didn’t have such a stupid name already. But Nature Boy Dolph Ziggler has a ring to it. If it weren’t so stupid sounding… Ziggler…

    • George Dunlap

      give him axel and rybeck, nice heel combo,let him teach them all the dirty tricks,lol,then they may have a championship chance !!

    • https://twitter.com/@adamranruss AdamRanRuss

      Ziggler doesn’t need Flair to get over. He’s already over. Ziggler carries every match he is in and he’s just fine on the mic. I’ve never been a Flair mark but at this point the only person who would seem to benefit from Flair is Flair. Ziggler just needs to get pushed.

    • Brandon Roberts

      move up charolette to the main roster and have her & him & ziggler team up. that’s best for buisness

    • Dirt Fisher

      I think keeping Flair and Ziggler apart is actually a good thing. When Flair slips up and shows up hammered it will only cost Ziggler. In the end any punishment would be directed at him.

    • WWEwillgetbetter

      You know whats so bad about pairing flair with ziggler..It’d actually work however WWE doesn’t seem to care what we want and what would work nowadays i mean cmon look at our champ right now..THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!

    • Britaz

      Put flair in a jj Dillion position and bring back a 2014 version of the 4 horsemen

      • j

        Four Horsemen would be awesome!

      • Shockmaster

        I have been saying this for the past two years. Flair, Cesaro, Barrett, and Sandow with Flair as the manager. It has a classic Four Horsemen feel to it.

    • bummed1

      Maybe they’re having him sober up. His runs as of late have not been the Rick Flair we’ve seen in the past. Maybe WWE should cut the losses, since they’re losing money, and dump both him and Hogan, two hasbeens…..Pay more attention to whats going on in the ring, and if you really want to save money, for God’s sake, dump the writers……This is wrestling, not one life to live….

    • NextWorldChamp

      Screw all the Ziggler talk what about Bo Dallas? Let Ziggler reform the spirit squad and push Bo. BOLIEVE in Bo Dallas!

    • wrastlin fan

      does WWE even have a creative team at this point? seriously. ever since they stopped doing the brand split, its just been going downhill in terms of quality. they did have some ups earlier this year with pushing the shield and reforming evolution for a few months but after that ended, WWE fell flat on their face. I really hope they can actually learn how to write well developed stories soon.

    • whodey

      new horsemen: ziggler, miz, axle, and who? maybe sheamus, del rio, swagger?

    • Rosebud

      I’d rather not see Flair on my tv. Ever.

    • Shockmaster

      Of course they don’t want to put Flair with Ziggler because it is a great idea and makes too much sense. Put Cesaro, Barrett, and Sandow with Ziggler as the new Four Horsemen, and Flair as the manager. It would be awesome.

      • Droppo

        You just fell through the wall again with that one. Flair with Ziggler would work fine, but you can’t have another Four Horsemen. They tried it already and it was horrible. There is only one Four Horsemen. It’s done.

    • ThatGuy

      Why is flair not being used? BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO SEE HIM!!! Who wants to see an old washed up has been try to fit in with a generation that could out perform him even if he were still in his prime? Again I say NOBODY

      • Droppo

        Saying it don’t make it true. You just don’t like the fact that he is old. In his prime, he would be dominating the WWE right now. Cena would not have won more than two or three world titles at most if he were in an era that included Flair in his prime. Flair’s mic work alone would see to that, but his in-ring work was excellent as well. Don’t confuse what Flair has done over the last ten or fifteen years, making a caricature of himself, with the Flair that was in his prime from 1983 to 1993. Very few people can rival what he did during that period. No one on the current roster could hope to do it. None.

    • JustF@cingPushZiggler

      The timing is perfect, the Miz just came back as a heel and won the IC Title and he is feuding with ZIggler. Just have Flair show up at SummerSlam (for the IC Title) or at the next RAW during the match between Ziggler and Miz when the Miz is about to loose. The Miz manages to escape from Ziggler for a few seconds as he sees Flair come out. The Miz looks at him and thinks that Flair is there to help him, he then goes the edge of the ring closest to Flair asking him to hand him a chair. Suddenly, when the ref isn’t looking, flair pokes the Miz’s eye coz he is the dirtiest player in the game or just distracts him (if the WWE want Flair and ZIggler to be solid faces) and Ziggler hits him with the Zigzag from behind wins by pinfall. After the match, Flair runs into the ring and raises Ziggler’s hand. Then Miz who is on the floor then gets up and sees Ziggler with his hand raised by Flair facing the announce table and attacks Ziggler, Flair then turns around and hits Miz with a few punches while the Miz is busy attacking Ziggler, and the Miz falls to the floor. Flair then puts the Figure Four on the Miz and the Miz helplessly taps out despite it not being a match. Then night on Raw, Flair cuts a promo about how he passed on the Figure Four to him so he could entertain the crowd with it or something. Then the Miz tries to attack Flair and Ziggler comes out and goes for the Miz with the Miz just managing to escape and as he walks back up that ramp, Ziggler and Flair shake hands to show that they are alligned and that SummerSlam or Raw wasn’t just a one-off. Then the Miz continues to feud with Ziggler (who is being managed by Flair now) for the IC title.

    • Droppo

      Putting Flair with Ziggler would mess up their plans to not push Ziggler at all. Why would they want to connect him with anything interesting or helpful? This is why they won’t put Flair with him.

    • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

      Have him manage his daughter when she’s brought up to the main roster. Seems like an obvious way to get more attention on the divas and gives Charlotte a nice leg-up.

    • Kevin S Oshiro

      i like the title of Colt Cabana’s tv show “Creative Has Nothing For You.”

    • vintageFan

      the nature boy sounded soused last show, thats why I think he’s been ousted