Update On The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Opponent, Warrior Negotiating With Vince McMahon

– With WrestleMania XXX just 3 months away, WWE has still not finalized who will be challenging the Undertaker’s streak this year. Brock Lesnar has long been the front runner to face the Dead Man, however, there is one big obstacle that might prevent the match from happening.

Not many people know this, but over the past few years, The Undertaker has rehearsed his WrestleMania matches with his opponents. Shawn Michaels, Triple H and CM Punk have all spend considerable time with the Undertaker planning out their matches in the weeks leading up to their matches at WrestleMania. Due to the nature of Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract, he is only required to travel a certain number of times per year for WWE. Training with The Undertaker to prepare for a WrestleMania match would exceed the terms of his agreement with WWE.

It’s possible WWE could negotiate with Lesnar and convince him to do what’s necessary to make The Undertaker comfortable with a match – but this is the reason John Cena and Daniel Bryan are still being considered as his possible opponents this year.

– WWE legend the Ultimate Warrior in currently talks with Vince McMahon about a WWE Hall of Fame induction and an appearance at WrestleMania XXX. Warrior is speaking strictly with Vince, having no contact with Triple H or anybody else in the company.

As previously reported, WWE will be releasing a new Ultimate Warrior DVD the week of WrestleMania, so a few TV appearances in April would help with the promotion of that project.

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  • Only God Says YES!

    Well im happy that Cena and Bryan are looking good in line for that Taker match.

  • Robert Gene Huitt

    If Brock is not willing to do what it takes to tear down the house with Undertaker and plan months in advance, I’d prefer to see Cena or Daniel Bryan against the Deadman. Both of those guys would be amazing.

  • sambo

    Daniel Bryan heel vs Taker would be amazing.

    • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

      Yeah, then maybe Bryan turns face after the match or something?

      • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

        Because Taker crucifies him and exorcises his demons? :P

        • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

          No but that would be epic o.o

    • youngrob2121

      As great of awrestler db is I’m sorry but the guy is way too small for undertaker

      • D

        Stop being ignorant… Size doesn’t mean anything, and if you think so you’re either plain ignorant or just stupid.

        • Nikhil

          It doesnt matter who faces Taker the Streak is going to Continue !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • rick

            Only one man can end the streak of the undertaker…that mans name is Santio!!!!

  • Captain Jeff

    As much as I want to see Taker v. Brock, I would be scared to watch it. Undertaker is almost 50 and Brock is a beast. I just don’t think it’s a good mix with the Undertaker’s questionable health. I’d be happy with Taker v. Bryan though!

  • rashad jackson

    i really wanna see brock but if he doesnt agree to practice then move on and find some1 else
    like i said taker only has 3 people left to fight and he should retire
    cena…lesnar…and the rock those are the TOP 3 who he should find …depending on the rock bryan can fill in for the rock…but after those 3 guys undertaker should retire

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      THE UNDERTAKER HAD 4 PEOPLE LEFT to fight then Retire – Brock Lesnar, The Rock, John Cena and Bill Goldberg!

  • Guest

    Warrior needs the money again evidently.

    • Reality

      He’s not the one who contacted WWE. His merchandise still sells well, it was WWE’s move to get him. Thanks for coming.

      • Paul Hernandez

        Thanks for the information. The snark wasn’t necessary though.

        • Reality

          it was for fun, don’t worry about it.

  • captaindaddy72

    All those options for the deadman seem awesome but since its wrestlemania 30, I must say I want 2 cena take on the streak. That moment would be huge 2 see the face of the wwe pg era vs one of the all time greats undertaker, I mean that’s a mega match, only Shawn michaels vs undertaker streak vs career match would be a bigger undertaker wrestlemania match draw

  • justrockit

    Taker and lesnar has zero appeal to me because it’s been done before and they were younger faster etc.

  • QuiteFrankly

    Why is it so hard? I mean if Taker wants Bryan, why can’t you give him Bryan? How is that a problem. He’s a legend, he’s worked his butt off for the WWE and he sees something in DB! How hard can it be to realize that DB vs Taker would be amazing.

    Who cares if DB is suppose to lose like everyone else. There are only a handful of names who have been able to say they faced Taker at Mania. DB I think deserves that as well.

    • Nikhil

      Taker Vs Bryan though waneted by the real wrestling fans the worl over wrestling fans wont be intersted and Bryan is not a legitimate threat to Undertaker. If CMPunk cant defeat Taker what chance Bryan has

  • Louis Salera

    Lesnar or Cena

  • Redrouge1

    if this is Undertakers last match It should be a Undertaker vs corporate Kane. With Kane turning face or back to the mask Kane and winning, Passing the torch on from Undertaker to Kane and then on from their Kane having a mash up clothing – maybe Kane’s mask with Undertakers coat and hat or undertakers current robes and mask. This way WWE could capitalise on this with new merchandise and maybe a new name (kind of) –
    Kane: The Devils/Demons Undertaker.
    Kane needs another tittle run.

    • Tom Shelton

      I don’t Want to see another Kane Vs Taker match Ever

    • RUSSO

      Kane The Undertaker was already taken xD…..ehmm well, that was Taker’s original name: Cain The Undertaker sort of that :)

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Cena vs. Taker
    Orton vs. Bryan vs. CM Punk WWE Title
    Brock vs. Batista

    Shield vs. Wyatts

  • Heaney

    Typically in situations like this Taker gets what he wants. If Taker wants a match with Bryan, I’m reasonably sure he’ll get it.

    • Paul

      There could be a Sting Taker match too! Its now or never so come on STING!:)

  • raVen

    i don’t believe this crap. Lesnar came back to get a WM main event. I don’t believe that he wouldn’t be willing to spend some extra time planning out the match so that he could steal the show.

    • Bodacious Bob

      I agree, but extra time equals extra money. Brock doesn’t wrestle for the love of the game.

      • raVen

        i don’t know Brock, never met or talked to him but it seems to me that he is enjoying his time. He looks great and he looks invested. a match of that caliber…I just don’t see how a person that has the competitive spirit that Lesnar seems to have not going full out for it.

  • Boss Bonkey

    Taker vs Bryan would be the best WM match since Taker vs HBK.

  • Ninjastar

    WHo cares who the Undertaker will face, the real story here is the Warrior coming back 1 more time in WWE , MY all time favorite , cannot wait to see him in a wwe ring again , Hogan and Warrior nose to nose would be epic

    • Paul

      Hogan vs Warrior would be nice to see but Hulk would never be able to pass the physical


    .. CENA VS TAKER .. Epic match .. !! needs to happen ..

  • Forceton Banfodder

    If Undertaker asked for Bryan, It’s going to happen, and maybe Bryan will do what Angle was supposed to so many years ago.

    Have a feeling Undertaker wants to give Bryan the push of a lifetime.

  • Ray Loucel

    I think Cena v Taker makes more sense in the realistic plans for wwe. Imagine the entrances of Cena and Taker and the crowd enthusiasm these two would create. Cena can easily be the heel in the audience facing the Undertaker. Super Cena vs The Dead man- The streak.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Win or Lose for John Cena the match would be incredible.

  • Kenneth

    Goldberg vs Undertaker would be awesome

  • TDR25_Forever

    They should just throw Cena or Batista in the match or have him face the whole Shield. It actually makes perfect sense for the Undertaker to face the Shield as he hasn’t been seen since they attacked him. Most people who are at least casual fans of the industry know how Brock conducts himself inside the ring and often outside of the ring. The guy literally thinks he’s a a wild animal and often acts as such when he’s performing. Not a guy you want facing the Undertaker who for the most part is already retired.

  • ibeBrave

    if they put cena up against undertaker he better not be the one to take the streak…….It would be amazing tho….one more match at wrestlemania 30 the undertaker vs stone cold

  • Kerwin White

    Warrior vs taker

  • Kerwin White

    Or Jake the snake and undertaker can re start their feud

  • Kerwin White

    Check out undertaker and jake the snake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjIFYyCWS3g

    • Kerwin White

      Since Paul bearer is died, wwe can use Brother Love and can re create this screen and this can lead up to WRESTLE MANIA..

  • Kerwin White
  • Faisal

    Cena vs hogan
    Lenar vs taker (this match got to happen taker is laying in bed for almost a year)
    Punk vs Austin
    Orton vs Batista (wwe world championship)
    Bryan vs HHH
    Ryback vs GOLDBERG
    The rock vs vin diesel
    The shield vs the real Americans and ZEB colter
    Aj lee vs michelle beadle (divas championship)
    Sin carat vs Rey mysterio
    Y2J vs xavier woods

    Yep I think this could we the greatest wrestlemania of all time

  • nikhil

    Even for all of Cena’s Critics. Undertaker vs Cena will be a blockbuster match which the whole world will want to watch i have absolutely have no doubts about it !!!!
    Plus Cena is very capable of having great matches and if Taker defeats Cena in Wrestlemania the Streak will get a very significant boost !!!!!!!and Taker can retire un beaten after defeating the face of the Company !!!!!!!!!