Updates On Fear My Name, Goldust-Cody, Beth’s Black Eye

Former ECW star Lou D’Angeli (Sign Guy Dudley and Lou E. Dangerously) recently spoke about the end of wrestling at the old ECW Arena. Here is an excerpt…

“My take is this…move on. The Arena is a shell of amazing moments, personalities, and above and beyond all; fans. I will be forever grateful to not only have had my first ever show but my last ever show there. However, ECW was to wrestling what Nirvana was to music…did the Arena help that? Possibly. The Philadelphia Civic Center also helped the NWA and the Spectrum the WWF…every promotion had its staple venue…its staple city…and we all go down together in a blitz of fun memories, maybe violent also, possibly sexual, possibly scandalous and say “Hey, that was sick…that was a sick place…it was perfect…we are happy to have been part of it…”

– As we reported last week,  WWE has registered the trademark “Fear My Name.” The catch phrase is expected to be used for new WWE star Dean Ambrose, who used the line several times during promos he cut prior to his matches at live WWE events

– Jim Ross has commented on a potential Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust match at WrestleMania 27, noting on Twitter that he would be surprised if it happened.

– Beth Phoenix posted an updated photo of her swollen face from Monday’s RAW. While the swelling has gone down, the Glamazon is now sporting a nice shiner:

Beth Phoenix's Black Eye


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Scsa-316

    Damn Beth 

  • Liamb92

    Coldust lol is that him and austins new tag team

  • Anonymous


  • HBKsTheBomB

    Who would fear a name like Dean?

    • Timmer82

      One of the comicbook shops  where i live, called Texas Toyz, is run by a guy named Dean. His prices scare everyone. He charges sales tax on Free Comicbook day.

  • Timmer82

    Great, now the WWE is going to release Beth and yet another no talent skinny blonde model and hope that she can entertain the crowd with her clothes on. Way to go WWE, jackass’. Of course i’m over reacting, but come one, it is their habbit.

    • Timmer82

      wow, i left out ‘hire’ in the top line and ‘one’ on the bottom should be ‘on’.


    Good god! Beth still looking sexy as hell.

    • Anonymous

      I seriously hope you’re just trolling. Otherwise, you have terrible taste.

  • Pheonix087

    first off ..dean ambrose is gonna be the biggest wwe superstar in a long long time im super excited! and next why do you all have to come in here and cuss like a bunch of low class losers CUSSING IS NOT IN!!!! IT MAKES U SOUND TRASHY AND UNCLASSY!!!! SO IF U WANT TO SOUND UNEDUCATED then by all means go ahead ..and dont come attacking me with grammar mistakes …cause i dont really care! thats not what this rant is about!! so go dean ambrose please go make the @DigitalWWE:disqus WE better so i can actually watch it now instead of stupid “you cant see me” and the stupid “five knuckle shuffle” what is this crap!!! GROW UP WWE PLEASE GROW UP SOON!!!

    • Creatureofthenight

      Yeah he’s gonna be a big star like husky harris, john morrison, chris masters, and santino marella. Lmao

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

        He is far better than any of those losers you mentioned.

    • Jay2058

      Some points made mate but grow up? You do realise wwe is a wrestling company the only parts of me that like it are the closet gay, inner child and a frustrated violent male. Lol jk but yeah they doont need to grow up just broaden the product Cena has a place but some like the cm punk type too. X

  • http://twitter.com/MrAmazingKidd David Sanders

    “Jim Ross has commented on a potential Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust match at WrestleMania 27” “Coldust-Cody” I guess it’s just one of those days for SEScoops

    Alicia Fox needs a finisher she can actually execute properly if the WWE insists on keeping her around. I watched the tape from the match Monday and after she executed the move, Phoenix’s face knotted up instantly

    • Axe9

      >finisher hurts someone
      >”oh no fire that bitch”

      You seem to be missing the point here, sir.




      • David Sanders

        No, “sir” you miss the point. This is an entertainment industry. Not some Mortal Kombat video game. The finisher maneuver or any other hold/attack is not supposed to cause physical harm. Not REAL physical harm anyway. These finishing moves are supposed to be executed by professionals in a professional manner. I only recall Alicia Fox executing that maneuver once correctly. So, once again, I reiterate… Since the WWE insists on keeping her around, she needs a finisher that she can execute as near to perfection as possible because the blind can see that she can’t wrestle. And I never said fire her. She just needs something new if this is what’s going to happen every other time she steps in a ring

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

          Get a clue, this is wrestling and people get hurt.

          • http://twitter.com/MrAmazingKidd David Sanders

            I know people get hurt, but she’s almost NEVER executed her move the way it should be executed and now talent is getting hurt because she can’t work. She sucks in the ring. Who knows what will happen next time. All I’m saying is she needs a new finisher because this one isn’t working out at all

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Over a black eye?

      • Rratt79

        Shes terrible, horrible mic work, no in ring skills and she looks like an alien..

        • http://twitter.com/HenrythegameMiz Henry Miz Afari

          horrible mic work and no in ring skills, u sud watch her as divas champion, and then Shutup

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HXYCISKE5AJ4ZCIVTE62QXBOQE MostDominantAthlete

            I’ve been watching her since she was Edge’s floosy. She can not deliver her moves efficiently at all. Her mic work is no different than any diva on the roster, as they all need serious improvement. 

            Her run as champ was not memorable at all. She added no prestige to the title. It was just another “whatshername” pair of legs and boobs walking around with a butterfly.

            She shouldn’t be fired, she needs more training. Her character, her skills, her ring work. They’re all bland and amateur.

            Beth needs work on the mic and her character as well. She, however, can deliver in a match.

          • http://twitter.com/shaky209 Robert

            No I disagree with Beth on the mic and Beth Phoenix character developement.She’s one of the best Characters and her promos in the ring working with some of the best,Michelle,layla, and Mickie oh yes theres’ also Vickie.And that walkout but the Superstars.They didn’t and don’t hand to stars by mistake.And remember her in ring work with Santino and her also doing segement on Santino’s Casa. ..She’s one of the best in the business.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

            She’s one of the best characters? HAHAHA what an idiot.

          • Anonymous

            so ur saying u dont like her?

          • Perezshaun

            Fox is one of the worst female wrestlers of all times. She botches 80% of her moves and she hardly lands correctly. Watch videos on YouTube. She is bad. It’s sad they are considering her for another shot at the title. She must be doing something right if you know what I mean.

          • http://twitter.com/HenrythegameMiz Henry Miz Afari

             beth needs work on the mic? dude what are you watching?

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

            You should learn how to write should.

          • http://twitter.com/HenrythegameMiz Henry Miz Afari


          • Anonymous

            count another 1 to9 the 56 we already have….SEscoops needs to stop trolls

      • Anonymous

        no there alot and I mean ALOT more reasons she should be fired she shouldnt be fired from a black eye but she sucks in ring mic skills and everything inbetween

  • http://twitter.com/ApatheticHeaney Heaney

    Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at WrestleMania 27.

  • Bill-von-Bill

    im excited frp dean ambrose, seth rollins, and even damien sandow, alll have bright futures from wat ive seen on FCW

    and y cant they just firs fox already

  • No_gimmicks_Just_Shoots

    Yikes !!! ( Covering with hands )

    I don’t know what’s scarier , that upclose of Beth or knowing that another piece of indy scum is on their way up to the main roster to bore me to death. ( shaking fevereshly )

    Please WWE bring up someone who I can actually believe in , there’s gotta be a young Hogan/Cena in the farm waiting to be brought up , someone with a powerful finisher and built like chiseled stone , C’mon !!! SAVE US

    Restore REAL wrestling

    • Jay2058

      Cena sheamus rybak and mason Ryan are all pretty built and will be back in the title picture at some point. can you not just accept the entire roster cannot be the same to make the big guys look powerful they need smaller guys. Also your not the only fan wwe is bigger than your living room and maybe these steroid muscle men whom you had so much faith and belief in a few years ago seemed so impressive as you were like 6 years old?

    • https://twitter.com/#!/AIexlicious Alex Caesar

      Shawn Michaels

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

      You don’t know what real wrestling is.

    • Anonymous

      guys hes a troll thats being a douche WHICH SEscoops is to stupid to ban

  • Trending Worldwide

    You see WWE, thats what happens when you let supermodels get in a ring and let them fight with hardly any training what so ever. Its like letting a little kid ride a bike for the first time with no training wheels, nothing good will come out of it. WWE should at least suspend Alicia Fox, to give her a little discipline, but WWE should also improve their diva’s division, but since its WWE were talking about I don’t see either one of those ideas happening.

    • Kekataag

      Botching a move isn’t necessarily because of a lack of discipline, and certainly shouldn’t be punished with suspension. 

  • Deante320

    If this keeps up, Beth gonna end up in the hall of pain.

  • Anonymous

    After all that bullshit with Goldust, I couldn’t care less about him getting one more match. I don’t care how devout you are to your faith (or lack thereof), you should NEVER act like that to someone simply because they don’t believe the same things as you do.

  • Anonymous

    After all that bullshit with Goldust, I couldn’t care less about him getting one more match. I don’t care how devout you are to your faith (or lack thereof), you should NEVER act like that to someone simply because they don’t believe the same things as you do.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MPAJZGBJIVGHPWLXB52XR6HDDI HEELZigler

    LOL. J.R. said Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania 27. J.R. you idiot Wrestlemania 27 already passed. Not only do you botch commentary but you botch your internet posts too. You know what J.R, you’re a botch, a big fat, ugly, disgusting botch.
    And as for Beth Phoenix, she looks like her boyfriends wrestling, CRAP!

    Enough Is Enough, And Its Time For A Change!

  • Anonymous

    why does that maria wannabe still have a job in the wwe? fuck that whore. I hope she dies by next year. I don’t give a fuck.

    and if I was rich I would buy the ECW Viking hall arena and book a shitload of pro wrestling matches. I don’t care what promotion it is…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HXYCISKE5AJ4ZCIVTE62QXBOQE MostDominantAthlete

      Maria wannabe? Maria was just as bad. Both of them are bad for their division.

      • Anonymous

        but between both of them, at least Maria knows how to work the mic

    • Anonymous

      WARNING: Do not post shit like “f*ck that wh—. I hope she dies by next year. I don’t give a f*ck.” – You will get BANNED if there’s more of this. Final warning.

      • Anonymous

        you might as well ban me already if I can’t express my fucking opinions. save yourself the trouble.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, censorship exists here. You are free to express your opinions, you are free to have different opinions than most people, but you will get BANNED if you say “f*ck that wh*re I hope she dies” or talk excessive trash to the other readers. We’d like to keep you on as a commenter but there are boundaries. Your call. 

      • Anonymous

        oh yeah, and btw…when was this place china or iran? I guess internet censorshit fucking rules here too, right?

    • Anonymous

      yeah and if your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle lolz

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      well this is awkward considering the fact that Maria doesn’t even have a job in the WWE…she got fired nearly 2 years ago…=P

  • Anonymous

    I thought goldust vs. Cody Rhodes was gonna be at wrestlemania X7?

  • Jóhannes Kristófer Kristinsson

    Correction it’s the cody and golddust angle at wm 28

  • Anonymous

    “Fear My Name..”

    as if anyone is gonna fear the name “Dean..”

    now this tag line:
    “My name, is JON MOXLEY! FEAR! MY! NAME!!”

    now that’s a tag line!

    • http://twitter.com/TheR2point0 The Rocket

      Agreed. I would love it if he came up and told them to take the Dean Ambrose name to hell because the person coming up to the WWE Main Roster is Jon Moxley. That to me would be awesome, i’d also buy that t-shirt in a heartbeat.


    well thanks alot alisha fox…

    • Anonymous

      Warning: Don’t post things like calling women “dumb b*tches” here .. Wont’ be tolerated.

  • Anonymous

    He’s a solid in-ring worker can work a good match and when it comes to natural charisma as a heel, Dean Ambrose reminds of a cross between Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Raven.   Hope it works out for him because he’s that freakin cool.

  • No_Shoots_Just_Gimmicks

    Gross, it’s Beth Pheonix. I wish Alicia Fox gave her a concussion as well and forced Beth Phoenix to retire.

  • DAX

    Fear my Name. Im Dean Ambrose, clerk at 7-Eleven

    • Anonymous

      serving u slushies from 1 to 5……..OF FEAR!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    tsss Black eye? More like pink eye. It looks like someone farted in Beth’s right eye or sumthin’. 

  • Breakfastinbed

    beth’s eye looks more like the outcome of a hard hitting GTS

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Gordon/1423005919 Jeremy Gordon

    Internet, proving yet again that many idiots exist in the world. Dean Ambrose is awesome, though you idiots would actually have to have seen him work.

  • dr1

    Personally I don’t have a problem with Alicia more than I do any other diva…they all pretty much look the same during fast-forward anyway !!

  • Drunk Punks

    Goldust was promoted as androgenous/borderline homosexual (borderline is probably an understatement) most of his fans, including myself, are just a little different.  He’s always been promoted as slightly different once they toned it down during his final attitude era run. He’s always been bizarre.

    Goldust wasn’t saying these things, it was Dustin Runnels.  The man obviously still has some demons and gets some sort of satisfaction from blocking his fans on twitter.  He said he apologized only after his wifey smacked him?  Sounds like another healthy marriage.  Unless wife was code for Steph/Vince/Trips…that would make sense. 

    Bottom line, this man has fucked up drug-wise so many times…I’m half his age and don’t claim to know everything about the business, but AT THIS POINT IN HIS CAREER he needs to keep his mouth shut and do his fucking job.

  • Mouaandes

    pretty sure Alicia didnt really mean to do it because her finisher can be a hard one to land right and she cant be sure if she’ll be able to finish her opponent without giving them any REAL pain. But this is Beth’s 2nd injury from Alicia and even though Fox had no intention of really hurting her an accident is and accident. Maybe Fox can go back to Booker T’s Ax kick or land her new finisher on the opponents middle body like the stomach.