Velvet Sky Involved In A Car Accident, RVD’s YouTube Series Returning Soon

– TNA Knockout Velvet Sky announced on Twitter that she missed a TNA live event this weekend because she was involved in a car accident:

“As I write this I’m on the side of the highway where I was en route to Poughkeepsie’s house show until my truck spun out and ended up in a ditch due to the blizzard that’s going on right now.

Sorry to the fans that were wanting to see me tonight, but I won’t be at the Impact show. I’m ok, just really shaken up from the accident, and I’m sitting in wait for a tow truck to rescue me.

All those traveling tonight in the CT/NY area and beyond, plz be careful. I have seen so many accidents today already and the roads are dangerous tonight. God Bless those traveling.”

– TNA X-Division champion has announced that his Youtube show RVD TV is returning soon:


Brad Davis

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  • Stephanie Sixx

    Three inches of snow isn’t a blizzard. Everyone else made it to the show. She was obviously driving too fast. Dumb bitch.

    • TheKillingMoon

      You can’t even spell the number six right. You shouldn’t talk.

      • Fuck You

        Dude i see you always talking so much shit on here fucking with others. I swear to god if i knew you in life, i’d slap the piss out of you and beat the living hell out of you. I hate loud mouth, thumb thugging, cunts like you who enjoys fucking with others. I know you’ll probably reply talking shit, but fuck you!

        • askbillmitchell

          So which is it? Slap the piss out of him or beat the hell out of him?

          • Peer Pressure

            It’s both! He’d slap him first then beat the hell out of him.

        • DEX

          He talks shit to others because he’s an immature idiot that needs to grow the hell up.

          • DAX

            Gimmick infringement

        • TheKillingMoon

          Sure you will. Keep humoring me.

          • DAX

            Damn he really abused you in that one. Are you allright? Need a hug?

          • TheKillingMoon

            More like amused. Gotta give him credit for trying. Looks like he needs the hugs more than I do.

      • Peer Pressure

        You’re such a fucking cunt dude. Fuck off!

        • TheKillingMoon

          I’m the fucking cunt? I ain’t the one insulting Velvet Sky for no reason. You hilarious fucking bitch monkey.

      • DEX

        Talking down to a chick over the net over a screenname that she chose to put there? A chick you don’t even know personally. What a clownish loser you are! You’re not funny in the least. You need to grow the hell up, and stop being an immature idiot!

        • TheKillingMoon

          I wasn’t here to make jokes. And you’re calling me a loser when you’re hiding behind a fake account? You’re the joke.

    • randomasspost

      Ever hear of black ice and crazy drivers? Any snow om the road, with minomal visibility, and the way the wind was blowing was god awful and traveling in it was insane. You’re the dumb ass bitch, shut up you don’t know shit cause you run your mouth.

    • askbillmitchell

      I can’t comment intelligently as to what happened in her particular situation. However, here where I live, when snow / sleet and ice become a factor all the drivers go into instant moron mode. They see any type of precipitation it’s instant slam on the breaks and cause a massive pile up. Driving in these sorts of conditions no matter how intense or minuscule isn’t fun.

    • Metal Maniac


  • Crunch This

    “It wasn’t my fault!”

  • qwertyboy619

    I see her airbags deployed :-)

  • that guy over there

    damn i wish i was the tow truck driver that rescued here