Vickie Guerrero Bikini Pictures

Brad Davis

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  • JeffHardy4Life

    I’m lovin the way Vickie looks nowadays. Not trying to sound like a pervert but when she comes out I see her backside and it looks pretty damn good. Still if I was ever offered the chance to you know what, I would never do it out of respect Eddie.

    • Johnie

      What a fucking pervert you got a sick mind my friend.

      • Deleted_Account

        Really John? The guy didn’t say anything besides admiring her backside. Actually he was quite respectful in his comment. Time for your Chamomile Tea.

        • JeffHardy4Life

          Lol Chamomlie Tea? Where does tea come into play lol?

      • JeffHardy4Life

        I said I wasn’t trying to sound like a pervert, plus you can’t even lie she looks good nowadays. But what was the use of that foul language “my friend”?

      • Onesmus

        name me a guy who aint

    • Nicolai

      hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahha WOW!

    • Nicolai

      You and eddie must have been great friends!

      • JeffHardy4Life

        What makes you say that, cuz i said out of respect for him?

  • Franky Haro™

    I think I may be in to this..

  • jonp

    I’d hit that but she would not be allowed to speak.

    • Kronicz

      excuse me?

      • jonp

        she has the most annoying voice ever

  • GMpunk


    • Pozessed

      I was waiting for someone to say that… Thumbs up my friend.

      • GMpunk

        What can I say man, shuckie duckie quack quack!

  • Dick Chipperson

    Oh, yeah. I can totally see why Eddie (R.I.P.) got her pregnant.

    • heterosexual

      is it because they were in love and wanted children together?

  • Deante320

    Well let’s see John Cena and lawler talk shit about her now.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Lawler can’t say sh*t…he’s a bloated old man.

    • Jeremy Gordon

      Yeah, because she is ALMOST skinny >>.>>

      • heterosexual

        why would you want skinny? unless you can project an image that’s hot to women/men, there’s no point in acting like you’d do/not do someone coz too fat.

  • Andrew Campbell

    SHUCKY DUCKY….Just kidding :D

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    She may not have a good looking face, but dammit she has a really nice body. Congrats to her for achieving that.

  • vorhees666

    She’s a buttaface.

  • Reality

    These are impressive. I congratulate you Vicky, and hope your efforts put Cena and the rest of WWE’s mouth shut. (two of the photos look arranged tho)

  • PeepPower

    I have the weirdest boner right now

  • wwetnadudez

    Man it’s amazing to me how much WWE altered peoples view of Vickie..I mean I don’t know 2 many women that can still look like that at her age..

  • jackson98

    WOW!..A true MILF

  • Chill Out

    I think what makes her that fat in the past is her depression on Eddie’s death , If you see her during the eddie-Rey Feud then you will see that she had the same body as in the pictures

  • Chris Johnston

    shes not bad to look at, if we put tape over that mouth

  • Don life

    SHUCKY DUCKY QUA…….Wait a minute…..

  • MisterE

    Can’t wait till she does a Playboy spread, hmmmmmm….I can see the title issue now…’Vickie Guerrero gets RAW!’

  • heterosexual

    i get that vickie’s older and may be more susceptible to wrinkles and any other flaw, but the makeup and the lighting in some of these makes it look like overkill for a swimsuit shoot. less is more, imo she would look even more a more subtle amount of makeup, if only lipstick.

  • TheresProgressNow

    is it just me or is she bearing some resemblance to Renee O’Connor? (Gabrielle from Xena Warrior Babe)

  • Steven Pandopulos

    She’s looking fit, but I’m not gunna say anymore than that. I’m sure Eddie G already mashed up that puss like it was mashed potatoes.

  • AW2012

    I already seen these one on her twitter,Where’s the new ones?

  • dominator 18

    vickies got the thighs that will dazzle eyes she got th butt that will make you say o what shes got the boobs well she just got boobs

  • Great Big “Z”

    Well, she looks better in a Bikini than I do, but that’s not saying much…

  • Steve

    i wish a LOT more 44 yerar olds looked this hot!

  • Gerald Winters

    Vickie Guerrero is a GODDESS!!!

  • Ddogg

    She is nice ill hit with the quickness (meaning ill bang her on a moments notice) she is hot

  • Tobi

    She wouldn’t even have to make me dinner. I would just have her breasts and thighs!

  • Mark Robinson

    How exactly does Lawler justify those fat jokes again?

  • Eddie Guerrero

    I`m Blind , I`m Blind . God Damn it . Why Did i look !!! No wonder Eddie died .

  • imightlovevickie

    shes got nice tits

  • lola

    wow, I cant believe how many of these guys posting would admit to wanting to hit that.

  • videoman9144

    I’ll go along with Jon. I’d do that, but she would have to keep her mouth CLOSED !!!!

  • HBK#1


  • Onesmus

    I like what i see

  • Frederick Williams

    I can see why Eddie was feeling her, you could only imagine what she was working with 20 or see years ago.