Video: Antonio Cesaro’s WWE Debut, O’Neal-Young, Reks-Hawkins

– Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are trying to get re-hired by John Laurinaitis and were informed that they will get their jobs back if they can get the hastag #SaveReksAndHawkins trending during Monday’s three-hour RAW.

– The tag team of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young have officially joined the SmackDown roster and wrestled The Usos on this week’s show. O’Neil and Young wrote on Twitter earlier in the week that they have their sights set on the WWE Tag Team Championships. Here is video of their match against the Usos:

– FCW star Antonio Cesaro made his WWE television debut on Friday’s night’s SmackDown. Formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli, Cesaro was introduced as Aksana’s new friend and had a meeting with John Laurinaitis on the show. Cesaro’s gimmick is that he’s a professional European Rugby player.

Brad Davis

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  • pwnez

    His gimmick is pretty bad but the guy is sucha good wrestler it won’t even matter.

    • ALDO the APACHE

      Gimmicks change after awhile anyway so its no big deal. But is he comimg in as a singles wrestler? I figured he’d come in with chris hero.

      • Illmatic

        bad move to seperate a team that can save the division

        • RodCeb79

          Save the division ?? lol The division has dead and buried for a long time now

    • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

      his gimmick couldn’t be any worse than theodore’s outfit or having to suffer through the three stooges bullshit on raw last monday night. ;)

      • siberian_skies

        They should’ve put that outfit on Cole.  It would’ve been so nice to go through one show without having to listen to Cole!  Now that’d be a show I’d pay alot of money to see!!!

  • Thisrundowntown

    is it just me…or could the Usos throw in a weightlifting program sometime into their schedule?

  • dae5

    Well, the tag team division needs to be rebuit, so the bottom-up approach would be a nice way to get some young talent into the mix.

  • CMPeeP313

    my brother is decent friends with chris hero, they play basketball together alot and he said that there bringing them in as singles but will prolly eventually start a tag team.  just sucks it wont be KINGS OF WRESTLING

  • Charleswilliams623

    I bet Seth Rollins feels the worst about this he’s been there since 2010 I think and Antonio has only been there for a few months I think 

    • RodCeb79

      I guess they haven’t found something for him yet It’s sucks cause Seth is very talented But WWE isn’t like ROH Where ROH relies more good talented wrestlers who don’t need gimmicks WWE always relied on gimmicks and since Seth doesn’t have one He could get lost in the shuffle if he’s brought up

  • currygoi

    Claudio Castagnoli was born in Switzerland. Nobody plays Rugby in Switzerland..

    But i guess he is the first ever german speaking wwe superstar

    • DAX

       If only they sighn Alex Wright.

      • currygoi

         I am ashamed to have to share my country with him

  • DAX

    So if he is profesional rugby player what the hell is he doing in US wrestling? Is it Off season?

  • Totalnonstopaddict

    If he’s a professional rugby player, why is he wrestling, not playing/training for his rugby matches? Another well thought out idea from the genius that is WWE creative…

  • John Enuch Heaney

    I don’t see what the problem is with his gimmick. He’s gonna be in a feud with Teddy Long? That’s pretty good, that’s what they did with Drew McIntyre back when he was relevant. Let’s just hope Claudio doesn’t end up in the same boat though.