Video: Batista’s Heel Promo From SmackDown

Batista says he did not come back to be liked, he did not come back to please the WWE Universe. It’s a fact he can destroy anybody WWE puts in front of him. He’s the best representative of the WWE (more so than Hulk Hogan and The Rock).

Batista questions what the hell happened to this business? The fans chant the names of 195 pound wannabe’s – but he’s the top dog in WWE – deal with it. He asks the crowd if they honestly think their heroes are as good as him. People get behind Daniel Bryan because he looks like them, but he’s going to destroy WWE’s heroes on his way to becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This brings out Dolph Ziggler, who wrestled Batista later in the show. Apparently WWE eliminated some “Let’s Go Ziggler” chants during their confrontation, and tweeted:

Here’s their match: