VIDEO: Bray Wyatt Talks About His Character, The Past Year In WWE & More

The following are highlights of a new interview with Bray Wyatt:

On the last year since he debuted with the WWE: “It’s been a whirlwind. I always expected to be successful. I don’t remember being a child and plan on doing anything but what I’m doing right now. I was kind of born to do this and this past year has been rewarding. I like the grind of things. I like to keep my ear to the ground and just keep moving forward. It’s been crazy but I expect it to get much crazier as it continues with my career and my growth and a unit especially.”

On Bray Wyatt is really him just amplied: “Right. 100%. I couldn’t create something if I didn’t feel it. When I say things, when I speak on television, I’m not making stuff up. I’m not like sitting in the back with a notepad thinking “maybe this will make them think I’m crazy”. That’s how I really am you know? My views on this and that, which I really don’t want to delve into, but my views are that of the real me. There is no character. I think that’s the biggest mistake people think when they approach me, they think “you’re some character you know, I love the character you play”. You don’t really know who I am.”

Check out the complete interview above.

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  • Matt Boone

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    • pwnez

      This was truly a great interview. I give major props to Bray for doing so much with this character. I like how he said that he during his taped promos, it was simply him speaking what was on his mind. WWE needs to allow more talent to just say what they are thinking; it goes over so much better. I also like the term ‘fireflies’ that he came up with when talking about the fans holding up their cell phones.

      It would be a crying shame if Bray didn’t make it big in the WWE. He oozes talent and charisma.

      • Aperture

        I really hope he does make it. I have enjoyed his character since his debut at FCW. The guy can easily work promos with the best in wrestling.

      • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

        Every time I see “wwe creative needs to let talent speak more” bs i smh . clearly they don’t have the balls. In life you take, you don’t wait to ask.

    • Aceofspades801

      Gotta love Bray Wyatt.. the guy truly is a class act, and totally deserves his current run – dare I even say a little bit better. Most definitely the most entertaining guy out there. I hope to one day see this guy as a champion.

    • Pozessed

      It is crazy that from looking at his older interviews his actual voice has changed.. More darker, deeper, grounded etc. Great guy, he is on the road to becoming a legend.

      An old interview of him:

      It is as if he can’t help but try and stay in character, aha.

    • Curt Baboon

      What a cool dude.

      Bray really seems to be in complete control of his character, much like Jake Roberts was back in his day. He makes it look effortless and organic, and that’s something only a handful of people can do with a gimmick like this.

      I hope Bray sticks around for a long, long time; especially now that Taker might be gone for good. The company needs someone who’s just “special”, and Bray is just that.

    • Darkfear

      I wouldn’t want to pass this guy in a dark alleyway

    • insomniacreviewer

      Bray Wyatt is awesome, he seems like a cool dude and i hope to see him in the main event scene soon.

    • 10YearOldBoy

      bray wyatt will be a top star with rollins, ambrose, reigns,sami zayn and others.

    • Sigma ?

      Bray Wyatt is money.

    • brad

      I want to see a Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose feud.