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Video: Bully Ray Uses Anti-Gay Insults Towards A Fan At TNA Impact

TNA World Heavyweight champion Bully Ray got into a heated altercation with a fan at last Thursday’s Impact Wrestling tapings from Chicago, Illinois. While Aces & Eights was leaving the ringside area through the crowd, Bully got into a fan’s face, seemingly unprovoked, and unleashed the following anti-gay attack:

“Sit down, faggot. Yeah… What are you gonna do? You ain’t gonna do a damn thing. You got punked in your own frickin’ town. I’m punkin’ you out in front of .. I’m gonna say your daughter. You got punked! You invented fags, you fag. You should’ve did something already, you should’ve did something already, but you ain’t doing nothing’. I’m punking you in front of your hometown. You frickin’ queer. You shave your frickin’ chest.”

Bully Ray is no stranger to riling up crowds with his words. Back in ECW, he would walk (and often) cross the line all the time, with several of his promos nearly inciting riots amongst ECW’s mature fanbase.

Both Bully Ray and TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted about the incident apologizing for his conduct:

Jarring with the crowd is a move out of the “Wrestling Heel 101” playbook. However, in this day and age, the verbal attacks used by Bully Ray are way beyond what is acceptable by anybody, let alone the World champion of a national wrestling promotion.

  • Hit up the COMMENTS below and tell us what you think about the situation. Did Bully Ray really cross the line – or was he just playing a character? Is it too “soft” to prohibit wrestling characters from using hate speech, or should certain things be off limits?

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Eric Noble

    Yeah he went a little overboard but i don’t think its that big of a deal. He is playing a character and trying to get people to hate him. He isn’t saying how he or anyone in the company actually feels


      i agree with you but TNA is trying to look like a respectable company…If a WWE wrestler were to call a fan a fag numerous times Im sure they would be let go or atleast suspended. But I get hes just trying to draw heat from the people but he needs to be reminded just because hes a main guy now he cant go around saying whatever he wants.

      • Gremmie

        Don’t think Punk got suspended with his little anti-gay “you have a vagina!” rant at a fan. I will admit though, it was classic YouTube gold!

    • Kevin Lazar

      at the end he ripped up my sign and threw it in that guys face


    lol He made fun of the guy for shaving his chest but about 50% of wreslter get there body hair waxed…..Bully Ray is a douche bag. I never liked that asshole.

    • backblack25


  • MisterE

    Nope, not offended whatsoever, it’s part of game. We fans say much much worse things to them, This sort of thing is money, because that guy is going to pay either by pay-per-view or live event just to see the villain Bully Ray get his. If anything that guy was shaken in his boots more so than being offended…lol


      I would LOVE for a wrestler to hit me because I would sue that company so fucking fast and they would pay just to make it go away.

      • raVen

        all I see is “i’m a sue happy pussy”

      • Kjhaltz

        I dunno isn’t there a injury clause on the back of tickets.

      • #LOLZ

        You are a fucking pussy to sue a Company this is the example of a prick.

      • GodsLoyalSon

        Only thing your saying is that I’m a punk ass that can’t solve his problems on his own

      • Y2J

        You’re not worth the split second of thought it takes for a wrestler to bitch slap you.

    • Nelson Carvalho

      agreed.he knows what he does.a heel insults people and that is what he did.

  • aj2345

    You gotta admit….he did punk him out though.


      not really…He was yelling at a guy when he had about 6 other guys with him…That fan looked like he might be able to hold his own in a one on one with chubby ray dudley

      • backblack25

        BOY, you sure are a mark.

      • chris keller

        that “fan” will be on TNA within 30 days or less, he was a plant.

  • Bam Bam

    He is a heel. He wanted to get heat and he did. He dosent even know if the dude was gay.

  • Nicolai

    Aces and eights should have used the name “future endeavors” instead. Is there anyone in that group that WASN’T released by wwe!?

    • TheKillingMoon

      Garret Bischoff. Never was in WWE.

      • General Disarray

        Garret Bischoff and the future endeavors. LOL! Sounds like an old 50s doo woop band.

        • Nicolai

          Hahahaha classic. They could ride Vespas to the ring.

      • Nicolai

        Oops, forgot he even existed. I don’t know how either considering all his compelling work in the industry.

    • GodsLoyalSon

      Garret Bischoff is the only one but that doesn’t make you wrong though, in fact it just makes TNA look more pathetic. Can anyone explain to me the point of D.Lo brown being VP? If anything, Joseph Parks would have been a good one for that role.

      • Nicolai

        Right on. Sadly I wish the talents like styles and many others would just go to wwe so I could watch them in real storylines. That company is holding so much great talent back.

        • GodsLoyalSon

          While I would love to see their top talents in WWE, I honestly would much rather they stay where they are. Granted TNA has treated their original talents like crap when WWE guys were getting title reigns (RVD being a prime example) while they were downgraded go crappy mid card status, there is no way WWE would work for them all. A few would do extremely well but the others would flop by the time they set foot in the building.

  • Jamie Hawker

    It’s how the average person insults people anyway, perfectly normal.

  • Nanashi

    If Bully Ray had done this in the ring and not in the guys face then yeah it be just a heel trying for heat. But, saying to his face in front of someone close to guy is going over the line. Also, if Bully Ray was a good enough heel to be champion then he shouldn’t need to use remarks like that at a fan to get heat. Say he punk the guy or something should have been enough to get heat.

    • the pr gangsta

      oh please shut the hell up

  • david

    at 2:03 chavo botch kick

  • the pr gangsta

    he did this for years in ecw without a problem but in this day and age with everyone recording shit with the phones like little bitches its gotta be a issue i say blly you shouldnt apologize for shit and keep up the good work

  • Justrockit

    smh..this whole “hes a heel” crap is just bs excuse for crap behavior. I get it hes a “rassler” but this is 2013. that kinda talk is ridiculous as an entertainer dont care what “heat” your trying to get. IF he said some racial stuff this would be a whole other deal. and who the hell would pay cash money for bubba ray douchley lol. dont believe the hype. but all in all its TNA dixie saying it wont be tolerated is a joke. if wwe aint firing swagger for dui then tna aint doing anything to bubba so at least he apologized. That I can respect.

    • raVen

      exactly, it’s 2013.
      time to use some common sense and stop being such a pussy. words don’t mean shit. if you are offended then you need to get the fuck out.

      • mr meow

        being beaten up while people scream “die faggot”


      • Ozzy

        if those words dont mean shit anymore then why are kids killing themselves left and right after being called that word? just sayin

  • Catt Butt

    And what antigay insults were said? I’m confused. If gay people are really proud of what they do, then Bully Ray telling someone he invented being gay, that should be a compliment, especially in the gay community, right? He called the guy queer, that’s not an insult to gays, is it? They are queer, aren’t they? Aren’t they are proud to be gay?
    I’m straight and if someone said to me I invented heterosexuality or that i’m straight, i’d be like “yeah, i am, thanks”. If gay people get offended when people call other people gay, then they are just as much antigay as the next guy.

    • Mr 561

      “Fag, faggot and queer” are words the gay community sees as hate speech .. He wasn’t “stating facts” and telling a gay person, “You are a homosexual” – he was going after a fan by using anti-gay slurs. You don’t mind if somebody calls you straight – and most gay people probably don’t mind being called gay – but fag and queer are negative words.

      • catt butt

        Queer and fag aren’t derrogatory. I’ve heard fags calling themselves queer. What was that show? “Queer eye for the straight guy?” they like to be called that. Certainly not an insult. Unless they are insulted to have their sexual orientation being brought public like that. Much ado about nothing except typical gays dying to get attention.

  • Kevin Lazar

    Lmao i’m the guy in the white at 5:58! I also got it on video. I had 3 incidents with Bully Ray. 1st time he came hit my sign and said “F*** YOU!” then, he came up and told me he was going to kick my a** and he aint afraid of goin to jail, then the 3rd encounter he came up ripped my sign, and then threw it in the face of the guy he was using anti-gay slurs at. Skip to 8:30 and you will see all 3 encounters..

    • aj2345

      So he punked your ass out too? In your own hometown?

  • Kevin Lazar

    At the end, he ripped up my sign and threw it in the face of the guy who he was using anti-gay slurs against..

  • Reality

    Eerf… They’re still annoyed by the word fag?

    • mr meow


  • raVen

    oh no prancing fairies were offended..

  • Sean

    Anyone able to make out what Knox said to the fan at the end?

  • L@NCE

    so many plants not enough soil.

  • Nullspace

    My question is this: Why are people acting so damn surprised by this? He did this kind of thing in ECW almost ALL the time once the Dudleyz went heel. He’s a heel, he was getting heat. It’s what heels do, nothing to see here. Move along.

  • Stoops Nic

    Not the worst thing he’s done while in the crowd. Seen him him push a fan 6 rows at an ECW show once. Fan was like 5’4″ 125 lbs. Pretty funny stuff. Besides it’s name calling. He’s a grown man speaking to another. They’re not children and last time I checked TNA is not a G program like WWE is.

  • Eric Zeigher

    Someone MAY have been offended if a REAL man,not a cartoon,was talking.

  • Dakota

    He’s just playing the heel part tna have you forgoten that his name is BULLY Ray that’s the whole point of the gimmick being a BULLY he’s being a bully and yes it is soft as hell cause if there being a badass heel like bully ray and management is saying you can’t do that whats the point of the bully ray gimmick quit being soft and let bully be bully the fan started it anyway the fan deserves the hell not bully ray

  • Abra Kadabra

    People are too sensitive…


    Ah stop being little pussy babies and understand that he’s in character already. Sheesh this world is so soft nowadays. “Oh he said something mean to me, I wanna sue him” this shit sux

  • backblack25

    My brother is gay. I talked to him about it. He said he’s not offended that’s what heels do. They say things and do things that cross the line.

  • chris keller

    great plant, kayfab at it’s best! this guy just happened to be filming there, well done TNA, well done. at the expense of gays too, wow. classy.

  • chris keller

    that “fan” was a plant. he will be on TNA fueding with Bully in 30 days or less. Well done TNA>

  • NickBond

    Fag can be used in an insulting manner just like a certain N word but thats used in every other rap song I listen to also. I’m gay and my friends and I always use that in a jokingly manner just making light of a situation. Only reason this is news worthy for them is cause Ray is the main guy representing the company and they don’t wanna be mislabeled as a company. The wrestling fan I am though knows this is just heat, he’s done way worst in ECW

    • mr meow

      considering he used every other pejorative that goes along with it, i’m gonna say it’s a bit more serious than what you make it out to be.

  • AVPredator4985

    Dear World, WHY ARE YOU SO EASILY OFFENDED?!? In America we have the right to free speech, so we can say WHATEVER we want, no matter how ‘intolerant’ it may be. It seems like all of the sudden everybody is so worried about having their toes stepped on! Are you mad at Bully? GOOD! That’s what his character was going for! It is a wrestling angle, get over it. So please, grow a pair of balls, wipe your eyes, and don’t take everything so personally.

    • moody1

      Butt hurt marks. Bubba always has been one of the best at pissing people off. The near-riots, mentioned in the article during The Dudleys ECW days, are fact. MAJOR heat was unleashed on those guys. That was their job. What’s changed now?

  • Gtd69247

    I was there. That dude was huge and built. He should of beat Bullys ass,

  • JamieEvsxx

    I can’t help but think that Damien Sandow would be ashamed of Bully Ray’s English after reading that paragraph…xD…but anyways, if this were England…not a single fuck would be given simply because “fag” is just another word for a cigarette, “faggot” is a type of meatball and queer…well actually that is a term for gay people so people will probs get bothered by that lol…=P…but yeah the “shaving your chest” thing makes me die because loads of the wrestlers shave their chest so would that make them queers?…xD


      great always..and ONLY because i too am a Sandowite….SILENCE!!!!

      • JamieEvsxx

        thanks…and Damien Sandow is an actual boss lol…I’m just waiting for the day someone says they don’t know something so I can go “oh you were not aware of this? well your posterior better contact someone at once!”…xD

  • Alejandro

    Still not as great as Punk’s “You have a vagina rant.”

  • GMpunk

    Bully Ray is solidifying himself as a top heel in wrestling however when you’re on a large stage like TNA, which is the number two option for wrestling on television, and you’re the champion of said company, you cannot attack fans of your product with such insensitive, derogatory terms. It’s gonna draw a lot of people away and for a company thirsty for fans like TNA, that is just bad business..

  • Enjoi1983

    Not nice! Bully Ray is where he is because of fans, not very smart on his part.

  • Stephen Wadelin

    Let a heel be a heel.

  • Bertaut

    I’ve been a fan of Bully Ray since his ECW days. I was actually at a live show once where he damn near got the crowd to riot. A group of incensed fans were waiting around for him outside the arena after the show ready to kill him. He comes strolling out and he’s like “What’s up guys, it’s a show.” They ended up going for a drink with him. He has never been as good as he is now. TNA has turned him lose. He actually reminds me a little of Steiner in WCW. Remember some of the things that guy came out with? Bully was playing a heel, and playing it very very well. His trying to get people pissed off at him and it’s working. And as MisterE says, fans shout far worse to the wrestlers. I personally think making Bully Ray champ and letting him lose is a genius move for TNA.

  • Jaydon

    What did Mike Knox say at the end? I can’t tell. Just curious.

  • heterosexual

    chances are that most of the people saying it’s ridiculous to be offended are straight (probably white) guys. of course you wouldn’t be offended, why would you


  • Ozzy

    gee…if he used the N word everyone would be all up in arms…but since he used a homophobic slur its getting a pass from the comments ive read….a double standard if you ask me…totally inappropriate and uncool

  • iCode

    I would consider it a pleasure to have Bully Ray shout in my face.

  • Frank

    Bully Ray is my NEW Hero! And I don’t watch that 2nd Rate compuy TNA!