VIDEO: CM Punk Attacks Fan On WWE RAW 10/8

WWE Champion CM Punk attacked a fan at the conclusion of Monday’s WWE RAW. It’s unknown why Punk struck a guy in the face twice – but Vince’s reaction is priceless.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • HBKsTheBomB

    Vince’s face, LOL.

  • Jack McCurry

    Vince is like, oh i just lost a bunch of money. Time to take the belt off Punk

  • RandomAssPost

    the guy admitted he had a vagina and CM Punk was pissed he couldn’t tell the joke. BOOM headshot!

  • Flip Casanova

    Dont know what the fan did ‘ But eh dont fuck with Punk ‘ The guy got a good knuckeler by Punk

  • Gene Roland III

    wow wwe will get it now

  • Gene Roland III

    can somebody say law suit

  • Mr_DJ


  • Redneck Rockstar

    Let the lawsuits begin, sometimes I wish shit like this would happen to me. I bet wwe strips title & suspends punk immediately

  • MalaysianInvasion


  • pwnez

    Vince just crapped his pants. I’m sure Punk won’t get away with this. Either way this was funny.

    • Jayden53092

      how was that funny? a fan was just putting on his shades and had nothing to do with Punk, and punk just blindsides him twice. the fan did nothing wrong and was minding his own business. do you still think it would have been funny if Punk blind-sided you like that and embarrassed you on Television? so shut up pwnez, you two-faced faggot.

      • French_Toast_Mafia

        Someone has anger management issues. :(

        • EHH

          HUG IT OUT

      • pwnez

        You don’t even know the entire story yet so do us all a favor and shut the hell up. You aren’t coming off as a tough guy so cut the act out. I suggest you go cry and b*tch somewhere else.

      • The Rock Says

        Harassing a guy for being insensative to the victim, then proceeding to call him a faggot- not the best way to win an argument, you bigot.

  • zed

    uh oh this could be a problem for Punk. Any idea what provoked him to hit the guy? Did not catch the show today.

  • Rody Chodes

    The fans face after getting hit was priceless, like “What just happened”

  • Gr8ness

    Damn he backslapped the crap outta him. I wonder what the fan did either way thats some bold shit to do with ur boss watching u from the ring, especially with the news the Vince was basically pissed all show.

  • Tristan Mathew Andrews


  • A Realist

    Looks to me like the guy did nothing wrong. He was putting on his shades, and got blind-sided. And if Punk would have hit the CHILD that was right there, we’d have an even bigger problem. Seems to me like Punk’s notorious attitude problem, and poor people skills got the better of him, and he didn’t like all those people touching him. You can even see him shove a fan to his right before this altercation, and tell him “Don’t touch me”. Either way, he should be punished. Regardless of what the guy did, CM Punk is the face of a multibillion dollar corporation, and with that responsibility come certain terms and liabilities. No one should be struck by a performer at ANY time. Especially when that fan is in the stands and the performer enters the crowd. It’s one thing for a fan to hop the guardrail, and enter the ring. This? Uncalled for.

    • pwnez

      I agree. Punk needs to act professional. It’s live T.V. you can’t just hit someone for no reason. I’m sure he will be in alot of trouble for this.

    • Mr_DJ

      Give it time, since we only got a snippet of the video and have no real context.

      • siberian_skies

        Right, the guy could have been a plant.

        • Gabriel O Andaluz


    • RandomNirvana666

      What happened was THIS GUY >> kept pushing punk and then the guy with the glasses accedentally bump cm punk when he put on his glasses and punk swung around and hit him. It was this little fuckwits fault.

    • Tayla

      oh shut the fuck up you PG lawyer ? are you kidding me, fuckign softie lawyer PG cunt

      • A Realist

        No, but I actually have intelligence and can spell “fucking” correctly, genius.

    • Dynamite Truth

      Correction, Punk is the HEEL of a multibillion dollar corporation. I’d be surprised if that guy wasn’t a plant. Unless Punk’s blind he was clearly looking at the guy touching him b4 slapping the other one and the guy w/ the shades looked like he was signaling Punk w/ all that adjusting he was doing b/c there were 2 ppl wearing shades.
      VKM’s face was priceless though.

    • goose

      how can you say that. there’s no footage of anything before the punch. of course it looks like the guy did nothing wrong. good lord. and the dude is probably a plant. otherwise we’d be hearing more about this everywhere

      • Alton DeVir
      • A Realist

        Uh…we ARE hearing more about it, dipshit. On this page alone, there are 6 articles. I swear to God, is it a prerequisite that you have to be partially retarded to visit this site? Because I obviously didn’t get the memo

  • Jayden53092

    wow, the guy didn’t even do anything to deserve that. punk is a little bitch. fuck him.

    • Gabe Velez

      Very true. Ryback will make him HIS bitch come Hell Ina Cell.

  • The Deadboy

    He called cm punk names……. that made Punk mad. I’d do the same in his position

  • Rick little

    Punk needs to get his ass kicked. I was at a house show and he almost pulled this.

  • Sean Blake

    Looks like WWE is going back to the courthouse

  • DatDude732

    Yeah no matter what the fan might have said to punk you are still a “professional” athlete you cannot be touching any fan in that type of manner and out of all people you do it in front of Vince McMahon and even before that he pushed another fan away pretty hard too. Fines and lawsuits will be coming his way very soon. I guess his name being CM Punk really does suit him lol

  • Rehd

    The guy with the pink shirt face was priceless. he doesn’t have any idea that punk is already backslapping somebody while he still smiles for camera. :))

  • Really101

    I can’t believe how many of you idiots think this wasn’t stage … Just sad

    • A Realist

      You’re an idiot.

    • Rocker MacGregor

      This was NOT STAGED !! He will be Fined for that…An Vince will hand it down Tonight before he leaves the Arena

    • G.I.R.L.

      Not sure this was a plant. If so, brilliant. From King’s heart attack to this; it’s getting difficult to separate reality from fiction on WWE programming.

  • :)

    I think it was someone that he had knew cuz it wouldn’t make since for cmpunk to slap a random person to the crowd

    • :)

      I think it was someone that he had knew cuz it wouldn’t make since for cmpunk to slap a random person in the crowd

  • G.I.R.L.

    Cena never had this problem. Thank you, Punk, for showing that Cena is the only guy WWE needs to stick with; your people skills are atrocious.

  • French_Toast_Mafia

    Am I the only one who thinks the fan looks like Bubba Ray Dudley ? When he had the glasses on.

  • Zilvis

    Definitely a planted audience member. Next week Punk will say he disrespected him or something along those lines.

    • DatDude732

      Idk man prior to that he put his hands on another fan is that another acting fan I guess we will have to wait and see

    • A Realist

      A plant? Really? A plant? That neither Vince McMahon, nor the announcers acknowledge CM Punk striking with full force, and that the camera was zoomed out from? Pull your head out of your ass, I beg of you.

      • Zilvis

        Really? Because Punk wasn’t in the dark match main event at all or anything? If he’d struck a fan, no way in hell Vince would let him get back in the ring for the dark match. Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass.

        • A Realist

          The *advertised* dark match that people paid to see? Vince wouldn’t allow him to go back out for that? No? How thick are you, fucktard? Honestly.

  • Eo

    thatd be legendary if they fired punk… then rehired him and continued his streak as champ to 500

  • Eo

    lmao they caught vince’s reaction live he was like o shit. plus john cena and ryback saw it too lol.

  • Steve

    Legit question here….but What’s the likelihood of that guy being a plant? Maybe one that looks like “stone cold” or something?

  • xxx

    the guy on the left of the screen touched punk punk thought it was the guy behind him so he bitch slapped him i would have did the same thing

  • Jayfur

    Calm down it was a work. He was set up perfectly for him.

  • Josh26

    That wasn’t a plant it was real. The guy did nothing and the hit is on tape. If he doesn’t sue he is making a mistake. This is bad for Linda’s campain, the PG look, and CM Punk. That was uncalled for

  • Roger

    I just love seeing everyone react the way they’re supposed to. How do we know the guy in the crowd wasn’t a plant? Let’s remember that CM Punk, as a face, was notorious for celebrating with the crowd. Now he’s a heel. I obviously could be wrong, maybe he just wasn’t thinking right. To me, though, it seems like 2+2=4. Heel + plant = Opportunity to create heat. Face + fan/plant = Opportunity to instill liking. Maybe I’m naive.

    • Abusoru007

      Given that they cut away from Punk really quickly and Vince reacted in such a way, it makes me believe that the guy wasn’t a plant.

  • DragonofDarknessXIII

    LOL Punk= Not a giver of fucks for the fans.

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    That was awesome

  • SJP315


  • JOhn

    I was there. People kept pushing him. About 10 people. You half to defend yourself. That guy took the most.

    • DatDude732

      Ok we’ll than don’t go in the crowd you know that’s going to happen its a lot of excited fans and how that crowd was the arena was shakin, you should of known you where going to get touched, there is no excuse like I said before you are a professional athlete act like one

  • 5er

    Hard to tell if it was real or not. I’m leaning towards work because the guy put on his glasses just for punk to slap them off. Maybe he was punking McMahon. That would be priceless. He certainly knows how to gain the heat.

  • Alexander Cassidy

    LOL at the guy in the cenation gear being clueless until the last minute

    • siberian_skies


  • Mike Elford

    There is a guy behind the victim in a grey shirt, after Punk’s strikes, another guy in grey attacks from the front. The video cuts away to show Vince, but I would bet the guys in grey were security… thus the entire thing is a work. I wonder if the hands on the shades were intended to “protect” against Punk’s strike…. ooops :)

  • Stoops Nic

    All so quick to turn on Punk. We did not see what happened before Punk hit him. It could also all be a work.

  • treeeleaf

    the vudeo didn.t show the whole thing, i just got back from the show, and the fan hit punk 2 times in the back of the head, we saw the whole thing, don’t touch the wrestlers

    • Josh Gonsalves

      in which case, Punk is completely justified in his actions and all the little bitches complaining here can go fuck themselves :)

  • Tay

    I think we really can’t judge on what had happen until we get the whole story from both sides because there have to be a reason y punk had slap the the dude.

  • georgia white

    While I understand that wrestling is an entertainment sport it is still a sport that our children watch and look up to these men and want to be just like them when they grow up. I think that it is a shame that these men do such things such as slap and cuss fans no matter what they say to them. If they don’t want a fan hollering things at them they either should not be in entertainment sports or have sense to not be a bad pun intended.If this was not a set up then CM Punt needs to pay this fan alot of money because he embarrassed him on national tv. Sometimes wrestling is so ridiculous that I hve to turn it as it is and if it continues this way I might have to stop watching it..SO DO THE RIGHT THING MR MCMANN AND MAKE CM PUNK PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE TO THIS FAN ON NATIONAL TV……DO THE RIGHT THING….

  • treeeleaf

    nah it was a fan,slap punk two times in the back of head, fist slap punk just push him then second hard slap, punk went off on him, wwe should not go into the seats for this reason

  • Marty Schmuck

    WTF???? why in the blue hell did Punk hit that dude?? if i was that fan, i’d sue the shit outta WWE!!

  • jamessuit

    a work, a plant, or some real shit why the hell would all those dumb asses rush out of their seats and crowd the isle and put themselves and the performer in harms way. stay in your seat and enjoy the show don’t crowd the guy just to get on tv or touch a superstar. dumb ass fans!

  • Dilrukshi Desilva

    what the fuck?? cm punk u fucker… even though u are acting u just cant hit people who come to watch

  • Nattie

    What I’m hearing from someone who was there was, fans were hitting Punk in the back. Trying to touch him like fans will do. I guess some fan was really hitting him hard. Then starting hitting on the opposite side of his back. He turns around, thinking it’s that one guy and hits him. He hit the wrong dude, very hard, twice. That’s what I heard. He hit the WRONG guy. And no matter what a fan was doing, you do not turn around and hit them. You make sure security gets up there damn fast. He needs to show some self control. Lots of guys get touched, smacked, been called horrible names, etc… but have been professional about it.

    • ItsProgressNow

      Randy Orton comes to mind, flipping people instead lol, much more acceptable

  • treeeleaf

    the video is missing 10 seconds of the fan hitting punk in the back of head 2 times, we were there

  • axe

    I feel he was not a plant & if he is not a plant he should be stripped of his belt at the ppv & since cena is not going to be ready yet the next obvious choice would be rybak he is over with the crowd

  • Reed

    People who are judging cm punk don’t really know what happen. Peole who are judging him are going by a video that is missing half of the fact. what hapen was the guy kept hitting cm punk in the head Multiple time and then it led to punk hitting the guy twice that what happen i was there.

  • SegaSky

    I was there. The guy kept pushing at the back of Punk’s head like an idiot. The moron deserved it.

  • Peter Griffin

    OWNED!!! lol xD

  • SegaSky


    I saw it happen live. The fan was pushing/hitting the back of Punk’s head. Since the camera kept cutting between Vince and Punk, you didn’t see the fan doing it. It was when the camera cut back to Punk that he retaliated.

    The fan was being a dumbass and overstepped his boundaries. He got what he deserved.

  • Steve Williams

    Lawsuit coming up if that’s not a story line

  • Thefranchise

    You have no idea what the guy did before Punk hit him you asshole from watching that video.

  • Steve

    i just love how younger fans nowadays do not know the tricks of oldschool heels :D guy was a plant, he was paid to take some hits from Punk. it is the same as some heel wrestlers take away posters or other stuff from kids near entrance – it is all scripted

  • Droo World Order

    obvious plant is obvious. Glasses were the cue.

  • Brian Clark

    John Cena never hit a fan. :)

  • Punk530

    I was there live and watched the altercation. When Punk ran up the crowd, while he was standing there clutching his title, someone shoved him from behind pretty hard. Less then a minute later, someone pushed him again prompting him to respond. Now I must agree, he shouldn’t have responded that way, but wrestlers also have rights to protect themselves. When the dark main event begin with Punk vs Sheamus, security escorted that guy that Punk hit out.

  • cory

    Like someone said earlier that dude shoved Punk pretty violently and Punk retaliated. but that guy definately started it.

    • InfiniteRTG

      Which dude were you?

  • InfiniteRTG

    Idk if this was a planned spot to have Punk run into the crowd, but if it was then WWE should have been more prepared with security to prevent occasions like these.

  • Nik

    Its a work angry birds.

  • TheWrestlingGod

    I have a feeling his was supposed to hit the guy in all pink

  • dambrose

  • cmpunkfan

    I have seen several angles of the video and the guy did nothing and was blindsided. I saw how shocked Vince was. It wasn’t part of the show. Punk ain’t tough and if it was me, turnabout is fair play I would have punched him I the back of his head. He would have needed a shot of whiskey to dull the pain I’m his dbknot that’s for sure.

  • Paul

    There is a video on YouTube from a fans camera phone, it’s clear as day, a fan standing directly behind the one that punk hit, pushes punk in the back of the head! Unknown to punk he turns round and clocks the wrong guy! So yea I expect there will be some troue for wwe cause the guy that got hit did nothing! I understand punk has to defend himself but he can’t lash out like that as this is exactly what can happen!

  • James Ward

    Look i’m all for an in ring character thing even an outside thing with your/ his fans but he needs to re learn some things not cool punk get ride of this part of your story line i for one am sick of it now grow the blank up

  • Zach Darrah

    I would’ve liked to have see him pull that shit in Spokane a couple nights ago. Needless to say he’d not be on Raw tonight.

  • Zach Darrah

    Oh I remember what I was gonna say now. CM Punk, The Ron Artest of the WWE.

  • C.J.

    Relax People, It’s an angle!!

  • Paul it’s not an angle, PUNK clearly reacts to being pushed in the back of the head but it wasn’t the guy he hit that did it! It was a fan standing behind that guy! Undisputable when you see this video!

  • WWEHater

    Caaaaannnn you say lawsuit? Good job Punk. Seriously, with the amount of money WWE charges for tickets now, that is bullshit. If you dont like being touched, dont go into the stands. Give me a break. To all the idiots that think this guy is a plant, he’s not. Punk screwed up.

  • John Tammy Teegen

    That was a set up! all part of the show! can’t you tell that?

  • StoneCold

    is it an act ?? Wrestling is alla bout fooling people after all right ?

  • GabzOlivares

    its clear now! the guy with the gray shirt! behind the one punk hits! its the asshole in this situation, it really sucks! that this happen but ” if you’re disrespecting a wrestler, for example shoving him.. you should get like escorted out or something” CM Punk did wrong by hitting the fan!

  • MEB

    LMFAO @ Vince

  • brandon smith

    It’s all a set up…come on people!!!!

  • brandon smith

    it’s all set up…come on people!!!!

  • tomcat

    he should be punished!!!! if the guy hopped over the rail & attacked punk, then MAYBE punk should not be punished. but, hes SUPPOSE 2 be professional. thats y he makes all that money & yes he works 4 a multibillionaire company. that was the most unprofessional act i have ever seen. has any1 ever seen the rock, triple h, the undertaker, randy orton, stone cold, or even shameus do something so unprofessional. if i was the guy i would sue cm punk & not wwe!!!!

  • The Great JC

    Punk has lost is mind in the last few months.

  • Marvin B.

    I still cant see all the comments on sescoops and its been a few months, wtf?

  • Dave Michael Buchan

    get rid of him not a true champion

  • Ron Rings

    he should be stripped of his title and FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alton DeVir

    Here’s a view of the incident from the stands:

  • The Revolution

    You all are idiots he was pushed several times and the guy with the shades hit him in the head so his defense he attacked on it.

  • MisterE

    That guy with the sunglasses was no plant, he was simply an a**hole that kept pushing and shoving Punk as he was trying to stand there and take the heat from Vince. Not only was the sunglasses guy shoving him, a few others were also pushing him and trying to touch him and/or touch the belt.

  • A Realist

    Really… Now, don’t you just look foolish now that all the facts have come out? I think you do. You fucking idiot.

  • casper

    Whats wrong cm punk afraid of losing your title to ryback

  • Espie Napoles

    punk you want a respect but you show bad things to people grow up and be a man,act like a real man not a coward,you fool drank,,,

  • Andrew Pierson

    not right when fan gets hit i wont come

  • Andrew Pierson

    i was planing to come see wwe in person but not now

  • Morris Bailey

    Punk is a hyped a-hole. I’m not surprised.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Vince’s reaction was priceless. That guy really did nothing wrong. Maybe they should hire Dr.Shelby to help Punk.