Video: CM Punk Confirms WWE Is Replacing The Spinner Title

WWE Champion CM Punk was at the Philadelphia Comic Con event over the weekend and participated in a Q&A session. CM Punk was asked about the possibility of WWE retiring the “spinner” belt and introducing a new WWE Championship belt. Punk confirmed that not only are there plans to replace the spinner belt – but the new belt already exists:

“I email people that you people don’t know exist and I bother them constantly about this damn thing. There is a new title. I’ve seen it. I’ll probably get in trouble for saying it, but I don’t think it’s any better than the current one.”

“It’s better than [the spinner belt]. They literally just made it. It’s about 20 pounds heavier than this one. I keep preaching that I want to be the guy – if I’m not the guy who doesn’t produce a new title, then I’ll be a liar, and I don’t want to be a liar. It’s out there, and it’s coming soon. Probably a lot sooner than the ice cream bars.

He also discussed the current state of WWE’s roster, Eddie Guerrero, Steve Austin wrestling again, The Rock’s return to WWE and more.

Punk’s comments about the spinner belt can be seen around the 34-minute mark:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Johnie

    Thank God i’ve been waiting a long time for this.

  • John Enuch Heaney

    I have no doubt it’s an ugly belt. Look at the last belts WWE design. The original designs WWE have come up with over the last few years include the spinner belt, the giant penny tag belts, the butterfly divas belt and that weird grey ECW belt.

    • Elgwyn

      And of course, the bronze tag team belt.

      • Adam Michael

        ….which would be the giant penny he mentioned already.

  • Peter Jones™

    It can’t be any worse than the current monstrosity! Brain hurts big word!

    • aj2345


      • Peter Jones™

        Thank you human spell check ;-)

        • aj2345

          You’re welcome. That’s what I do!!!

  • hellyeah

    2 words hell yeah

  • Michaelknows

    Thank the LORD!

  • Th3_Ev1l_n1nJa

    pleassssse dont let it look stupid as f*ck

  • painus

    am i misunderstanding the quotes? he says the belt isn’t better than the current one, then says it is?

    • Forceton Banfodder

      I’m guessing he means its better looking, but weighs more than the current belt which I’ve heard weighs near 25 lbs already. So the new belt is probably even bigger.

    • Angel

      Think he means the look of it is okay compared to the spinner maybe? But he doesn’t like the fact that it’s heavier?
      Not sure that part confused me as well. xD

    • Angel

      “It should have been done a long time ago. There is a new title. I’ve seen it and I’ll probably get in trouble for saying it, I don’t know if it’s any better looking than that one.
      I have to look at it again. You know what? You know what? It’s better than this. They literally made it and it’s 20 pounds heavier than that one… So we’re making another one… It’s out there and it’s coming soon.”

      • Angel

        -CM Punk

  • therockisback

    The spinner isn’t that bad but hopefully there is a swerve in this. I’m not one of those old guys who want all the old Titles back but since there’s a big Attitude Era campaign involved with WWE13 how great would it be if Punk brought back the Attitude Era Belt? It would be a surprise and be a change. Nobody expected Rhodes to bring back the Retro IC Title at HIAC so hopefully Punk brings back the Attitude Era Belt on the 1000th Raw until he loses the it, Once he loses it the Spinner will be back until the end of Cena’s era just like when the Attitude era began Hogan’s Winged Eagle belt was retired.

  • Kaos


  • fatneal

    he said its not better than the current belt and its heavier….jesus that thing must be a bulky ugly bastard

  • Dynamite Truth

    Right now, I’d take the IC belt to look more prestigous than the non-spinning WWE belt. Personally, I like the World Heavy more than all of them although I’m curious as to what the WWE title will look like.
    I would be surprised to see it debut w/o any build up though given that there was build up to Cena bringing in the spinner belt. I liked the US spinner title, but the WWE was just awful.

  • pwnez

    It’s about time! Out with the old and in with the new. I hope it’s as nice as the one they used during the attitude era.

    • aj2345

      That one and the undisputed title that Rock and Brock had are my favorites.

  • Jimmy Evetts

    know this isn’t popular, but I like the current belt. AAAANNNND Go with the insults!

  • Jar Jar

    it looks similar to the current one. but instead of the WWE logo, its Pepsi’s logo.

    • Andrew Campbell

      That would be the most shameless form of product placement EVER!

      • Jmc60

        It would be funny as hell though

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    It’s out there, and it’s coming soon. Probably a lot sooner than the ice cream bars.

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! XD

  • AngelFlow

    The “spinner” belt isn’t that ugly, is just that the belt was for superstars with a gimmick like Cena. The belt don’t spin anymore that was what make the title different. I just hope the next design is something like the one in the attitude era.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Does everyone hate the Spinner Belt that much?

    • Mr 561

      As Daniel Bryan says ……..

      • Andrew Campbell


    • Kaos

      I liked it when it was first introduced, but it should have only been for John Cena & never should of been made the permanent title

      • Andrew Campbell

        I agree, it looks like a toy. It’s embarassing whenever a non-wrestling fan sees it.

      • Kaylyn Owens

        Yeah. I know. It’s a really stupid title.

  • kquickstillsucks

    Just bring back all the old 80’s belts. Winged eagle and WORLD tag titles. Classiest belts ever made along with the new/old ic title.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      No, we have to move forward. We can’t just keep living in the past. It’s time for something fresh.

      • kquickstillsucks

        Ok then tell them to redesign the big gold belt……

        • Andrew Campbell

          I like the BIG GOLD belt. It just has zero prestige now, which is a shame.

          • kquickstillsucks

            I was fine having the big gold belt around and the us title and another set of tag titles when there was a legit brand split now they are pointless. Smackdown is booked pretty much like raw with everyone appearing on both shows. For instance at Elimination Chamber they have 2 title matches both inside a EC chamber. They need to go back to 1 set of belts it will make them mean more. But wwe won’t because they think having 2 world champions helps them draw on house shows. Back in the day Hogan ran one town as world champ AND Savage ran another as IC champ…AS IC CHAMP. Thats how much that belt meant back then.

          • Andrew Campbell

            I’ve always been fully against the idea of two World Titles in the first place with or without a brand split.

          • Chaos Punk

            Am I missing something? I never saw Damien Sandow on Raw. I’ve never seen Ryback on Raw, either. They are using Smackdown to build up, develop, and evolve fresh new characters.

            I wish they would give Zack Ryder a slot on Smackdown…build him up again like they were before, have him turn heel and beat Sheamus for the title (either before or after the match), and threaten to take it to Raw. That would great build up for either a big blow off match at WM29 or maybe a unification match sometime next year.

          • kquickstillsucks

            “Am I missing something?” Yeah i’d say so….Punk, Bigshow, Ziggler, Sheamus and others were on Raw Monday then Smackdown on Friday hmmmm.

            Yeah a heel Zack Ryder vs Sheamus sounds like something that can or would happen at Wrestlemania. It would be the MAIN EVENT too….. I think CM Punk should leave Raw and take the WWE title with him and go to Smackdown to get away from Laurinitis WAIT Laurinitis is in charge of Smackdown to hmmmmm.

          • kquickstillsucks

            Hey you see Ryberg on Raw last night? HAHAHA.

          • kquickstillsucks

            Hey you see Ryberg on Raw last night? HAHAHA.

      • cenasucks

        The Undisputed title needs to return….that looked classy and has history to it

        • BrahmaBullRKO

          No it doesn’t. New era, new title.

          • cenasucks

            its better than having the winged eagle or the spinning title

          • BrahmaBullRKO

            Winged Eagle was my favorite one.

            I never said the Undisputed belt was bad. I’m just saying I don’t want it or the Winged Eagle, or any other past belt back because it should start fresh.

    • Lude

      Bring back, the classic belts, the attitude era, 1985 Hulk Hogan, King Kong Bundy, Wrestlemania 3, Miss Elizabeth, and Big Boss Man. Please! #Sarcassm

      • kquickstillsucks

        Well considering they already brought back the old IC title…you do know that is the old ic title design right? NAH you don’t, you didn’t even know this isn’t twitter lol. Here just for you #Retardation.

        • Lude


  • Reignmaker

    wait, first he says it’s not better than the spinner, then the next line says it’s better than the current one? huh? Anyway, i had to get used to the spinner. Then my son got into my life and I warmed up to it cuz he and his buddies love it. but if my offspring didn’t like it so much i wouldn’t be that into it.

  • Reignmaker

    on a recent article that ex-writer said h3 was fond of setting up hot wrestlers to fail ratings wise and then come in the next week because he was fond of playing “savior,” so maybe they are setting up this new belt to sound awesome but then be a turd? that way kids would clamor to get the spinner belt back on tv? just a thought. and like previous commenters, i do think the recent belts, i.e. the ecw “platinum” (we all know it was silver) divas title, and big penny tag belts were @$$ so I was initially intersted but now i’m more reluctant because of their recent history. then again, as long as jeff hardy didn’t design it they should be ok lulz. they need to get reggie parks back asap!

  • Christopher Thomas

    A little kid who hates Cena, Never though i would see it!….or hear it in this case.

  • Team Awesome

    Pretty neat watching this whole thing it’s broken into two parts . Great questions

  • WWE 3:16


  • Hitmaniac


  • Billy



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  • Adam Michael

    so…they have a new wwe title….but it sucks is what punk is saying?… hmmm i guess we will have to wait and see, i hope it doesnt tho, after years of wanting rid of the spinner i would fucking hate to regret it after seeing the new design. fingers crossed.

  • wrestlefanguy92

    how about a cm punk themed belt.

  • Wastelander

    I would bet a fair bit of money that the new belt will be unveiled on the 1000th episode of Raw.

  • brainlazer

    I don’t care what the new belt looks like i am so sick of that spinner belt. It’s big, clunky and ugly.It should havebeen disposed of years ago. The only thing I know is, they must’ve spent millions of dollars on that damn thing to keep it this long. The attitude era title only existed for four years, and the undisputed for three. We are now going on seven with this one. Please give us something new WWE. Take a page from TNA, their title is big AND classy.

  • Guest

    thank you jesus that cena title is garbage. “Enough is Enough and its time for a Change”-Owen Hart aka the Rocket

  • Mayhem420Smoke

    Did I just read that it said Eddie Guerrero was wrestling again? Didn’t Eddie Pass Away?