VIDEO: CM Punk Covers San Diego Comic Con For “The Nerdist”

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk served as the on sight reporter for The Nerdist’s coverage of the San Diego Comic Con.

Check out the above video to see Punk provide highlights of his day one experience at the Comic Con event.

If video fails, click here.

  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • AdamRanRuss

      CM Punk being a part of The Nerdist is two of my favorite nerd worlds colliding. Chris Hardwick and CM Punk are my Mega Powers.

      • brad

        Agreed love both of those guys.

    • pwnez

      I guess we’re going to continue with the CM Punk updates…

      • TNA Live Crowd

        And you’re going to continue to read and comment on these updates and like it…

        • pwnez

          I never said I was going to stop.

      • Reality

        Cm Punk is still a hot name

        • pwnez

          Yeah…but he’s not in the WWE anymore. Why they continue to report about his life is beyond me.

          • Pappy

            Then don’t read the damn article. It is a wrestling news site so they’re going to post things about wrestlers past or present.

          • QuiteFrankly2k

            Well I mean, it pulls views and could say the same about Lesnar. He was being reported on when he left for UFC or The Rock – they reported on him when he was gone. Batista and many more. But I do agree that Punk is milked. Instead of writing 8 articles one or two larger ones would suffice.

          • Damien J. Dennis

            I mean, they do the same with every other current and former wrestler. A lot of Rock news has more to do with his movies than a wrestling-related venture. If anything, it lets people like me know when Punk is doing something related to other things I am interested in. I run a website and the people I sent to the AP Music Awards met him, for example.

    • Deante320

      Welcome to PunkCenter: a cm punk spinoff to LebronCenter, which is actually sportcenter.

    • Corey Schlueter

      I hope CM Punk enjoys his time out of the WWE, but opportunities such as this will soon evaporate for him.

    • piccolo jr

      Dirt sheets are like crazy ex girlfriends when it comes to cm punks they just wont let him go

    • QuiteFrankly2k

      Just me or is Punk looker bigger? I know a few months back he had a picture where he was tubby but his arms are looking bulkier!

      • Undertaker316

        maybe he is getting back in ring shape *cue the conspiracy theories*

    • omega riddler

      I hope CM Punk replaces Jessica Chobot, she spoiled the ending to Nightwing for me. Please IGN, take her back.

    • Undertaker316

      New News Stories
      i think the people who run this website must be on vacation because they are missing alot of new news stories so ill fill in here are some of the stories

      Brock Lesnar Shuns Fan At Airport
      A video has gone viral today of Brock Lesnar and Sable being spotted in an airport.
      The video features a fan confronting Brock and trying to talk to him, only to be completely ignored and ostracized by Lesnar and Sable both
      video link []

      WWE Tells cesaro to stop doing the cesaro swing
      WWE officials reportedly recently told Cesaro to quit doing his Cesaro Swing move because of how it was getting over with the fans.

      WWE network beta testing in other regions

      It’s said that WWE is learning from some of their mistakes with the WWE Network launch as they’re doing beta testing with viewers for the international roll-out. They did not do beta testing for the first launch.

      Ricky Steam boat comments on His WWE status

      “I am under a Legends contract. I’m like a diplomat. I do appearances and autograph sessions and speak for the company. It’s a great gig for me. I’m glad I’m still able to do this and still have some notoriety, to keep this old dog going until it’s time to ride off into the sunset.”

      seth rollins opens wrestling school

      WWE’s website has a new interview up with Seth Rollins, talking about the new “Black & Brave Wrestling Academy” he’s opened with his former tag team partner Marek Brave. He talked about why he’s opened the school

      Law Firm Files Class Action Lawsuit Against WWE For Making False & Misleading Statements
      wwe network,stock and tv deal

      • Umeer Ahmad Cheema

        Damn, Brock was really being a pretty big douche.

        • Chyna

          Haha! Good! Fits perfectly well with his character, back to how wrestling should be, isn’t this what you people want?

          • lunchbox87

            Not really people know in today’s world its fake so treally makes no sense for them to act in character around fans like this …many heels take the time to pose and talk to fans .Brock is just a D*ck its a proven fact with guys who worked with him and promoters he worked for if this was any other star you wouldn’t
            be excusing them

            • Chyna

              Ha! And thats the problem with the business, you think heel former UFC champ all round bad ass Brock ignoring a fan isn’t gonna bring people into the product? You either wanna see him kick ass or get his ass beat, its simple.

            • nBonThaBeat

              I think it’s pretty well known that Brock really doesn’t like people. The dude lives in the middle of nowhere. He’s probably in the wrong line of work if he doesn’t like to get approached by people but then again. It would be fake, if he just dropped his bags and put on a huge smile for people and popped out a pin and started signing autographs.

      • Castle

        If I saw this guy or any of these wrestlers in person, I wouldn’t approach them at all. I don’t need autographs from them, and I know for a fact there’s nothing to talk about at an airport. Many of these guys don’t like to be approached! They might go along, but the wheels in their brains are focused on the hotel, and getting their stuff ready so they’re not likely to focus or care enough on fans. Not all, but most are like this. That’s why they look so standoffish. Truth be told though, Lesnar is known for not being too social. The guy is an introvert and keeps to himself. Unlike say Chris Jericho an extrovert, who would sign an autograph and even make small talk for the hell of it.

        • Cadolots

          Oh I agree, Brock and Sable look annoyed by that girl. In Brock head… he was thinking please leave us alone. John Cena and Chris Jericho are among wrestlers that willing to talk and give autograph to their fan. Chris is one the nicest guy in WWE to meet I heard

          • Progressed_Now

            unless you’re the fan he punched

            • Undertaker316

              that fan hit jericho first

    • Progressed_Now

      lmao oh how the mighty have fallen……….. from 400+ days as WWE champion to wrapping up SDCC.

      P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. he’ll be spotted working at KFC by the end of next month. and ugh god Diana Allers REALLY needs to go.

      • pwnez

        Pathetic? He’s doing a hell of a lot more than you are. Usually when people retire, they do other things. Clearly you don’t get out much.

        • Progressed_Now

          lol that’s rich coming from you. go play with Pixie Carter and leave the “witty” comments to those who got the personality to pull it off.

          • Glybirdy

            No no, pwnez is right. I too am also confused as to why you think what CM Punk is doing is pathetic. Is it one of those intranetic knee jerk reaction comments? If not please explain. Because you just come off as a douche.

          • pwnez

            Don’t ever use the word ‘witty’ and Pixie Carter as an insult ever again. Just don’t do it. It’s obvious you can’t pull it off either.

      • nBonThaBeat


    • Castle

      Yeah, he fits right in there with them. CM Punk oozed nothing but nerdy vibes in WWE. I’ve been saying it for a long time, that WWE has embraced that nerdy culture to the extreme with who they have been hand picking to represent them. Now I see CM Punk hooked up with AJ Lee irl, how adorable…. two nerdy people getting it on, and sharing their love for comics n video games. It looks like CM Brooks finally found a chick he can connect with, someone as nerdy as he is.

      Anyway, I’m glad WWE is stepping away somewhat from that nerdy vibe, because I couldn’t take it anymore. We’ve got bada$$es in the house now.. Brock Lesnar, Cesaro, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Ambrose such an unbelievable bada$$ this guy is such a throwback to the old days it’s not even funny! Anybody old enough that watched in the 80s/90s know’s what I’m talking about. Usos, Wyatt’s… Rybaxel, etc…. all a throwback and bada$$es. That’s what WWE needs.

      Now all WWE needs is to enhance the women’s division, and get rid of the remaining NERDY goofy/goober fluff like Zack Ryder, Adam Rose who btw is a total joke, Fandango who they should turn into a bada$$ or throw him out, and El Torito. WWE doesn’t need any of this garbage. WWE is still average, but they’re getting back to their old roots. No more giving promos in the middle of the ring Indian style breaking the 4th wall and kayfabe… that goofy $hit. They want to see bada$$ Dean Ambrose on the mic calling it like it is old school style and kicking a$$ old school style. This WWE I like.
      If only Batista could have been there to add to the bada$$. Unfortunately all the nerdy fans decided to boo him because a mistake WWE made. From that point on… “BooTista” it was.. And what’s worse, they were butthurt over this mistake well on past WM 30… SMH
      Batista didn’t need to put up with that $hit. Nerdy fans ruining it for the rest. ….. “yaaaaaayy… boooooooo…yaaaaaayyyy…..booooooooo” Back in the early 90s , nobody past the age of 16 would have done that goofy $hit.

    • DDMX

      Some of you are like jilted ex girlfriends. Just because hes done with wrestling doesn’t mean they need to stop posting about him. In that case they shouldn’t post about HBK, Stone cold Steve Austin, DDP, Mick Foley etc etc. If he hurt your feelings that much stop reading the articles…. simple

    • terrence ryan

      Who cares

    • essinodub

      Homegirl’s hot

    • brad

      It’s well known that Brock doesn’t really like people he’s always said that he envied Kane for showing up doing his job and leaving. It’s obvious that he’s not one for interviews as Paul Heymans always had his back in wrestling and in mma he usually says how he plans to kick some more ass and be on top, Lesnar doesn’t care about the fans he only cares about kicking ass and making money and that’s whats so special about his character. The fact that it’s not a gimmick Brock Lesnar is Brock Lesnar an ass kicker to say the least and that’s what makes him so popular because he brings that tough dude mentality to ware you either wanna see him get his ass kicked or you wanna see him kick some ass.

    • Nikhilesh Karnik