Video: Colt Cabana’s “Worst Promo Ever” ft. Cameo By WWE Superstar

It’s no surprise which WWE Superstar makes a cameo appearance in Colt Cabana’s recent youtube video.


  • tobacco#1

    stallion maverick!! awesome ring name,tensai was also a cool ring name and character till he started dressin like j , wow thats bad

  • stone cold 4 life

    well they got the name right that’s for sure jk

  • Steve

    never understood why WWE did not keep this guy, but puts guys like Zack Ryder on TV

    • askbillmitchell

      Physical appearance. I thought that was obvious?

      • Steve

        really? ok, i am not into guys, so i can not be 100% sure, but Ryder is a lot more ugly than Colt Cabana in my opinion. at least as much as i know if you have a personality like Colt Cabana, girls will love you even if you do not have a six pack.

        • heterosexual

          ryder would be p.nice lookin if he layed off the tan and the hair products, his body is nice but not everyone wants someone who’s ripped or stick thin.

          • askbillmitchell

            Vince does. Again, I thought this was obvious.

        • vadertime33

          smart guy he means muscles

      • vadertime33

        true hahahahha

  • askbillmitchell

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    • Dreidel Johnson


  • Joe Hundley

    That shits funny,

  • raVen

    everytime i see ryder, santino, robbie e, and 4 out of 5 month long rematches on raw and smackdown i shake my head and think why isn’t colt cabana on nat’l tv???

  • kquickstillsucks

    Hahahaha this was gold

  • Dreidel Johnson