Video: Complete CM Punk vs. John Cena Match From RAW

The February 25th, 2013 WWE RAW main event between CM Punk and John Cena is being called an “instant classic” and one of the best RAW matches in years. Battling for a shot to face The Rock for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29, both competitors stepped their game up and delivered what could be their finest match to date.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jose Cordova

    I must say Mr. cena Came with his a game that night And it is a good match To be honest I wouldn’t Mind watching the match one more time at wrestlemania

    • synkara

      This feud has been going really since the Nexus came in summer 2010. Eventually I think this feud will have a major finish, a cage match or 2/3 Falls, where CM punk gets the win on Cena once and for all.

      • Jose Cordova

        I would love to see that!!!… They had the same chemistry That rock and Austin have Not COMPAPRING Them to rock and Austin But whenever they get in the ring they just click And that’s what I miss in Wrestling

  • Spike_Spiegel

    Day after raw i immediately started watching it again on youtube. Cant say enough about these guys.

    • Peer Pressure

      I usually delete RAW from my DVR after watching it, but I decided to keep it in my playlist just for this match.

  • Williams

    This and cenas classic with hbk in 07 was his best matches . There was not a beat down for 15 minutes and then a super cena pill and 5 moves later a win

  • Austin

    Michael cole missed a call of the crossface. lol and Cena’s got more than five moves now? cx. This was a great match to rival Cena v HBK in 07′

  • Orestis

    Seriously don’t hate on me thats just my opinion but,here goes.After having watched the match twice i have to say it was dull untill the powerbomb.After that things went better and better, BUT people exaggerate about it being epic and at first i thought that as well.But Jericho and Bryan had a better match IMO.Still the match was over 30 minutes and built to amaze.People keep overating Cena’s performance and bitch about people that said Punk made the match.Both men did great imo Punk was better.Cena getting back at th ring at the count of 9 made me laugh at how stupid it was planned.Still Cena didn’t wrestle great and people need to finaly understand that he is not a good wrestler.That being said im sure people will fire back at me saying stuff ” Cena was awesome blah blah” He was good , and Imo Punk was great.NOthing more nothing less.Punk could do better , Cena couldn’t.I’m willing to change my opinion tho…

    • Junaid Bokhari

      The only person who cares about your opinion is yourself. Do whatever you wanna do with it. lol

      • Orestis

        I will :D. Seriously now thats how i see things but im always open to being wrong…

        • Spookusjoe

          I’m all for people having their opinions, and fair do’s to you on yours, but I have to disagree. I thought both put on a great match and are very well suited in ring. I like both wrestlers and believe Punk is slightly overrated and Cena underrated. We all know Punk is pretty awesome in ring, but despite the “5 moves of Doom”ers opinion Cena isnt as bad as is made out. He’s no natural but is far from poor. Both awesome on the mic, and both decent storytellers. For me they are the (Or going to be in time) Austin/Rock of this generation. They wont compare to R/A because of the Attitude era v PG when it comes to the best of all time, but both have their place.

          • Orestis

            well you may be right but still in my mind when i see Cena wrestle , it just doesn’t work for me.Still thats just my personal taste and i did wrong to accuse him for being a bad wrestler, i just can’t dig him wrestling though, maybe others do, actually others Do and thats cool…

  • stone cold 4 life

    i wanted Jr to commentate this match

    • Name

      We ALL want JR back. Vince doesn’t like him. It won’t happen.

  • JaffaJoose

    I love the look on the ref’s face when Punk lifts Cena for the piledriver.

    • morrisonfanone

      And Arn Anderson was afraid of losing his job over that.

  • GMpunk

    These two are theRock and Austin of this era and hopefully their rivalry lasts for years to come!

    • lunchbox87

      well Put Punk is Macho man to Cena’s Hogan and the Austin to Cena’s Rock

  • Rashad Jackson

    i mean there can never be a ausin n rock but these 2 are good n love there feud im glad its over though

  • Smith

    This is probably a big reason why Cena can never turn heel. Him and Punk’s characters are just perfect for each other. They bring out the best in each other in the ring too.

  • Sisisi!

    This is what their ppv matches should’ve been, I knew the outcome but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really wish that Rock and Cena could put on a match of this caliber, but I really doubt it.

  • timmari august

    cool cena

  • timmari august

    hey D:

  • timmari august

    hey peeps

  • jccox01

    Cena can never top his 1 hour match with HBK on Raw a few years back. :3

  • lunchbox87

    Both men deserved a standing ovation after that match

  • morrisonfanone

    How did Cena do a hurricanrana? That was one of the best matches WWE has ever put on. That was the best I have seen Cena in a very long time.

  • Chris

    Punk sold that hurricanrana well, LOL….best in the world!

  • omega riddler

    “video has been removed by user”