Video: Axl Rotten Challenges CZW Founder To Shoot Fight

ECW Original Axl Rotten recently emailed us the following video where he challenges CZW founder John Zandig to a shoot fight. First, here are the comments from Zandig that prompted Rotten’s challenge:

And now here is Axl Rotten’s official challenge:

  • IKeepsit100

    *plays video*

    “I was F’d in the A”

    Yeah i’m done here.

  • My arms hurt

    I may be one of the few who knows about stuff like CZW, IWA Mid-South, and your basic deathmatch wrestling on here. I can say that while John Zandig may not be a “Match of the Year” wrestler, he CAN mess people up if he needs to and he can take the punishment as well. Axl Rotten is not to be scoffed at either, another of your semi talented technical wrestlers, not WWE Hall of Fame worthy, but definitely worthy of the Hardcore Hall of Fame, he can dish out and endure with the best of the extreme crowd. I’m stumped, I have no idea who would win, but I know that it would definitely be worth watching it happen to find out. One hell of a fight, guaranteed. Book It!

    • GDI

      Zandig/Rotten TOD!!

  • Nullspace


  • Guest
  • Guest

    Man, when Rotten talks all I can see in my mind is…

  • Scott Kinnard

    Doesn’t Axl have cancer?