Video: Jake Roberts Meets With Scott Hall

DDP posted the following video on Youtube of Jake Roberts visiting Scott Hall at his home in Florida earlier this month:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • stone cold 4 life

    DDP for Hall Of Fame 2014. Like this if you agree

    • mrchopper

      This ain’t Facebook, homie. However I do wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment.

      • raVen


  • askbillmitchell

    It is fun to listen to Scott when he is clear headed. I almost forgot how funny this guy can be. I wish him all the best in beating this thing that has held him down for a long time.

  • ninfan_1999

    Go get ’em Scott Hall.

  • Nate

    Is it just me or does Scott Hall look very very bad? I guess since I personally have not seen him in years, makes him look even worse to me, since I have not seen the progress of his physical decline. I guess DDP Yoga can’t make him look any worse! So of course if he sticks it out, his before & after pics will be amazing! I would personally also like to see him die his hair & eye brows though. LOL just to look more like the bad guy we knew from the good ol’ days.

    • raVen

      he actually looks 10x better here than he did when he first got there..
      scott has been in a very deep dark hole for a long long time

      • guest

        Thanks to straight edge goofy mark fans making him feel bad for partying. He has every right to nurse his pain. They’ve ALL earned that right and should continue to do so GODDAMMIT!!

        • raVen

          partying is one thing…scott was killing himself.
          straight edge view or not when someone in the same spot as scott hall it’s a problem and they need help.

          • MissyH316

            I agree, raVen. Scott may indeed have “every right to nurse his pain”, but I certainly don’t think that “nursing” should equal “slow suicide”, nor does anyone else who honestly gives a damn about him. I want to see him not just “nurse his pain”, but nurse his pain in a positive way that will get him healthy and truly happy and at peace with himself.

            It’s heartening to see that people like DDP and Jake still want to help him; maybe their faith in him, however much it is, might just be the spark that will finally set him on a road to a healing, lasting recovery. :-) My very best wishes and prayers for Scott’s good health and wellbeing.

  • guest

    This is getting ridiculous. Quit pushing the sobriety bandwagon. Wrestlers have been running wild and partying on the road for upwards of 40 years. Quit sabotaging tradition. There is NOTHING wrong with wrestlers and veteran athletes in general nursing their pain as they see fit. They have earned that right. And DDP does not want people continually patting him on the head either. He stated as much and also said that this wasn’t even his idea. It was the idea of the same dickhead pushing the cameras in these guys faces every step of the way. Enough is enough. Jake and Hall were loved by their true fans even when they were partying hard on the road and many of us would rather see them stay true to that over being guilted into this nonsense. And isn’t it convenient that sales for DDP Yoga have gone up. Long live the old school days of the road! This is just another example of what is wrong with the wrestling biz today. Too many straight edge idiots dousing the fire. Here’s to hoping the days of wild road stories continue!! Being a wrestler also means being a rebel. Quit taking all of our old school rebels away from us. This is not what we envisioned. Leave tradition alone and finger-pointers BE DAMNED!!