Video: Jerry Lawler Posts Video From The Hospital

Jerry Lawler posts a Tout video from the hospital – just three days after suffering a heart attack on WWE RAW:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Bert the Titman

    this man just no sold a heart attack. talk about hardcore!

  • Wayne Baker

    If there was any type of silver lining in this event (other than him surviving of course) it’s that we can finally remember Montreal for something other than Bret Hart.

    • Count_Da_Money

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing earlier today when I heard how well he was doing.

  • yes

    Thats where CM punk and King can finally shake hands and be friends again.

    • Brian Buckley

      Maybe, or be neutral..either that…

    • Josh Foley

      i think behind the scenes punk isnt so heelish, love the gimmick though, he probably has a great deal of respect for king

  • Chuck Norris

    I hate Jerry Lawler. i cant believe this old man is still alive.

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      i would dislike that comment but your a nobody

  • Richard Lemire

    Jerry, Take good care and hurry back. Listening to Cole Sucks!

  • Katherine Bury

    Get well soon, Jerry, we love you.

  • joan rexroad

    cant wait for you to come back will keep you in our prays take care jerry

  • Vivian Pontieri

    Jerry take care and be well soon ( Hugs ) One day at a time and I’m sure we will see you soon..

  • Rob

    You know, his recovery is remarkable. I think I read something where he had heart surgery but yet hes standing. Kinda looks like a work to be completely honest. I know this has been covered by every media outlet but come on, who recovers this fast? He was dead for 20 mins and he has no brain damage and making jokes just like he was on air at raw again? I hope its not a work, because that would change my outlook on WWE big time!

  • Tim Yackel

    hope you get better soon jerry

  • Michael Waid

    No problem King! Continued prayers and well wishes coming your way! Praise God you’re alright!

  • George Thompson

    think u n hope u return 2 raw nxt Monday I’ll keep u n my prayers:>

  • Stephanie Renaud

    Get to feeling better, I have been watching Wrestling since the early 80″s and have enjoyed it with you Jerry. Get well soon Buddy

  • Josh Foley

    your welcome king, see you next time your at raw, through my tele of course

  • qwertyboy619

    Fantastic! He actually looks great – wtf??!

    • Janice Coffman

      There’s no bandage..and they said he had heart surgery … (?)

      • Eubanks!!

        They can go through other places. My daughter had a heart murmur (hole in heart) and they plugged it by going in from her thigh.

  • dillowman

    SOOOOOO happy to see this!!!!

  • Jennifer Bronson

    Get Well Soon Jerry. We Love You.

  • Brian Rhoades

    they should do the Steve Austin/ McMahon hospital skit, using punk and Lawler

  • megpooh122

    hey Jerry get better soon. You will be missed while you are not on the show. love you

  • LeeCrew

    We Are All 3 glad to see you are doing better. We are still Praying for you. We are Great Friends of Jeff Tankersley here in Kingsport. We would Love to meet you in Person sometime.
    James and Missy Lee and Tommy Cook III

  • Dick Chipperson

    Well, it looks like Jerry gave Death the diving fist drop and broke the reaper’s scythe. Jerry…Jerry…Jerry…

    • pennyangel

      My sediments exactly! “KING” showed death what he thought…

      • jackflash

        to be fair, there was some outside interference.

        • Paul Rotando

          It was No-DQ so that’s fair :)

      • stormgreyeagle


  • shirley mcneil

    been praying for you so glad you are ok we love you take care of yourself

  • DragonofDarknessXIII

    Thank goodness he’s doing ok.

  • Big-Daddy_Death_Bringer

    your welcome king.

  • Deb Melton

    So glad that you are feeling better. Gave everyone a real big scare. Get home soon.

  • Killer jumpshot

    Could u imagine the pop he’s gonna get when he comes back to raw? All hail the king!!

  • HRMA

    Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you no-sell a finisher. With class.

  • Darren Healey

    Get well soon jerry the show is not the same without u king

  • Luv Bubble Butts

    Jerry gave Death the piledriver! So happy to see him looking good! Long live the King!

  • Jessicaandcharlie Hall

    ur berry welcome jerry hope u feel better soon cant wait for u to come back!! ur the best king ever in wwe!!! i dont care what punk says :) get well soon!

  • cockneyjay75

    hope the king comes back n kick c m punks arse big time aswell as john ceena doing it in night of champions

  • Eubanks!!

    Vince: “Hey,uhhh, I know you wanted to address your fans King, but can u keep it under 15 seconds and Tout it?”

  • Shelby Duaran Lee

    u # 1 jerry the king lawler

  • Johnie

    Even in a horrible situation like this he still smiles what an inspiration!

  • Great Big “Z”

    A Man’s Man. Humble,Brilliant and Bullet (Well, Heart attack) -Proof! Come back whenever you’re ready,Jerry-We’ll wait,Promise!

  • Jay Smiff

    right on . your the man.

  • pennyangel

    Hi “King” Thank you for your update. glad to see you are doing well and can’t wait to see you back in your commentating chair.

  • Chris Savage

    ok guys really? selling soething come on? that’s not funny this man had a legitmate heart attack that was not a part of RAW and you have the balls to say that he was selling something for a storyline. i expect you also think that the owen hart tragedy was faked too

  • Dianne

    Glad you are doing better! It’s not your time to head to the ring in the sky yet. Take your time and fully recover before you come back. I know what a journey it will be I have gone through this situation with my father and ex husband. My thoughts, heart and prayers are with you and your family

  • john

    hope to see you back on WWE Jerry get well

  • Ben Collinson

    sorry to hear that your in hospital. I’m a big fan of you hope you get better soon.