VIDEO: MVP, Low Ki, Samoa Joe & Homicide Talk State Of TNA With Sam Roberts

TNA stars MVP, Low Ki, Samoa Joe and Homicide all appeared together on a special round table edition of The Sam Roberts Show recently to discuss the current state of TNA.

Additionally, the four guys talk about being independent, their time in WWE, the culture of internet fans, training and more.

Check out the complete appearance above.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Marvin B.

      Dope vid

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      that was eductional. i can watch those types of interview all day. was cool to see ki and especially homicide. he does not do many interviews.

      • Adrian Fylonenko

        Jim Ross, Jericho, and Stone Cold all have outstanding podcasts that I listen to pretty much every day. You’d really enjoy those too.

        • brad

          I really like Austin’s and Jim Ross’s isn’t bad but I have yet to test out Jericho’s.

    • yrabadi

      This was dope… a great reminder that wrestling is not exclusive to the WWE brand. Now I’m gonna go watch some NJPW.

      • Joe Anonymous

        Wow, aren’t you special? You’re gonna watch NJPW? I’m so proud of you… -eye roll-

        • yrabadi

          Aw, what a stud right here. ;)

          • Joe Anonymous

            *Shrug* You’re the one giving your little mark comment about watching NJPW.

            Like, what, do you want a parade or a monument that you’re gonna go watch NJPW?

            • yrabadi

              Dude, I watched a cool interview in which they pushed promotions that I have never watched. So I made a comment that I was going to check one of them out.

              Sorry for offending you! D!ck.

            • Joe Anonymous

              Oh BS. That was a subtle jab at the WWE, and you know it. Not that I’m defending WWE, but you just made it painfully obvious, you mark.

            • yrabadi

              Yeah… I’ll be super critical of WWE in pretty much every other post, but beside to be subtle here. Right.

              What a d!ck.

            • Joe Anonymous

              Thanks for proving my point then, dummy. LMAO.

            • yrabadi

              Yeah. That’s what I did. ‘-eye roll-‘

    • memoryman00

      This is no dig at TNA, but his talent has been wasted there for too long. Such a shame that he never had a WWE run.
      And his jobber match there doesn’t count lol

      But this interview is really worth a listen