Video Of Wade Barrett’s IC Title Win, Cena Entered Into The Royal Rumble, Heyman-TLC

The following are the big news stories coming out of Monday’s RAW:

– John Cena announced that he is the first superstar officially entered into the 2013 Royal Rumble match. Cena vowed to become WWE champion once again in 2013.

– If WWE Champion CM Punk is not medically cleared to wrestle Ryback in a TLC match on next week’s live episode of RAW, Punk’s manager Paul Heyman will take his place.

– Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston to capture the Intercontinental championship for the second time. Kingston will get a rematch on Friday’s SmackDown. Here’s video of the match, followed by a backstage Tout video of Barrett right after his win:

Brad Davis

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  • whos john cena

    John cena wwe champion again? NO NO NO!!!

  • dae

    Glad to see Wade Barrett, in his current persona, get a title. His current character works even as a heel. Just disappointed that Kofi had to drop the strap.
    RE: Punk: Whether or not he wrestles to retain his title next week, I still feel he should’ve been stripped of the title with the long term injury he sustained. He could have taken the time off and come back to win back his title which would’ve been a better storyline than him retaining three times due to shady circumstances (Cena screwed by Show to be the first to lose a MITB match*, that pointless scrub ref, and Ryback taken out by the Shield) and not defending in over a month.
    The WWF/E should take the policy of injured champions as such: If a current champion is injured, he/she will remain the champion but relinquish the belt. Two contenders will be put into a match to determine an interim champion. When the champion is healthy to compete, he/she will take on the interim champion in a championship unification match. If said match ends in a DQ or is a no contest, then the title will be vacated until a new champion is crowned.
    Would make for more compelling TV than watching some guy on crutches whine, complain, and b.s. for 10 minutes.

    • Wing


  • Reality

    Cena vs The Rock, Twice in a lifetime, for the WWE championship.
    As much as I hate it, it looks like they’re heading towards that direction

    • Fido Riko

      I really really hope not

  • Rock Solid

    John Cena will lose the RR match and fail to achieve what he promised. The RR match is most likely going to be won by Ryback, you can practically smell it a mile away. I’m not 100% certain on this, but it’s a huge chance. He will choose Big Show and end his last run as WHC at WM.

    The shield is going to interfere in Rock/Punk and attack the Rock. Cena is going to run down and help but he will hit the rock by accident probably with a steel chair. Then as Cena and the Shield fight it out, Punk hits the GTS on Rock and retains the title. Cena will turn back and look displeased but begin to show signs of selfishness in his face as the camera turns to him. Cena will also lose in the elimination chamber and he’ll likely snap in a similar fashion the way Bret Hart snapped early in ’97. As for the combatants in the EC match, I have no idea. But it will definitely involve CM Punk and John Cena.

    The Rock will then make note of the situation, but Cena will bring up the WM 28 match. Cena will then bait the Rock for a rematch at that point to which Rock accepts.
    Meanwhile CM Punk out of pure arrogance after defeating the Rock, retaining at EC and claiming that he has beat them all, he will challenge the Undertaker’s streak and “cement his legacy as BITW”. On the other side of things, HHH will get his retribution with Brock Lesnar. HHH will win this one.
    Ryback will defeat Big Show. Afterward, Big Show knocks him out cold and walks out. Then ZIGGLER with his cutesie whore AJ Lee come down to the ring and cash in. Ryback shortest WHC at WM in history!

    • Rock Solid

      Then again, maybe Big Show knocks Ryback out hard enough but not out cold. Then as Ryback slowly gets back up, Ziggler hits him with the briefcase a few times. Cashes in, hits his finisher and pins him. <<< Likely scenario

  • Rock Solid

    John Cena will go into the match with the Rock as an unstable face, but not a full blown heel. The match will likely be short (18-25 mins) and not as over the top as WM 28. It will be similar to Rock and Hogan’s second match in that it will be about what happens at the end than the match itself. The Rock will likely win rematch #2. And this will send John Cena over the edge. He will then probably deliver a vicious non-PG beat down on Rock busting him open etc… followed by a non-PG shoot on the entire fanbase.

    Afterward Undertaker wins against a dominant CM Punk who will probably be Taker’s toughest WM challenge in his whole career to date. Punk/Taker will close out WM 29.

    The following night on RAW Cena will win the vacated WWE title belt defeating CM Punk (who will be cheered heavily) in the finals of an 8 man tourney. Punk would have had him beat legitimately. The Shield however would pull the referee out of the ring and deliver a beat down on CM Punk as John Cena watches laughing his ass off. Fans booing the hell out of Cena, while he taunts them. Brad Maddox then runs down to the ring and counts the 1..2..3 with John Cena winning the title. Maddox, the Shield, and Cena will then all be in the ring laughing at Punk. The Shield will then hoist Cena up on their shoulders, with Cena holding the title. People will then proceed to throw trash in the ring while Cena taunts them. Maddox however is not working with the Shield nor with Cena. Cena and the Shield however from that point on would seem to be in an alliance. CM Punk will go back to being a face and struggle for the most part of the year to gain back the WWE title against a heel John Cena.
    WWE should book it this way, if they want a way better show. I’m not 100% sure of this, but I’m sure at least part of it will happen.

    • Name Goes Here

      You left out the part about Cena getting out black spray paint to “redecorate” the title…

    • Jordan Zelisko

      So WWE just rips off the Hogan heelturn/NOW storyline right?

  • Rud318oy

    John Cena will be one of the Last two in the royal rumble, we all know this. Now that being said lets see if ole VKM and his team of writers try to “swerve” us….Doubt it