Video Of When CM Punk’s Knee Injury Occured

Check out this video from Survivor Series, which shows CM Punk grabbing his knee in pain after he and John Cena worked together to suplex Ryback through the announcers table. It’s unknown if Punk was dealing with a knee injury prior to this spot, but he was showing signs of a bad knee after this took place.

Brad Davis

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  • Two Cents

    There’s a joke in this on how people didn’t want to work with Ryback because he was too careless and injured or near injured his opponents.

    Looking passed that, it does look as if Punk turned too far into that suplex before having to jump back from the debris. Then again, Punk has always talked on having bad knees, so this could have happened anytime this year with reports of him limping about.

  • pwnez

    This happened at Survivor Series, not raw.

  • Andrew Campbell


  • Peer Pressure

    All the cock sucking smarks that was saying Ryback injured him on Raw feel real stupid now. Idiots! This bums knee was probably banged up way before Survivor Series.

    • that guy over there

      his knees were getting fucked up since the indies when he use to do the pedigree from the top rope but i think he called it the pepsi plunge

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      Thank you im tired of the motherfuckers always blaming it on a big guy. So with that logic that mean nobody under 230 lbs is unsafe. Fucking idiots.

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    This is what happens when you overwork your talent especially if they are working hurt. I hope Punk recovers soon and doesn’t have to vacate the title, although (God forbid) if he does have to vacate WWE can use the opportunity to do the two title storyline properly, as the Punk/Cena storyline was badly handled (my opinion) and they can have him come back with the new title.

    • cappa37

      lol this is what happens when you have 190 pound indy trashbags trying to carry the same workload as Kurt Angle, Batista and yes, John Cena. Punk is a cruiserweight champ… he has no business carrying the WWE Championship. His body is obviously too frail and fragile to handle the workload.

      • Donte Shoshona Gopual

        Its funny when “trolls” hit a nerve on obsessed fans trying to defend there INDY stars, when the indy star couldn’t give two shit about em’. But your wrong CM Punk did not screw WWE, WWE screwed WWE……. and cm punk.

      • Stranger

        Didn’t John Cena miss an entire month because of his arm?

      • Mickey Blankenship

        you see here you are just like vince macmahon in that thinking you call him a trash bag but he is way better than your low brow opinion and you were probably one of the people that supported him when he was a good guy earlier this year if you look over all at life he really isn’t all that little of a guy but will look small when compared to the muscle heads in wwe just because you have a lot of muscle don’t mean you can wrestle some of the greatest wrestlers in history were relatively small randy savage, ricky steamboat, ric flair, and shawn michaels to name a few and this indy hatred i don’t understand because that is where everybody gets their start

        • Peer Pressure

          The Rock didn’t start from the indys, and he’s the greatest of all time.

          • Haven?A

            the rock was raised in a wrestling family

          • Peer Pressure

            He still never wrestled for an indy fed.

          • Haven?A

            Sorry I didn’t read the comment that u were replying to

        • Mickey Blankenship

          Granted but he is the exception but at the same time he shouldn’t get the treatment he does because he is hollywood talent and he did walk away yeah he made some movies but he could have done both but chose the bright lights of hollywood while wwe has had some success but they could’ve been bigger if he hadn’t left. And something else I don’t get why is he getting a title shot he doesn’t done anything to deserve it.

  • Mickey Blankenship

    wwe really needs to start taking better care of its stars, they wonder why so many get hooked on pain killers and die at an early age well proof is right here

  • ewd

    against kane last week his left or right knee was dying and he kept clutching it

  • Ryley Hlady

    Look Closer, he got hit by the table. Looks like a front pannel on the bottom.

    • Haven?A

      i thought i was the only one who cought that, while everyone else is saying its from lifting ryback, which doesnt make sense because he had cenas help

  • Eo

    they’re acting like that’s not the 8th table ryback been thru in the past week.