VIDEO: Scott Steiner Explains Why He Won’t Sign A WWE Legends Deal

Scott Steiner was recently asked by Ringside Collectibles at the San Diego Comic Con about the possibility of him signing a WWE legends deal. Steiner had a very definite opinion on the matter, saying “Well, I’ve been asked for a Legends contract. Unfortunately, my lawyer explained to me that it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.”

You can check out the video interview above.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Pozessed

      Geesh, still looks massive, sweet tattoos too, this guy is the epitome of epic, his workout DVD involving like 20 chicks is the best.
      Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest wrestler of all time.

      • Don

        Bleh…. He’s so roided out I wouldn’t doubt he’d get injured from falling off a chair. Terrible voice, well known asshole, and lost all his talent when he got on the juice.

        • pwnez

          Scott did slow down drastically in the ring when he began getting bigger. He was a great wrestler when he wasn’t so huge. The belly to belly suplex was practically the only move he used when he returned to WWE in 2002. However, he seems like a cool guy, his promos can be quite funny and he did have plenty of awesome matches.

        • Pozessed

          Most realistic character, a true man’s man, he is like the Terminator but even cooler loool. This guy was my childhood.

      • brad

        I don’t know about the greatest of all time but he’s Definitely a top tier legend.

    • 10YearOldBoy

      Scott Steiner vs Cm Punk on the mic…gives me goosebumps

      • Hudson

        Michael Cole Interviewing the returning Scott Steiner:

        Michael Cole: How does it feel to be back in the WWE?

        Steiner: It feelsh great Mykul… I don’t think Ive been happier. Im back so
        that I can still show the world how great I am in this ring and win the
        title that has elooooded me all my career and thats the World WWE World
        Heavyweight Champion!

        Michael Cole: There has been talks backstage
        amongst the locker room, that you don’t have it anymore. One individual
        has been very vocal about his opinions and that’s one CM Punk… any

        Steiner: CM PUNKS… yeah I know him… that’s that
        little dude with the big mouth who thinks hes smarter than everybody
        else. Punks needs to stop talkin and start eatin, because his body is
        so small he looks like a pencil. Punks calls himself the best in the
        world.. naa I’m the best in the world JACK, and I’ve got the largest
        arms in the world to boot. CM Punks is a schmuck.. I’d snap his skinny
        eeeassss in two.. he dont belong in the same ring as the genetic freak
        that is I. I’ll carry that pencil and his toothpick girlfriend over my
        shoulders and make em both scream for the big bad boooty daddy!!! Hey
        Punks you want to talk shiiiit on me punk? Come on n say it to my face
        you biiitch buttt sucking baaasterd..!

        CM Punk: Hey Scotty…. I
        hear you wanted me to talk to you face to face. Well here I am. You
        know Scotty… I don’t know if you realized this or not, but it’s not
        1998 or 2003, you’re older, slower, and outdated in this game of
        professional wrestling today. Don’t make me embarrass you in front of
        the world like I did your old buddy Kevin Nash. He thought he could
        take me on too, and he failed. ::::Breaks the fourth wall:::: Hey Big
        Kev… Big Daddy Cool..whathaveyou… how’s life treatin ya?

        Scott you talk about me being a pencil? Well at least I don’t have shrunken
        privates due to over excessive use of performance enhancers. What were
        those chicks you used to call…. the ones on your arm back in WCW? Oh
        yeah..thats right, your freaks! Are you satisfying those freaks
        ::airquotes::: “FREAKZILLA” ? Or did they leave you for the 60 minute
        man you’ve always hated throughout your career Ric Flair? Anyway
        Scott, the fun and games are over. I’m sick and tired of hasbeens trying
        to relive their glory days. And I’m sick and tired of part timing
        jackasses like the Rock and Brock Lesnar that think they can come in
        here and dominate once or twice in the year while I’m on the road
        working my assss off full time.

        How about we settle it right now oneon one. This way you don’t have to worry about being part time or full time, because I’ll kick your ass all the way back to the old folks home. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. the BEST IN THA

        Steiner: ” Punks, for yer infermation.. I
        plan to work full time , because I aint no part timer JACK.. I’m a
        workin man. I aint some Hollywood pretty boy , and I aint Brock Lesnar.
        .. Brock Lesnar aint got anything on me. In all this time he dont look
        half as good as I looked in the 80s and still don’t measure up today.
        But this aint about them, it’s about you and that big mouth. How about I
        walk up that ramp and shove my boot up yer eeeaaaassss!

        COO HHH: This isn’t happening tonight. Guys get him back…. hold him back.
        ::::rubs nose:::: Punk, Steiner.. you guys want each other in that
        ring? Well it’s going to have to wait. You’ll get your match next year
        at the Royal Rumble.

        Steiner: ” Hunnner shut up! I want his eeeeeeaaasss now!”

        COO HHH: I don’t think you understand Scott, alot has changed while you
        were gone. I am the COO of this company and what I say goes. But hey,
        if you want to fight…. then that’s what you’ll get. Tonight, you’ll
        go two on one in a two on one match against THE VIPER Randy Orton…and
        Mr. Money in the Bank… Seth Rollins! I figure you could use the
        exercise and the tune up, you don’t want ring rust on your big day at
        the Rumble now do ya… :::::shiiteatinggrin:::: :::rubs nose::::

        End scene::::::Summer Rae segment::::

        • Pozessed

          Steiner would rip him apart.

          • Lana Crush

            I’m not so sure about that. Yes, Scott appears to be larger than Punk but you know what they say, do you have show muscles or go muscles? Scott doesn’t move around all that well. I think Punk is a lot quicker. Size doesn’t matter.

            • Pozessed

              Nah, Scott is too cool, he could beat up God.

            • krakeon

              How do you beat up something that doesn’t exist?

            • Pozessed

              Scott Steiner is so epic that he can create God and beat him up.

              It is funny because nobody gets that I am joking lol, anyone can beat anyone, but Scott Steiner’s character and how he is, it is just too epic.

            • o_O

              Oh STFU!!!! U Dumbass!!!!

            • Beleive in IWC

              You don’t exist.

    • Ace

      Damn he’s still sporting that shirt….. when you’re nWo. you’re nWo fa fa fa fa LYFE!

    • ronjon 1000

      Translation: They haven’t offered one.

      • TNA Live Crowd

        Or legends contracts are legit garbage. Why do you think Edge didn’t sign on the dotted line? They want you to sign your life away all for a few thousand as in $10-20 thousand while the wwe banks off your name. Your response is typical for a IWC nerd who doesn’t know a damn thing about business

        • ronjon 1000

          Because you know me so well right? What business contract with a major corporation isn’t complete garbage especially when dealing with part timers? The NFL makes exponentially more than what players ever see. Think Jerry Rice makes bank from the NFL using his tape? No!!!!!! So how about you keep trying and maybe one day you’ll learn a little bit.

          Also, its generally pretty tacky to toss out personal insults on a comment page. Now, before you go on calling me a keyboard warrior nerd who lives at home in mommy’s basement and would wet myself, check around the site a bit and you’ll see that the last guy who wanted to get personal was given my email, name, and location. Good day dikhead.

          • TNA Live Crowd

            Like I said you don’t know jack about business. First of all you’re comparing a “legends” contact to an nfl contact. Not all contacts are the same, are you talking about training and pre season pay or an actual full season? Rally bro? Moms basement and keyboard warrior have been done to death. If me calling you a IWC nerd offends you then that says more about your lack of balls and your sensitivity level. I’m sorry you’re dumb enough to throw out your personal info like that

    • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

      He’s still in shape I give him props, still big poppa pump. No negative replies please & thank you.

      • ronjon 1000

        Good luck. Great shape or not, I wouldn’t pay a dime to see him back. People complain about Sting not being able to move…have you seen Steiner? He was hardly ever over while solo. His WWE run was bad. Ditto to the TNA run. What would he possibly bring to the table? Now, I enjoy seeing oldies from time to time and will forever mark out to Sting if he ever showed up. The difference is, Scott Steiner was never iconic enough to give a hoot about now. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the truth about it so negative comments will be aplenty.

        • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

          As usual instead of just dropping your opinion in the “join the discussion box” you had to be the one to reply to my comment. Like I said He’s still in shape I give him props, you’re just being a hater for writing all of that in reply to what I said.

          • Wilks

            He gave you his opinion via the reply option, stop being so salty. The reply option is there for a reason. Do you hate hearing people’s opinions too?

            • Bryce

              I have an opinion.. I think you try too hard to be cool. Shut the fuuck up and relax

            • Wilks

              Stop being salty.

    • pwnez

      I liked Scott Steiner a lot more when he was with Rick; they were an amazing tag team. The frankensteiner will always be one of the coolest moves and has a bada** name to it.

      • kev365

        agreed i remember watching them and scott was a very good wrestler with a good skill set before he got to big

      • Sigma ?

        Steiner screwdriver was another sick yet innovative move.

    • Summer Rae Dudley


    • The Man From Jonestown

      One of my top ten all time favorites right there. He’s still in killer shape to 50 and have a bad back. I definitely prefer Big Poppa Pump version, though.

      • Wilks

        It’s called steroids.

        • krakeon

          Except he was never on ‘roids.

          • Wilks

            And I’m the Queen.

            • krakeon

              Which queen? There are several. Show some proof of him using ‘roids?

            • Wilks

              The proof is staring you in the face with his oversized and gross muscles. No man can get that large without some kind of performance enhancers. No one.

            • Keeth

              You don’t need performance enhancers to get that big .

            • Poppy’s Hammer

              You do in that period of time. The way the muscles are formed too is a sign of roid abuse as well, including the veins.

            • krakeon

              lol. his veins? mine look like that too and I don’t take steroids. My muscles are also bigger and I’m younger – the same age as Renee Young.

            • Wilks

              Yes, you do. You cannot get that big without changing the fundamental chemicals in your hormones – which can only be done with performance enhancers.

            • krakeon

              I’m bigger, younger, and have never taken any drugs. You should go read up on body building.

            • Wilks

              I really doubt you are the size of Scott Steiner, so stop trying to prove the impossible.

        • The Man From Jonestown

          If he had been doing steroids for this long, he would either be dead or in a wheelchair at this point.

          • Poppy’s Hammer

            That is if you stop doing them after long term use.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      When asked about toys, I was convinced he was gonna say he had a collection of sex toys.