Video: Sting Shoots On Hulk Hogan & TNA

The following is a bonus clip from WrestleTalk TV where TNA Wrestling performer Sting shoots on Hulk Hogan. Check out the clip below:

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Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

  • S N

    Well that was disappointing, he basically just said that Hogan still comes out and does his thing because of the fans wanting to see him.

    “Wrestling fans don’t want to see Hulk Hogan disappear, or go away, or retire.”

    Maybe not, I’m not a Hogan-hater, but we need to see less of him. He should be a special attraction – not there every week and involved in everything.

    • Pozessed

      Agreed. I wouldn’t mind him being a normal GM but the guy is on the show more than the average GM should be, plus he has his long ass 7 min entrance with the stupid air guitar lolz.

      • The Guest

        lolz? What are you, a 13 year old girl? If so that’s fine, nothing wrong with that.

        • Pozessed

          It’s funny, you ask if I am 13 so that inclines you are older.. If so then, you are very mature. -Claps- Congratulations fuck-tard your parents must be proud.

          • Don

            Great response to that dumb ass remark against you Pozessed :) The Guest, there is something wrong with it..Who the hell want’s to see his old ass air guitaring for 7 minutes (as Poz. said hehe)? Not me….and apparently not Pozessed either.

          • Pozessed

            He got owned straight up but my points still stand, Hogan is a draw for people who are not as into wrestling as a lot of us no matter what anyone says but he does spend too much time on air.

    • blk coyote

      i agree

  • Andy

    I have no use for Sting. he should go away

  • Jordan Meeks

    Wrestling fans love it? What kinda shit is Sting smoking?

    • bayarea08

      He sees the fans everyday, and every week. You don’t. He has a different perspective. He’s not on the internet every hour like us. Think bro.

      • Seth Bob

        Nicely said.

    • Don

      His own venom from his stiiiinnnnnger maybe?