VIDEO: Sting Talks To About His WWE Status, Undertaker & More caught up with Sting prior to his appearance at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Sting spoke with the official WWE website about a number of topics, including his first ever WWE action figure, WWE merchandise and being part of the WWE 2K15 video game.

Check out the video above to hear Sting also talk about his current WWE status, plans he has if he does sign with WWE and more.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Jesse

      Oh I remember that guy! He used to be on TV in like 1997 during the attitude era right? I wonder what he’s been doing all these years!

      • Scott Jones

        Someone shoot this kid…please

      • bambam’s ghost

        lol.. He was rotting away in some company called TNA and has been sleeping a lot!!!!

        • Jesse

          I appreciate you taking the time to haunt SEScoops Bam. I can’t pin it down – your best years were either with Luna or in ECW…

          • bambam’s ghost

            E C W!!!

      • brad

        You serious bro.

    • MrSplakaveli

      You know every time Vince hears this guy say Taker’s name he smells money. At the same time he’s hoping that when Taker hears it, he’s not rolling his eyes.

    • thingschange12 .

      Too many Sting articles talking about the same stuff.

      • pwnez

        “What do you think about the Undertaker?”

        “Do you want to wrestle the Undertaker at WrestleMania?”

        “How does it feel to be working with WWE?”

        “Why didn’t you sign with WWE back in 2001?”

        Same old questions.

        • llllninjastarllll

          i dont know about you guys, but im not that excited much anymore about sting , too much stuff going with Sting , this all should be happening after his debut , i dont know , it kinda ruins the hype about him , Its like , yes he has signed a contract with wwe and yes he will face undertaker at wm31 , but wouldve rather have had him do a surprise debut on a raw or a ppv , they shouldve just showed his debut on the video game and kept him low profile until he was ready debut in wwe , then do all the interviews

          • nBonThaBeat


    • Meddler65

      “I have a lot of fans that’d like me versus Triple H…” Interesting line there.

    • Cena Swallows

      Notice how all the other wrestlers sat there and let Sting have his moment but there goes Hogan lacking attention and standing up , I get it standing ovation out of respect but I think letting him have his moment alone would have been even more respectful

      • gdaddy1971

        Actually, if you watch again, Daniel Bryan stands up first, then Hogan does.

    • Mr. Beardsly

      Sting is kind of like a girl who played hard to get for way too long. WWE fans just gave up and moved on and now that he sees that, suddenly he’s practically throwing himself at them.

    • K Dot

      It looks like he’s depressed he didn’t do this years ago, and by all means he should’ve.

    • brad

      Sting Sting Sting everything is Sting these days.

    • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

      I’m just glad he’s finally with the wwe to end his career. I’m not a picky fan like others. Yes I believe he should have signed years ago but a possible sting & taker match is finally going to be a dream come true I’ll take that over a “what if”. People said so many bad things about the HHH & Taker match at WM28 and what happened? They stole the show and put on a great match so I’m not feeding into the IWC’s “oh they’re too old to put on a good match” or “Sting can’t go anymore” History shows us that when it comes to undertaker his matches are classics. Be a fan for once and relax, when the match happens then you can judge it

    • joshidanger

      This is why the Stinger is the man, always was the man, and always will be the man. I think that for some odd reason, his greatest match is still to come.