Video: SummerSlam Promo Video Confirms Cena vs. Lesnar

Several weeks ago, posted the artwork for the SummerSlam 2014 DVD featuring John Cena and Brock Lensar. While it was assumed that this would be the SummerSlam main event, a match between the two superstars was technically not mentioned on the poster. Now, WWE commercial hyping John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar is airing in select markets across the United States, confirming the WWE World Heavyweight title match.

Brad Davis

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  • will it happen?

    what i think is gonna happen is that cena is gonna win at battlegrounds and the authority is gonna beat him down and seth rollins is gonna try to cash it in but ambrose is gonna stop him. so theyre gonna bring brock out and make the match and brock is gonna win the title at battleground and then at summerslam cena will win it back for a stupid 16th time.

    • yrabadi

      lmao at that last line… you might be on to something here. But it would be too good of WWE to actually swerve us. We’re gonna get a good old fashion clean win by Cena, overcoming the odds (with the exception of HHH screwing Reigns), and then a nice and easy set-up for Lesnar the next night on RAW. Lesnar wins at SS. Reigns takes it off him later.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Breaking: common sense confirms Lesnar vs Cena at SummerSlam.

    • bambam’s ghost

      So cena is winning on Sunday great. What is the point of watching the ppv main event?? Bray vs y2j and battle royal are the only things to watch!!

      • Tom Wing

        This is a spoiler site….keyword: SPOLIER

        • bambam’s ghost

          I understand, but if WWE is hyping this already, how is it a spoiler????

          • Tom Wing

            I’d say it’s the same as the amazon debacle. WWE sent the promotions early and it was leaked early. I don’t think it was WWE’s call to air it.

      • FilipinoBroskie

        We already know the outcome. but some still watch the main event to see a good match

      • 9 year old boy

        *Ambrose vs Rollins

      • raVen

        to see storyline progression. Reigns will dominate and something fishy will have to happen to keep him from winning. This could lead to Reigns vs HHH, & Kane vs Orton, @ SS…the end of the authority storyline.
        I’m most excited about seeing BNB break the new IC champs (hopefully cesaro) face in.
        I’m excited to see Rusev beat Swagger. I can’t wait to see Rollins beat Ambrose!

    • Sigma ?

      Flair and Heyman already spoiled it for us.

    • brad

      That’s so great cause it’s so true.

    • llllNinjastarllll

      Well looks like Brock is our new wwe champ!!! Brock wouldnt lose twice vs Cena , Makes me wonder now , who will beat Brock for the belt ,,,, Batista , Bryan , Roman , Henry , Seth ??? Dont bother saying ceasro , he’s not ready for the belt , I can see Seth cashing in on Brock

      • LACenaFan

        Roman Reigns. Sadly, Xavier Henry has a better chance than Mark Henry of winning the title. WWE keeps screwing Henry over, shoulda let him beat Cena at last year’s MITB.

        • Triple X

          Did you just give an NBA player more odds to win the WWE title? Lol

          • LACenaFan

            Lol, Xavier Henry keeps entering my mind because of the free agency this summer.

  • Undertaker316

    this is what i see happening at ss lesnar wins the championship, cesaro comes out attacks lesnar, seth rollins then cashes in and becomes new champion and we start a lesnar vs cesaro feud

  • Scott

    Did anyone really think Cena was gonna lose that Battleground match? There was no way he would lose those belts after a month. I guess Rollins is okay since there hasn’t been a report of anything serious with his knee but I fully expected this to happen

  • Summerslam

    Brock is plan C

    • raVen

      obviously I just hope that “plan b” seth rollins doesn’t get screwed our of his briefcase by ambrose.
      I can see it now- Rollins beats Ambrose earlier in the night and Ambrose has to go to the hospital. Then after the main event HHH beats Cena with the sledgehammer and calls out Rollins. Rollins hands over the briefcase, Reigns spears HHH and then Ambrose, making his 90th miracle surprise return from injury, does his finish to Rollins and pulls Cena up so he can lock on the worst STF in history making Rollins tap and officially lose his MITB cash in. Sigh..

  • wear42

    Ah makes sense and its what most of us figured they would do. just hope it doesn’t suck.

  • Buzzard Follower

    no surprise but now if lesnar wins the strap how long does he hold it and who does he drop it to. if cena wins well that just waste lesnar beating taker. i sure hope wwe knows what there doing but watching them this year does not inspire confidence

  • Patrick

    When John Cena beats Brock Lesnar, does that mean John Cena is better than the UFC and is going to be the next UFC Champion?

    • brad

      What No because Wrestlings scripted but if the wwe was smart they would let Lesnar pulverize John and beat him into a living dead.

    • Gotstodobetter

      Not sure did Triple H become the UFC Champion when he beat him also

    • raVen

      in the mind of a Vinnie Mac…yes, yes it does.

  • brad

    Well all is gotta say is that I hope that the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar walks out of summerslam victorious as not only the new world heavyweight champion but also the winner of the rubber match.

  • Puppet H

    Watch Cena be surprised he’s facing Brock Lesnar when this has already leaked, just like how he was surprised he was cover of WWE 2K15 when he posed for the game.

  • Bryan

    Spoiler for those who don’t follow dirt sheets but yeah very obvious it is happening.

    • LACenaFan

      Not for the people that don’t follow the dirt sheets. Maybe some people that don’t thought that Brock is coming but I’m sure at least 80% of the fan base doesn’t know it.

  • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

    Please don’t let Brock Lesnar win this Sunday.

  • Guest

    The year 2000 called and wants its great idea back.

    Choices for this match:

    – First Blood (pressure medicine) match.
    – Undertaker vs Sting vs Cane (an actual cane)
    – TLC Match (Actual Tender loving care. Nurses surround the ring)
    – Metamucil in the Bank match. (Fiber supplement hangs above the ring, the first to reach it gets to sh*t that day)
    – Just for Men grey hair dye on a pole match

    • Merve the Swerve

      Why would you copy my original comment from the Taker vs Sting article and post it here?


    • Hershey Maxwell Barber


      • Merve the Swerve

        This is a comment I left on the Sting vs Taker article. Why this numb nut posted it here is beyond me.

  • Merve the Swerve

    Wow, so new and fresh and exciting!


  • anyone

    How do we know cena will be champ? Lesnar added to the fatal 4 way?

  • Jacob

    Im legit excited for this main event but it will just turn the cena haters into brock shouldnt have the title cuz he’s a part timer haters

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    I’m honestly really excited for this. Brock really hasn’t had a horrible match since returning and his last match with Cena was spectacular. I’m all in.

  • FusRoDah

    Maybe we’ll see some blood

  • Shockmaster

    Are they actually going to give the belt to Lesner, or will they let Super Cena keep it?