Video: The Shield Powerbombs The Undertaker Through A Table

Video from SmackDown of The Shield destroying The Undertaker after his singles match against Dean Ambrose.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • 7 year old boy

    Oh thank heavens you’re alright, what would we all do without you :( Raw is war would be so boring without you, you are the hottest thing going on in wwe right now.

    • really?

      lol wtf are u talking about little boy. raw hasnt been war since late 2001, and cena hasnt been the hottest think on raw since late 2006. if ur gonna be apart of the IWC. learn ur history lol

      • 25 yearl old man

        Yeah! what this guy said ^

      • 7 year old boy

        No way dude! I don’t want to be a fat old virgin living in my parent’s basement.

        • Steve Williams

          You are close to what you don’t want to be

      • Orestis

        Thats a gimmick he’s been doing for a long time.Im pretty sure he knows his history :P

    • Rybotch

      I must have not botched enough hmmm how can I fuck cena up real good.

  • Feelmemore

    Torn Achilles…no biggy for a super hero.

  • Hour of Power

    I enjoyed seeing the Shield kick the Undertaker’s ass. I’d like to see them do it again at Extreme Rules inside a hell in a cell.

  • Rashad Jackson

    so the shield is no longer undefeated since undertaker won with hells gate right??…nice!!

    • D.Bahki

      Dean Ambrose is 0-1. The Shield is still undefeated. Believe in The Shield.

      • Pozessed

        BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!!!!!!!
        Also Seth Rollins is like 3 – 0 whilst being part of the Shield in NXT.

        • Some guy

          didn’t he lose to big e langston? and it was for the nxt championship

          • TheKillingMoon

            That is NXT.

          • Pozessed

            Yeah I fucked up. He did lose to Langston lol, I forgot the biggest match he has had in NXT so far.

    • dae

      Shield hasn’t won a clean match, in my opinion, with hi-jinx to win it always. I’m surprised that they didn’t attack ‘Taker once Ambrose was put into the submission move. At some point, they will get destroyed.

  • Steve Williams

    Only DEATH can keep Cena away from Raw, so i hope that happens pretty soon

    • Deante320

      Dude even for a Cena hater, that’s very tedious. Grow up. I don’t like Cena but I have a line to draw.

      • Steve Williams


    • Some guy

      Seriously? Wow you take wrestling way too seriously. Grow up.

      • Steve Williams

        This is internet, you are taking my comment way too serious. Relax

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Of course he’s not. He could break his arm and wouldn’t miss Raw