Video: Triple H Talks Brock Lesnar & Batista, 2014

In this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole, Triple H talks about 2014 being an epic year from WWE and the changing landscape of the main event scene, with the returns of Brock Lesnar & Batista.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Godzilla2J

    Can Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler just go ? Michael Cole seems like he got picked on in high school and Lawler got old a LONG TIME AGO .

    • Richmond

      Alex Riley needs a push…. to the commentary table.

      • NWO4Life

        They should replace Lawler with Riley & Cole with Saxton.

        • Aperture

          They can keep Lawler. Cole and JBL are horrible on the commentary.

          • Godzilla2J

            JBL is gold how bout JBL and Lawler there we go .

          • Aperture

            I think it is the fact that Cole sucks so bad that is rubbing off on all of them.

      • bambam

        alex riley and colt cabana would be fun!! just dont bring in tazz!!!

  • Anonymous123

    It’s clear now…the future is going to be awesome

  • Bryan

    Yeah part timers in the main event scene while the future stars are in the midcard that is a brilliant 2014 I am looking forward to watching Bryan and Punk continue their endless fueds with The Shield and The Wyatts while Brock Lesnar and Batista battle over the title. Yes WWE you really know us and sure we chant Daniel Bryan’s name louder than any other wrestler but it’s best for business to have Lesnar and Batista in the spotlight then after they leave some more Cena and Orton what a genius idea WWE you get top marks for continue to shove the past down our throats and the future are mistreated yes WWE keep up the good work.

    • Paul Levesque

      It is what’s best for business.

  • Kris Mystery

    Everybody should just cheer even louder now for Daniel Bryan. At every house show… every RAW and Smackdown. No matter what dastardly things he does as a heel the fans should cheer the hell out of him. See what WWE thinks about that.

    • yrabadi

      Well, if fans were to do that, WWE would see it as Bryan not being able to get over as a heel, and they’d blame Bryan further for it…

      Anyway, I don’t think Bryan’s going to be heel for long… Heck with this past week, I don’t necessarily think it’s a heel turn at all. He could still be a face of sorts, within that stable… Heck, the whole stable could turn out to be faces in the long run. Could be fun. Could result in Bryan going further. We’ll see!

  • Nedal Al Saleh

    bill goldberg is also gonna return in 2014

  • Charlie Swalger

    I see a Brock Lesnar Vs Batista match coming at Wrestlemania. Since it was meant to be Rock vs Brock . Batista vs Brock is a good match to replace it.

    • yrabadi

      I’d rather see that than Taker vs Brock… to be honest. We know the outcome of Taker matches… No way anyone is thinking Brock will end Taker’s streak. It would be an okay feud… I guess. I’m curious as to who they’ll pair up with Taker if Brock vs Batista takes off.


    2014 will be an EPIC year for 2014.

  • ac1d

    lol wow he actually mentioned Punk in there.

  • HD_Theoneandonly

    i can’t lie , i love the authority

  • raVen

    Lesnar poops better athletes than batista is

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok