VIDEO: Tyler Breeze Talks About His Injury, NXT Takeover, His Character & More

WWE NXT star Tyler Breeze recently spoke to Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes during a WWE “Be A Star” campaign in Orlando, Florida.

During their discussion, Breeze spoke about the status of his injured finger. “It’s getting better,” said Breeze. “I’ll find out tomorrow, actually, if I need this (splint) on there anymore, but besides that I wrestled on Saturday, feeling pretty good.”

Check out the complete interview above.

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Whoop whoop

      Make this happen

      • Zeb colter guy

        Yea cuz Paul Heyman did wonders for the last 3 Paul heymen guys careers

        • Undertaker316

          its not heymans fault its creatives fault because of the way they booked the wrestlers after they paired them up with heyman

          • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

            Again, So why put him with heyman if all wwe creative is going to do is f–k it up?

            • BrayWyattsFedora

              Axel should’ve never been put with Heyman straight out the gate. Reintroduce him as axel from McGillicuty let him go a couple months and then bring him on.

            • yrabadi

              Honestly? Might be WWE’s way of devaluing Heyman, as stupid as that sounds. They’ve done more childish things… it wouldn’t surprise me if they want to show Heyman is NOT the be all and end all… what better way to do it then show he’s not successful managing most guys – from a storyline point of view, of course. Personally, I love the guy.

            • Gotstodobetter

              No you guys are devaluing him by over hyping him up and setting him up for failure by managing new wrestlers that have yet to be established in the wwe. Also Heyman is a grown man and smart so if they was really doing that he would have left by now.

          • Gotstodobetter

            Heyman is their manager so it is his fault.

            • Undertaker316

              unless heyman has creatives control of the wrestlers he manages (which he doesn’t) its not heymans fault he just does what creatives tells him to do

        • Donny Octave

          Yep, always blame the manager, never take into consideration that maybe it was the, oh, i dunno, the BOOKING?

      • omega riddler

        That text is as big as Paul Heyman’s chin.

      • BrayWyattsFedora

        I think Heyman should become a Bo-Liever… actually I dont. But the two on the mic cutting promos together would be funny

      • Gotstodobetter

        And what will him paring up with Heyman accomplish again lol. You guys are overrating him a little bit too much now.

    • Lone Wolf

      He kinda looks and sound like Dolph Ziggler plus a good in ring performer….Dolph 2.0 or Ziggler’s long lost little brother lol. All in all an overall good talent.

    • Darkfear

      This guy reminds me of Dolph Ziggler