VIDEO: Ultimate Warrior Shoots HARD On Hulk Hogan

The Ultimate Warrior has been telling Hulk Hogan that “karma is coming to collect” – in the form of a 55-minute shoot interview that will be released later this month (6/17). Warrior has released a preview of the shoot interview, and the gloves are now officially off.

Here’s a taste of what Warrior reveals about Hulk Hogan in this short clip:

– Hulk Hogan is a dope head who has spent countless days doing nothing but snorting cocaine.

– Hogan is a “dope head” who kept other wrestlers around him hooked on drugs so he could have control over them.

– Hulk and his ex-wife Linda had an open marriage where they would both “have fun” on the side.

– Hulk would let other wrestlers get intimate with his wife Linda. Warrior says he’s probably the only wrestler who refused an offer to sleep with his wife.

– Warrior runs down hogan for sleeping with one of his daughter’s friends. Warrior says it’s no surprise that Hogan’s son Nick ended up the way he did, because he shares Hulk’s black heart and evil mind. Warrior referenced the jailhouse phone calls between Hogan and his son Nick after Nick’s accident as a prime example of what a despicable human being Hogan is. Warrior says there is nothing more disgraceful than a parent who fails their children.

– Warrior says it’s pathetic that Hogan is a 60 year old man still wearing a bandanna. He also said Hogan has hair extensions.

Warrior will release the hour-long shoot interview later this month, at which time he’ll also announce a new television project he’s working on.

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