VIDEO: Ultimate Warrior Shoots HARD On Hulk Hogan

The Ultimate Warrior has been telling Hulk Hogan that “karma is coming to collect” – in the form of a 55-minute shoot interview that will be released later this month (6/17). Warrior has released a preview of the shoot interview, and the gloves are now officially off.

Here’s a taste of what Warrior reveals about Hulk Hogan in this short clip:

– Hulk Hogan is a dope head who has spent countless days doing nothing but snorting cocaine.

– Hogan is a “dope head” who kept other wrestlers around him hooked on drugs so he could have control over them.

– Hulk and his ex-wife Linda had an open marriage where they would both “have fun” on the side.

– Hulk would let other wrestlers get intimate with his wife Linda. Warrior says he’s probably the only wrestler who refused an offer to sleep with his wife.

– Warrior runs down hogan for sleeping with one of his daughter’s friends. Warrior says it’s no surprise that Hogan’s son Nick ended up the way he did, because he shares Hulk’s black heart and evil mind. Warrior referenced the jailhouse phone calls between Hogan and his son Nick after Nick’s accident as a prime example of what a despicable human being Hogan is. Warrior says there is nothing more disgraceful than a parent who fails their children.

– Warrior says it’s pathetic that Hogan is a 60 year old man still wearing a bandanna. He also said Hogan has hair extensions.

Warrior will release the hour-long shoot interview later this month, at which time he’ll also announce a new television project he’s working on.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • mickiejamesstuntthong

    say what u want about least hes got the stones to say what people wont. anyone who has seen bollea and that stupid reality show he had saw what a joke of man/husband/father he is. i dont know if everything warrior is saying but i wouldnt put it past bollea

  • let it be known

    The funny thing of it is, I believe everything Warrior is saying about Hogan. It doesn’t surprise me.. not one minute of it. Based on interviews, former wrestler interviews, etc, I totally see how Hogan is. And all these comments from Warrior doesn’t surprise me at all. Hogans ex-wife, to which Warrior evens mentions her, Linda, even mentioned previously about Hogans drug use around the house.

    Wow. I can’t wait for the full version.

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    lol, in a not so surprising turn of events…TNA fires Hogan and replace him with Warrior….. but seriously, everything that has been listed is stuff that’s been slightly rumoured before esepcially the coke habbit. Never heard about him offering his wife out lol. Very weird, if it is true, he probably did it to offset any guilt he had from his extra marital affairs, if that’s all true.

  • hotdamnshortsales

    this is salacious, yes, but REALLY dude? I mean if it is true and you and HH were close buddies, good friends, WHY would you do this? I mean seriously, im not defending his alledged actions, but why would you expose this? I mean seriously, what good does this do now? I have many friends who I could expose from stuff they did or WE did 10,20 years ago. WHY NOW? you should be ashamed of yourself dude, again, im not defending HH, I’m just callin it like I see it. this is uncalled for, the past is the past and to bring out someones PERSONAL life like you are doing is sickening. ultimate loser dude. ultimate loser. ive lost allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll respect that I used to have for YOU, this is going to backfire on you, and for what? couple extra thousand bucks or so? you should really think twice about releasing this man, seriously. trust me on that one, its gonna backfire on YOU and then whatcha gonna do?

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    @hotdamnshortsales -Warrior probably isn’t reading this. You said it yourself…they were friends, as in, they used to be friends, perhaps Warrior has a good enough reason to be kicking off on HH, he sure as hell looks p*ssed off enough. Why are you so angry at this? Just remain objective about, Both guys are absolute dicks, both have done too many drugs over the years, and HH has hardly had an out standing personal life, remember that he opened the doors to this kind of attention. I agree in some respects but some like HH gave up trying to keep the skeletons in the closet so to speak. Honestly, these guys are the last idiots of their generation, let them talk all the crap in the world, it’s just giving the new guys in the industry an example of how not to turn out.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Why is he doing this? End of this video at the bottom of the screen, he’s coming back to television.

  • partsunknownresident

    @hotdamnshortsales – I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, if one of these friends of yours that you did stuff with, 10-20 years ago, went out on national television, and started rewriting history trying to make themselves look good, and buried you and your other friends in the process, wouldn’t you feel a little tempted to go out there and set the record straight?

    Hogan has always been known, and will always be known, for being the ultimate politician. You can’t trust a damn thing that man has to say. Warrior has always been known, and will always be known, for being a complete d*ck. I’ve heard stories from folks who have met him that he’s so inconsiderate and thinks so highly of himself, it’s ridiculous (hell, look at stuff in the background….he’s his own biggest fan!). Having said that though, I respect his sense of holding people accountable for their words and actions, and preaching the concept of owning up to one’s own decisions in life. And though I doubt Warrior holds any degree of authority or inspiration that people should listen to him, especially Hogan, I appreciate Warrior attempting to publicly hold Hogan accountable for his words and actions since nobody else seems interested in doing so (except maybe Bret Hart).

    Even it changes nothing (and it probably won’t), I find Warrior’s rant entertaining nonetheless.

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    I thought that at first but this video seems far too personal to be a set up to a TV return. If him and HH are working this then hats off to Warrior for going all the way.. I doubt it though, I need to believe that this feud will never happen or else wrestling is over for me lol.

  • wrestling rules


  • Bill Mitchell

    Forceton_Banfodder: It’s called “money” guaranteed this will not be hosted free on Warrior’s website, it’ll be a nice little carrot dangling from the front page, with a nice little price tag of $29.99 and a buy it now button.

  • Bill Mitchell

    On a side note, I hope Sting doesn’t get drugged into this thing. Sting having been involved in two organizations with Hogan, and Sting having been friends with Warrior (before he was Warrior) it would be really sad if either one of these guys start to throw his name around. They might called it collateral damage, I would call it despicable

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    @ Bill Mitchell – Do you think this is all Warrior by himself?

    I did ‘lol’ at the hair extensions bit…after all that nasty stuff then really crushes HH with the bandanna and hair extensions coment lol.

  • wrestling rules

    i just got word that tommy dreamer has left impact wrestling/tna since this is the closest thing to a tna article i decided to post it hear

  • K-Fist

    Wow, don’t know how much of this is true, but by the same token this sounds like Hogan to a tee. As Warrior said, Hogan is a piece a s***, especially with what he had to say bout Randy Savage. I actually commend Warrior for having the balls to call Hogan out for the s***’s he’s done for years. Very entertaining video.

  • Bill Mitchell

    somewrestlingfansareidiots: I am sure there is some production company pulling the strings, but to jump to the conclusion some have insinuating that this is some sort of elaborate “work” between Warrior and Hogan, I would find that one very hard to believe.


    haha warriors my new fave legend this is priceless

  • MrFAKEBoOk

    ok Hogan is in trobleeee

  • JamieEvsxx

    DAYUMN…xD…but I just love how all the stuff he says is like mega serious and like “=O HOLY CRAP !!!”…then he just suddenly comes up with the bandana and hair extension thing…xD

  • silversentinel

    I don’t really care about any of this, but Randy Savage said in an interview that “He (Randy) liked girls. I don’t know what he’s into”, which kind of implied something a bit screwloose about the Hulkster, which doesn’t really mean anything in the scheme of what guys do in the wrestling ring or the memories they created with their audiences in their heydays.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Watch the video. At the end it says, “…and a major announcement concerning his return to television.”

  • WWESINCE2000

    Wow UW went all out but same time hulk hogan need to stop starting trouble. if you want to talk about somebody at least say it to they face but i give big props for Ultimate Warrior for telling us what hogan really is

  • comic_book_fan19

    oh my god you mean hulk hogan who’s theme music is a twist on voodoo child and who hangs out with rodmen and has showed us a 6ft floor bong on mtv cribs and hogan knows best smokes pot i am shocked .
    that told me nothing i didn’t already know.

  • Slim

    I am not a fan of HH actually I hate the guy, BUT what Hogan & Linda did is none of Warriors or anyone else business unless Linda was being forced to do this against her will, but the way I understand it was nt they had an “open relationship” warrior went to far

  • pwnez

    Warrior would go on my top 5 worst wrestlers ever list. Hogan would also appear on that list. Anyways, this video was entertaining as hell and funny. It doesn’t make Warrior a good wrestler and it doesn’t make me respect him but it gave me a laugh. He spoke the truth, simple as that. Then again, Warrior wasn’t the best guy to work with either nor was he the most pleasant. Orton is basically the modern day Warrior :/ How do I figure that? One example; like Warrior, Orton refuses to put people over and is difficult to work with.

  • 10132002


    Nobody’s business? When they decided (if it’s true) to have an “open marriage”, that decision alone means they no longer have a private” relationship.

  • 10132002


  • Slim


    You have a point, but what I’m saying is it’s still not Warriors business to go tell everybody this If Hogan and/or Linda wanted anyone to know they would have told them there selves

  • Timmer82

    i’ve seen Thor. I’ve seen Xmen. i’m going to see Green Lantern and Transformers and Harry Potter….BUT, this may end of being the Blockbuster Event of the Summer. I think i’m pay $8 to see this video.

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    ^^I’m going to see it in 3D at an IMAX.

  • KillerKarlKrupp

    Ok Warrior, you’ve finally lost it. What a jealous piece of crap. Do you all really think that Hulk Hogan was the only wrestler to do cocaine in the 80’s??? Guarantee the whole roster INCLUDING Warrior snorted up all the time. It was the 80’s ffs. And the “sit down interview” was done before Randy died. He’s not saying anything that anyone didn’t know. The passing around Linda thing? I highly doubt that happened. Did she ever screw other wrestlers? More than likely. And HH and Linda told Liz to get out more and stop being controlled and bullied by Randy. How is that a bad thing??? WTF is wrong with this guy??? A lot of speculation and a lot of jealousy over things that went on 20 years ago. They haven’t been in the same circles in 20 years people. What a tool Warrior, what a tool. I really hope that HH doesn’t take the high road this time and gives a few examples of the cocaine, steroid abuse, homophobic and racist rants that the Warrior goes on about.

  • Timmer82


    your comment was way too long for me to read the whole thing, i think i got the gist of it though. yeah, Warrior’s crazy, he’s a little…out there. but come on, in these last few years i think that HH has revealed himself as being the BIGGEST Douche in the history of the business. He constantly take credit for a lot of positive things, but completely side steps all responsibility for the bad.

  • 10132002

    @ Timmer82

    Well said.

  • KillerKarlKrupp

    Well if my comment was too long to read, then that’s likely a tell about your level of naivety in believing little soundbites and rumors about people on the internet. Internet wrestling sites have played the biggest part in everyone thinking that Hogan is a “douche” People’s personal BS is none of anyone’s business. Same as me, you or any other Joe Blow. If there had never been an internet, then peoples misinformed “opinions” would never have been formed. You can be a sheep or you can weigh all the facts and make up your own mind and have an actual opinion, rather than believe what someone else tells you to believe. Now I’m sure you probably only got through the first 3 or 4 words so I apologize in advance. :) I stand by my first comment. If you think otherwise, fine.

  • Timmer82


    My opinion of HH is not based on what others here on scoops have said. it’s not based on enuindo. it’s not based on unproven myths or tall tales. my opinion of HH is based on his attitude, his words, and his actions. i respect that he helped to propell the WWE through the 80’s and into the 90’s, but i don’t like the guy. I think you’re right about the internet having a major impact (no pun intended) on wrestling. it has left us jaded and has taken a little bit of the magic out of the story telling. but what it has done in a positive way, has been to show us what type of people our favorites and heroes are. niether the internet or reality tv turned HH into an egotistical ass. His own selfishness did. If you think otherwise, fine.

  • KillerKarlKrupp

    Very good. That was well written. That wasn’t so hard now was it? ;) That’s all I was saying. If we didn’t know all these supposed things from the internet (95 percent of which is taken way out of context) we’d still have a non jaded view of our heroes. I just don’t give a s@#t what goes on in the private lives of celebrities. I prefer the “fake” versions that we see on tv and the movies. It’s way more fun and all the negativity isn’t needed. We’ve got too much of that in our real lives to care about the real lives of our heroes. Warrior thinks he’s taking the high road, but he’s just as guilty and more by having this stupid “expose'” of videos. He says he’s a positive guy and all he is doing is promoting negativity. Why is he making the videos? Because of a comment in an interview about a character from 20 years ago. That’s just REALLY sad. What a lonely f#$ked up mind he must have.

  • Sir Joe

    wwfd…what would flair do?

  • rypod

    A FEW THINGS ,I dont see why its a big concern wheather he wife swaps or takes coke.
    Everyone takes drugs these days and everyone plays around.
    I reckon hogan is an attention seeking twit who doesnt know its 10yrs past that he should have hung up the boots then on the other hand Ive seen and heard him when he talks and does interviews ect and he doesnt really sound like he has much intelligence at all.
    Warrior should have stayed buried where he has been for the last 20yrs,warrior will always be remebered as the guy buffed up on a heap of steriods and did an interview that made no sense.
    What hogans problem is is seemings as he was with vince back when wrestling became huge he seems to thinkl he can compete against wwe,he thinks he knows the tricks of the trade but like i mentioned earlier hogan is quite thick in the brain whereas vince is somewhat of a genius.
    Warriors problem he has way to much time on his hands,probably sees hogans blogs and interviews and gets mad so thats why we’re seeing warrior bag hogan.
    As for the drug use and wife swapping though who cares.

  • JohnyH

    “he’ll also announce a new television project he’s working on.” Case closed. Who’s up for cake?

  • stoops

    Some of you have missed the point. If some/any of this is true than HH is a fake. HE was supposed to be a hero to kids but all the while was a piece of $hit. Open marriage? What a moron. He still let her take half his money and leave him holding the bag for Nick’s accident. We all know that HH was on steroids so no surprise there. Cocaine would not be a surprise either. HH has and will always be a little off. Dude had his wang out in front of his daughter (probably so wasted thought it was his new wife). As for sleeping with a friend of his daughter. As long as she was of age it doesn’t matter. I’m sure some of this is false and some of it is true. Either way HH will take a hit albeit a small one and I’m sure it won’t cost him anything.

  • 10132002

    @ rypod

    No, everyone does NOT take druds, and some of us take our marriage vows very seriously.

  • 10132002


  • afan4life

    I kinda believe warrior on this, think about it when it came out about the steriods Terry threw Vince under the bus(I’m pretty sure Vince didn’t hold a gun to anybody’s head), then not making his son own up to his actions that crushed a family in the blink of a eye.

  • realitybites

    Talk about Sour Grapes!…….this guy is a total Loser!……he has NOTHING TO GET BY. we already know about Hulks life and all. really?,,, talk about timing. if hes gonna talk trash, then he better start talking about his own trash!…BECAUSE karma is a Biatch!…….he is so call gonna release a book about Hulk yet why doesnt he lay the truth about him and why he didnt last on wwe?……INTERESTING. FACE IT WARRIOR IS A HAS NEVER BEEN !. HE IS SO FREAKING BROKE HE WILL BE WILLING TO STRETCH THE TRUTH AND SIMPLY PUT FALSE THINGS ABOUT HULK BUT WHAT OF HIS MISREABLE LIFE?….I BET HES GONNA PAINT A PICTURE POTRAIT OF HIMSELF. WARRIOR , BE A MAN AND TALK ABOUT YOUR OWN DIRT OR IT WILL COME OUT IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE..