Video: Vince McMahon Responds To Donald Trump’s WrestleMania 30 Challenge caught up with Vince McMahon backstage following his induction of Donald Trump into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall Of Fame.

McMahon was asked for a response to Donald Trump’s WrestleMania 30 challenge for the two to wrestle each other on the show to attempt to break all previous pay-per-view records.

What did McMahon have to say in response? Check out the video below.

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Matt Boone

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  • cenasucks

    You know what’ll break Wrestlemania Records?
    These Three Main Events:
    Austin Vs Punk
    Rock vs Brock
    Jericho vs Taker

    • Reality

      Cena vs Taker should sell more

      • fabian6sic6s

        yeah was just about to correct that one haha

        • Jacob Hauter

          lololol i agree with cenasucks jericho vs taker would be BETTER , but cena vs taker would sell a hell of alot more.

      • cenasucks

        Maybe, but Jericho and Taker feud would be epic. It could be one of the best matches of all time

      • IKeepsit100

        I can see Cena Vs Taker selling more because Cena is looked at the guy who can get it done. Cena wins when expect and it seems like people would expect cena to win cause of that damn superman gimmick

    • JohnnyRayge

      Jericho is the king of making people look good in the ring and this late in the game a year from now when taker was hardly able to make this years mania, i think it would be a great match regardless of his health

    • William White

      Completely agree on all three. Jericho vs. Undertaker should have happened already, especially following Jericho’s return last year with the “End of the world as you know it.” Instead of Cena vs. ‘Taker which will probably happen at some point, I think Sheamus vs. Cena could be good if handled properly… Sheamus is a growing star and could try to take Cena’s spot as the WWE #1 guy.

    • Marko

      Y2J vs Daniel Bryan would sell a lot.

    • riyadviper

      Randy Orton vs Sheamus