Video – Vince McMahon Shows Off The WrestleMania Set At MetLife Stadium

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  • Dave Smith

    They really out did themselves on this one, Epic

    • Jeff

      Hell Yeah,That’s going to look epic for undertakers entrance!

      • Henry

        Out of place actually.

      • Oliver_Twisted

        I would have Taker coming out of a graveyard. Maybe construct one that can move easily, lights go down at the stadium and they wheel a graveyard into place. Boom, Undertaker. Also, Kane should come in on an FDNY fire truck, Big Red Machine.

        • Paul Bearer

          Then I can come out of the graveyard too! Ohhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!

    • cenasucks

      The set looks awesome. Imagine if someone climbs the bridge!

      • Dave Smith

        I wonder how sweet the Fire works will be

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    It’s like WrestleMania XX & 28 combine. I love it!

  • omega riddler

    I think vince mcmahon stole the miz’s suit

  • TrueFan

    WOW!!!! can anybody else say.. magical?? that is GORGEOUS!
    One of the most beautiful stages in WM history.

    now let’s here all the haters and nagging “women” start spitting dirt on how it’s NY themed but in NJ lol

    • maynard

      Meh, I’m just tired of g-tard music that doesn’t fit wrestling.

      • TrueFan

        you hear the theme songs for like 30 seconds.. get over it. i was personally getting so sick of the hard rock metal songs that were around for over a decade. i dont even like rap, but it’s a good change.

        • Fighter

          Couldn’t agree with you more @TrueFan. I’m not a rap fan, but it’s been a really good change, than the Rock/Metal songs that dominated the theme selection for WM for like over a decade. Plus it’s not like every other ppv has rap themes. Rock themes still dominate WWE ppvs.

          • troy lawrence

            i agree too. i like the hard rock theams but the hard rock dosent fit wrestlemania anymore

  • lunchbox87

    Epic …. gotta give them probs for doing an awesome set

  • Late Train

    This is probably one of the most epic Wrestlemania sets ever.

  • Dwaylon Bledsoe

    This is an epic stage and really played the NY/NJ I love it. Why is there only one screen on the scaffold thing over the ring that is weird to me but other than that amazing!


    Looks amazing Vince! When I saw the bridge, I had the idea of having the wrestlers actually walking down the bridge to the ring, which would have the bridge on entrance ramp! That would of been awesome in my opinion :)

  • HHH’s Swamp Ass

    Nice, but I’m sure there will be fans having issues with seeing the matches there.

  • Daniel Fundora

    Very cool entrance and is like WM XX!

  • ?????? ??????????

    This is just awesome! It will be the greatest wrestlemania of all times, IF we will have an awesome crowd

  • cm2012

    what’s really got me is that he doesn’t look all that cold there… they must have sufficient heating in place for Mania… worst case scenario is that it is slightly chilly. Can’t wait for Mania!

  • Mr. Honesty

    What if that big ass statue falls during a match? I know I’m paranoid but christ, that’s gonna bother me…

  • DarkWolf

    i just hope the matches pay off. Today is hall of fame ceremony same day as my birthday

    • JamieEvsxx

      happy birthday…=P

  • cappa37

    wow. simply amazing.

  • Dan Kincaid

    The ring looks tiny in comparison ha

  • Progress_Now

    lol I love Vince, he’s so cool

  • Pozessed

    This is INSANE! I love the set big time.

  • Reality

    superb… SUPERB!!! Wow, this is amazing!

  • ameer

    awesome!! can’t wait till wrestlemania

  • ADementedJim

    ..and I am so going to be in attendance!!!!!! Now can you dig THAT, SUCKASSSS?

  • iCode

    I’ve never seen vince so happy LOL.

  • Steve Williams

    Anything Vince McMahon does is Epic. Not so interested in the set really but I just missed Vince on TV

  • FAIL

    How does the brooklyn bridge have to do with nj. the only bridge deserve to be there is the Gorge Washington bridge. since when the hell brooklyn bridge cross the Hudson River.

    • FAIL

      everything deals with hudson river except that bridge.

    • Junaid Bokhari

      I am not from USA and dunno what in the blue hell is george washington bridge but I do know alot about the iconic Brooklyn bridge. If you’re smart, this will answer your question as to why brooklyn bridge is there instead of geroge washington or whatever bridge

  • Fighter

    Simply amazing. Almost every year they seem to out do the previous WM set. This clearly in my book is at least in the top, if not number one of the best WM stages. WM24 and WM28 are also at the top of those list in my book. Great job WWE, the setting seems magical, which always helps make the event feels even more special.

  • Dominique Dante Paige

    Damn, that set looks awesome. I also notice that Vince’s hair is growing back to his orginal look before it was shaved.

  • William Borchert

    So..will there be more additions by tomorrow?

  • JamieEvsxx

    it’s so beautiful!…actually quite excited for tomorrow (even if the PPV price has gone up £3 and I’ll just be watching from my bedroom)…=’D

  • Seachai Chan

    I love the entrance stage over here, but WWE needs to get rid of the national anthem. I don’t see why they need a national anthem song to open a show.

  • Kozawsky

    The Set is effing Amazing to say the least, and a i the only one who’s noticing that Vince Mcmahon is looking like his 2006-self kinda? he’s growing the full head of hair back.