VIDEO: Vince McMahon Takes Part In The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”

In addition to the many current and former WWE Superstars, as well as other mainstream celebrities that have taken part in the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge,” Vince McMahon is the latest person to join the list.

Earlier this week, McMahon’s son-in-law Triple H took part in the challenge, which includes the person who does it challenging three other people to do it next. HHH’s three challenges were to Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and McMahon.

Prior to dousing himself with ice water, McMahon extends the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to Donald Trump, Maria Menounos and Kermit The Frog.

Check out the video above to watch Vince McMahon take part in the “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

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    • rudy

      Vince is great! ! Not at booking, but still, great!

      • pwnez

        Vince has his moments where he makes some damn good decisions.

        • rudy

          Absolutely. You wont get an argument from me there. I was being facetious lol.

      • brad

        I disagree I mean sure he has made some poor decisions but at the same time he has made some pretty dam good ones. All in all I think it’s pretty obvious that Vince is the best boss in pro wrestling history, I mean who else can be the boss while also being in the hottest story lines in pro wrestling.

        • rudy

          “Sure he has made some poor decisions but at the same time he has made some pretty dam good ones”

          You seem to agree with the consensus.

    • Guest

      Hey look Vince wet himself again

    • rudy

      Its really good to see McMahon smiling. He looks happy. Everybody else is miserable, but still, it’s good to see Vince loosen up and have a good time.

    • pwnez

      This was hilarious. It’s nice to see Vince having some fun.

      • rudy

        I agree lol. Much love and respect to Vince.

    • raVen

      Like a boss! Best one yet

      • rudy

        Like a boss! Haha

    • rudy

      This year’s panel is. . It doesn’t matter who the panel is! lol

    • Dixie Carter

      I might try it…would be exciting for my millions of TNA fans around America and the world!

      • Deante320

        You need to recover from that table spot before anything else lol.

        • Dixie Carter

          I am an extreme wrestler now. Up with the likes of RVD and Sabu. I am up for anything…always a strong business lady!

          • Brody
            • Dixie Carter

              I actually have a bad back from this powerbomb through the table in New York. I do not wish to view this. It brings back painful memories of my life flashing before me.

              I am still a strong business woman so I’m currently working at home from my 12million mansion with top health professionals in America at my side while striving to bring our fans the best product on TV which I’ve been doing for the last decade.

          • Herald


      • Donkey Kong

        Well you would have to get nominated if you are going to play by the rules. And since no one knows what TNA is, and much less who “runs” it, you probably won’t get nominated.

        • Dixie Carter

          I am already going to be inducted into the TNA and perhaps WWE hall of fame down the road in a cross over. I heard that the Excs all think I deserve it for my outstanding academy award worthy role each week on TNA. I don’t like to think too highly of myself, I never have. Although the fans all say it every day…so I’m greatful for all the success.

    • rudy

      And in a suit and tie! Classy. . Top that, Trump!

    • rudy

      “Anything he can do, I can definitely do better”
      Vince in reference to Triple H

      And the battle of the two greatest egos in wrestling history continues to brew

      Hogan himself doesn’t have anything on these two. I shouldn’t even have referenced him in the same post.

    • fatneal

      this is why vince mcmahon is the greatest of alltime…he isnt just the boss and leader of men but he is always in the trenches with his soldiers…you aint gotta like him but you have to respect him

    • Matt Gallagher

      “Hope there’s not much shrinkage” I lost it I’m sorry

    • Steve Williams

      Still one of the best promo cutters in WWE ever

    • The Man From Jonestown

      You can just tell the man is a pure entertainer at heart. But, come on, Vince…Kermit?

      Will NO ONE have the stones to challenge The Undertaker?

    • Vincent Kennedy McMahon

      There’s nothing better than a wet Vince McMahon. mmmmmmm

    • RynoJordan23

      Well done Vinnie Mac!

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      He looks just like my father when he smiled!

    • Guest

      Kermit looking at Vince like…

    • Guest

      Kermit looking at Vince like.

    • Ultra Pickle

      I wanna see Dolph Ziggler sell for an Ice Bucket Challange

    • Chyna

      Best bit of selling Vince has ever done.

    • Nicolai

      “I hope there’s not much shrinkage” hahaahahHa Vince still does have a good personality in that robotic shell after all!

    • brad

      You gotta love ol Vince.

    • Marshall Mathers

      he works out in a suit?

    • Eskylee


    • insomniacreviewer

      Son of a! i was nominated for the als ice bucket challenge by my brother.<.<