VIDEOS: Batista Return Promo, Preview For Next Week’s New Year’s RAW

WWE has added the following videos to their official YouTube channel:

Batista Return Promo

New Year’s RAW Preview:

  • NEW Photo Of Vince & Triple H Backstage Working During WWE RAW
  • Matt Boone

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    • Only God Says YES!

      This guy is my CM Punk in Chicago! He’s my hometown hero. Cant wait to see him back again.

    • pwnez

      Pretty cool promo video.

    • Reality

      This WM offers many possibilities. With Dave back, you got many possible interesting matches: Orton vs Batista, Batista vs Brock Lesnar, Batista vs Triple H etc.

    • Ninjastar

      Still wish it didnt get leaked out , still pumped for his return , would be nice to see Ric flair come out with him . Just think how shocked everyone will be if he was number 30 in the Rumble .

    • Nightmare

      Now all we need is goldberg, and aj styles then we will be set. I would add to that list shawn michaels , stone cold and sting but we know those 3 are never going to wwe to wrestle again. I know WWE won’t get AJ but there would be 2 aj’s so if they did i think he would be called allen styles or allen jones or some other completely different name. He could really become a main event wrestler fast in WWE. I could see him holding top gold within a year.

    • Pozessed

      Dunno about you guys but is anyone else impressed with how good Hunico has been as Sin Cara?!??! The guy is hitting the moves perfectly and the way he does the Senton is crazy.

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        hunico should’ve kept it after he got him over the first time when the other one was suspended