Videos: John Cena & Daniel Bryan Give Kane Birthday Presents

As noted earlier, today is Kane’s 46th birthday. The WWE RAW brand had a live event today in Moscow, Russia and Justin Roberts posted these Tout videos of John Cena and Daniel Bryan giving Kane birthday presents at the show:

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  • raven

    it looks like Daniels and Kane really get along well backstage.

    It will be a sad sad day when kane is done. Nobody is able to transform into any role and make it work, and NOBODY has been able to keep the tag division entertaining for as long, or as many times, as Kane.




    a true legend! happy b-day big man

    • Deante320

      Don’t forget Kanemankind and Kane/Big show

      • raven

        Kane should be HOF just for making x-pac relevant for some time haha

    • HunnyBunnyAngel

      Agreed. This is my all time favorite superstar. I still with he was the monster and I hope thats how he ends his career. Its going to be so sad when he retires :(

  • Frank John Tabarez

    damn thats cool

  • Pozessed

    Man. 46 and still competing at the level he is especially a guy his size it is amazing. Hopefully Kane has quite a few good years in him and if it does get too much for him then maybe he could do what Undertaker is doing at the moment and have a few appearances?

    • Steve

      yup, Kane has been very lucky not to have serious injuries over the years. so he will probably wrestle for at least a few more years

      • DigitalWWE

        I wouldn’t really call it luck. Kane is just really good for a big guy and knows how to work efficiently and safely.

  • Randomotic

    damn, 46 and still goin strong, props to the big man for all these years. happy birthday big red


    Kane deserves a WWE Championship run!

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I blinked my eyes and the videos were already over. Pointless 10 second videos are pointless.

    • Marko

      That’s Tout for ya’. The videos are 15 seconds long tops.

      • Marko

        I only last 15 seconds in bed.

        • Marko

          a pathetic way of trying to be funny on my expense

          • Marko

            Yes it is pathetic that I only last 15 seconds in bed.

  • JESUS Is My Hero

    Kane Needs a Good WWE Championship run one last time.

  • Rawwrds

    is 90’s kane played by the same guy as todays kane?

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      Nope. 90’s kane was played by Morgan Freeman.

    • RUSSO

      Yeah, it have always been Glen Jacobs

  • ac1d

    Tout is such shit, did that really have to be 3 small separate videos

  • Jayden53092

    god wwe has made kane into a complete joke. he needs to go back to being the big red monster. i mean he has the mask and he needs to use it for the purpose of being a monster heel.

  • ?????? ??????????

    In Honor of 16 Years of my favourite WWE superstar Kane, Team Awesome drops “15” Reasons why you should appreciate Glen Jacobs as KANE!

    1. Eliminated the Most Superstars in the Royal Rumble

    2. Grand Slam & Triple Crown Champion

    3. Defeated The Undertaker at 3 straight Pay Per Views in a row [Hell in a Cell, Night of Champions & Bragging Rights]

    4. Fastest win at WrestleMania in 8 seconds

    5. Fastest & first Superstar to cash in his MITB contract on the same Night

    6. The man responsible for Santino having the shortest Royal Rumble appearance ever

    7. The only Superstar to have held a Championship on Raw, SmackDown & ECW (During his ECW Championship Reign)

    8. To lose his Mask & years later place it back on.

    9. Held the Tag Team Championship with seven different guys: WCW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with The Undertaker

    World Tag Team Championship (9 times) – with Mankind (2), X-Pac (2), The Undertaker (2), The Hurricane (1), Rob Van Dam (1) Big Show (1)

    WWE Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Big Show (1) and Daniel Bryan (1)

    10. At the age he’s at, can still put on an amazing performance when The Undertaker is not around!

    11. Debut inside a Hell in a Cell during Bad Blood 1997

    12. Had many Women in his life, names include Lita, Kelly Kelly, Katie Vick, AJ Lee, Tori, Terri Runnels

    • Javo

      Forget something
      hurracanrana moves,and in Royal Rumble beside Santino Marella he also made quick eliminated to GodFather at Royal Rumble 2001
      And this guy has big heart when we talk about push to main event

    • TheKillingMoon

      Nice list.

    • Lorenzo Dozier

      I see my Team Awesome list made it to the SEScoops. I actually admin that page. Thanks for sharing it. I written this out in honor of the 15th Anniversary of Kane’s career & brought it back for his birthday. This is what i added: 16. This should be at the top, but he went from being a Dentist to turning into a Monster!
      17. One of the main Wrestlers who can pull off both a Serious & Funny role in the Industry.