Vince Donates To Romney, WrestleFest, Henry-Schwarzenegger

– According to ABC News, WWE CEO Vince McMahon has donated $2,500 to U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

– THQ announced yesterday that Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Edge, Eddie Guerrero and Curt Hennig have been added to the WrestleFest mobile game. A new RAW is WAR arena has also been added.

– WWE’s website has a new article up with SmackDown’s Damien Sandow, looking at the top 10 ignoramuses in WWE history. He listed Steve Austin, Mankind, Santino Marella, Ultimate Warrior, Zack Ryder, Dusty Rhodes, Brodus Clay, Brooklyn Brawler, Booker T and CM Punk.

– The latest episode of WWE’s Outside of the Ring features Mark Henry visiting the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum in Austria. Henry was not at last weekend’s RAW live events or this week’s RAW & SmackDown TV tapings, so he was apparently overseas:

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  • SOBI

    DAMIEN SAINDOW is gonna be a big time superstar the dude has got great mic skills and he is good in the ring too

    • backblack25

      he needs to get rid of the mountain man beard

      • SOBI

        makes him look annoying thats the beauty

    • cappa37

      100% with you on this! What a debut! without a match, without a manager he had the whole crowd in his hand and then spit on them. Very well played. Can’t wait to see more.

    • Jmc60

      HES A BOSS!!!!

  • fatneal

    lol 2,500

    • Jeremy

      That’s the maximum an individual can donate to a presidential canadite.

      • fatneal

        i didnt know that, but when they said vince i didnt think of vince i thought of his businesses…still a small contribution

      • LIAR

        What?!? I’ve heard of candidates getting more that 2,500…actually Romney was at a fund raiser event last week where got over a million dollar endorsement from some guy w/ a pizza franchise.
        If VKM wanted to donate more than 2,500 he could have. VKM is just cheap; more than likely b/c he’s saving that money for his wife’s campaign.

        • Kyle Cotton

          well donating to an indivdual and donating to a super pac that supports them change the rules. meaning Vince could concievablly donate 1 million dollars to the super pac. but if he donates directly he can only donate 2,500.

  • Mr_DJ

    don’t care if it’s just $2500, donating money to Romney should be considered suicide.

  • Team Awesome

    Guess this proves the man is Pro Republican

    • Systematic

      that wasnt a secret… linda is running as a republican

      • Team Awesome

        I almost forgot on my part haha, I have her on twitter and she’s forever advertising for Connecticut

  • royal24


  • Nightmare

    Josh Mathew’s looked at Sandow like… what the…. Da hell did he say? Did I just get schooled?

  • GCMissouri

    @Mr_DJ suicide? If anything I’m thankful Vince is smart enough not to support the socialist whack job that’s in the White House right now. If Romney doesn’t beat Obama, our country’s screwed. Romney’s a douche but I’d vote for a can of orange juice over PrezBo.

  • Waldo

    I saidbefore and ill say itagain

    Now troll, go away

  • Shonna

    Like I said before in another post this will bring fans down cause they love to watch wwe or tna gosh why do you have to criticize others just to make yourself look good well it’s not working at all I seen alot of wwe wrestlers get placed in tna and then I see tna wrestlers come back too wwe that’s why I say you are wrong with your choice of words to me you ought to be proud of tna and wwe company not going put any company down ..I wonder if this will come to and end between these two battling TNA wrestlers VS WWE wrestlers… then we will see who is best company but not going to put wrestlers down cause they give there all on what they love to do for your company and the wwe company I wish TNA and WWE all the best there would not be no wrestling let’s get on with the entertainment and gosh have some fun watching both companies.